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I also wish I had read some reviews of before renting books for them. I did finally receive all three of my books but I did not receive the third book before sending several threatening emails. No one returned my phone message. (All of this was with expedited shipping). Try to find an alternative. Chegg truly has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I hope they actually send me something about how I can mail back the books after I am done. (they are supposed to pay for return shipping. We'll see)


  • Ma
    maria Feb 06, 2009

    You will have to log-in to your account to print out labels to return. I too after 2 1/2 weeks still had not received last book. I finally cancelled the order for last book when I found it online to purchase for same as rental price. I had also paid expedited shipping. What I found out during complaint is that not all books ship from same location so they are charging extra shipping even though they know they have no control over when books will arrive. When I made my complaint I found out only one of my books actually came directly from chegg, that's why that book arrived in 2 days. They are deceptive in never having tracking information which they don't have since they did not ship book. They even had the nerve to send me an email entitling me to 5% off my next order. 5%- how insulting is that?

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  • An
    Anthony Moore Feb 08, 2009

    They took a month to send me one of the books. They would never answer there phones or call me back. I mailed the books back on Dec. 22 they were supposed to be postmarked by dec 30. Then in January they charged my credit card late fees. Its not worth the time and hassle just pay a little bit extra and buy used online.

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  • Tr
    tra no May 18, 2010

    DO NOT USE CHEGG!!! They took 4 months to give me creidt for a book I sold to them. When I called to inquire they told me the ISBN numbers didn't match and they could not give me credit or return my book. Then they said they could return it, but couldn't garruntee it would be the same book or in the same condition it was sold to them in.After a lot of rude comments and yelling they finally realized they could not do this and gave me a credit. They charged my debit card for two books they said I returned late. They told me because they were so late have purchased them. I am in the process of disputing this with my bank. Customer service is quite rude and clueless. Find an alternate rental company!!!

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  • Al
    aliaelraw Jun 10, 2010

    I rent ed 2 books and was late returning them, and all of a sudden i got a email from them saying, that they figured i wanted to keep my books and charged my credit card. They charged me 157 dollars for a used book that sell for 50 everywhere else used. I am veery upset, all my other bills will bounce now, they said that they can by the book back from me and guess how much they wanna give me?????...16.00 ...WOW. Never rent from chegg.

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  • Al
    aliaelraw Jun 10, 2010

    never rent form chegg...worst ever...they are very un proffessional

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  • Je
    jesus.chegg Jan 31, 2011

    @ All,

    I'm truly sorry for the experiences you guys have been sharing. My name is Jesus and I'm a student advocate for Your feedback is extremely important to me as we are always looking for ways to provide the best experience for the student. My response may be too late for some but if anyone would like their experience looked into or would just like to share more, I am here for you!

    Either send me a direct message or simply post another comment.



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  • Wi
    winters12 Feb 01, 2011

    my son rented books and when I tried to print out return label it would not let me on the site so I called and told them I was trieing to print a return label
    and it would not let me they told me only my son could and not to worry
    my credit card would be refunded when he printed the label well
    he tried they could it would not let him print one either so he called they said it was to late and they charged replacement charges of these books so I called the compaqny they said that I should have returned the books I told them I tried and if you would have e-mail me a return label they would have been back in time but instead you told me that only my son could log on to print label and all charges would be refunded this was not true so any way they are not refunding me but they offer to credit a small amount to my son so he could rent more books and guess what they e-mailed me a return label .I think this company is a big scam. dishonnest and takes avanage of school kids and there parents

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  • Je
    jesus.chegg Feb 11, 2011


    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate your account to contact you personally. Please contact us so we can get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

    Ask the rep to send your son a prepaid UPS return label and to add your email address to also be sent one.

    I know we can resolve this for ya.


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  • Je
    jesus.chegg May 09, 2011

    Also, during working after hours you can ask for help on twitter! Just tweet @NinaChegg and she will respond ASAP

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  • Di
    dileeppuppala Sep 02, 2019

    i am opening a question answer expert on july 10th but no body can tell me what is the perfect reason to unsucessfull my canditature i submit so many raising a tickets but no use there is worst chegg coordinators, and no additional chance given to me.

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  • Ra
    rajdeep kaur Sep 15, 2019

    My name is Raj. I just re m-subscribe your chegg website and chegg sending me receipt of 14.95 dollars but charged me with 22.92. I need my all money back ASAP. I am really disappointed this is not good.
    You are trying to be smart. Need my money back ASAP.

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  • De
    Derrick Harding Nov 17, 2019

    I am unable to access easy bib for my correction. It constantly ask me to start a free trial.

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  • Ya
    Yapyap Dec 09, 2019

    I have paying monthly subscription fee of $14.95 every month since I signed up but my account was being deactivated by CHEGG for twice times and the reason is shared account to others even I didn't do that.
    This issue was disappointed me and I have use it as usual without any misuse or sharing to others and Chegg didn't give me a VALID REASON!

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