Chevron Food Martunethical behaviour

H Aug 01, 2018

I was in your establishment on Desert foothills and Charleston Sunday 7/29 at 10:11pm. Had an unfortunate run in with one of your staff members named Krunoslav.

Myself and 2 friends came into your store to purchase a few things, cigarettes, chips, etc. On my way to pay, I saw your new "yeti" type travel martini glasses which I thought was awesome, I showed my 2 friends the product and was raving about how cool it was when out of no where your employee told me that I needed to now purchase the cup because I "touched it to much" thinking he was joking we laughed and thought nothing of it, your employee got irate and threatened to call the cops on me for not buying the product. I have NEVER had an experience at a store like this before. I was then told to leave the store so I had asked to speak to a manager, I am a General Manager here in town and in no way would I jeopardize someone's job over a minor misunderstanding however this man seemed completely unstable. There were 2 other employees also working that night that were sitting there laughing as this guy belittled and bullied us into buying a glass. If this is a reflection of Chevron then I will be more than happy to give my business to many other gas stations in town. I'm honestly not sure if he was just sexist against women or completely unhinged however I feel uncomfortable ever stepping foot back into that store with him working there, especially if he's the manager as he claimed to be. I've also let my Summerlin neighbors know what type of employees work at that store and to be careful.

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