Chevron Corporationmanager of gas station

J Sep 13, 2018

A man named Kevin was horrible to my son and I. When my son pulled up to get gas, an employee across the bay named Kevin starting making rude comments to my son. A different employee was helping us but Kevin came over to the pump we were at to start more problems. He went as far as threading to fight my son. I was terrified. Then Kevin made the other employee stop pumping my sons gas. He screamed that he has the power to refuse service to anyone. Kevin then proceeds to help other customers before allowing my son to pay for his gas. Kevin was rambeling all kinds of weird comments and even said he would call the cops about something, stating he had them on speed dial and calls them all the time. He appears to be on some kind of drugs, something like meth that is making him twitchy and walk and talk extremely fast. This was truly horrible and scary to go there. I felt like this grown man was wanting to fight my teenage son. This is my second horrible encounter with this manager. My family will no longer use this station as long as Kenin is employees here. We will travel the 5 miles to the next town for our gas.

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