Cheggexpert login error

A Feb 05, 2018


My self Anshul Singh i was worked in chegg india pvt ltd as chegg expert (ME) from last two months.

Due to low volume or zero volume of questions on portal there is gap of few days to login on portal after taht when i was again login with the Expert ID : ([protected] student Q/A page gets open.

Then i tried to contact my chegg team members no of time but they did not response.after that i contact one of them using my another no. Then she gives me reftence of Mr.Rakesh kumar (my T.L).

Then he replied on my mail that Quality team decided to remove your account due to low Quality.

Now I want to ask on which basis you decided the quality of questions or how can you remove my account before any communication.

When i get the salary of the prev month then the 98% quality of question was good then suddenly what happened that he removed my account preor any information.

I asked the same Question to Mr.Rakesh but they did not reply.

Request from the Complaint Board members, Please provide your feedback on this?

As an expert or the member of the chegg team how any one can trust on you ?

Looking forwarded ti your prompt action

Email Id: [protected] : [protected]

expert login error
expert login error

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