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Charlotte Russeterrible customer service

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I had the worst customer service experience with Charlotte Russe yesterday.

First of all, I placed my first online order about a week ago on, only to avoid shopping in-store (some of the sales associates are quite rude). When I got to the check-out page, it says use any Charlotte Russe Gift Card(s) first, then enter in your debit/credit card to pay the remaining. Well, I used a couple of gift cards that had about $5 on them each, and paid the remaining $37 or so with my visa.

I just recieved the items yesterday, and found that I wanted to return the $40 sweatshirt I had ordered because the fabric was too flimsy for winter.

However, HERE IS THE FIRST PROBLEM I ENCOUNTERED: On the packaging recipt that came inside the package of items, it says on a tiny line, "Method of Payment - Charlotte Russe Gift Card" - and that's ALL IT SAYS! Nothing about how I payed the majority of the total cost with my VISA!

MY SECOND PROBLEM: I call their customer service telephone #, which is [protected]. I first speak with a girl who tells me that there was no room to fit all of the different forms of payment I used so it automatically enters in the first form of payment used. (This is totally bogus b/c there is more than enough room on the packaging slip to include all methods of payment.) I told her that since the item I am returning is $40, I want the $37 to go back on the VISA and the remaing $3 to go on a store gift card. She said that's not possible and if I brought it back in-store they would just give me the $40 on a gift card b/c that's what it shows on the slip. I said no thanks, I do not want to have to use my money as a store credit. That benefits them, not me.

She passed the phone off to her supervisor, who said the same exact thing. When I asked about mailing it back, she said they would process the return in order of payments used - AKA Charlotte Russe's choice of order (Gift Cards first, of course!) not my Visa.

She then passed the phone off to the Service Manager, Jamie, who was extremely rude, and whose voice happen to oddly sound just like the other two girls I had just spoke with. She repeated what they had said and told me there was nothing they could do. I said that there should be a disclaimer or something written in the policy that tells me about how they do their return of payment. She said there's nothing she could do, its the policy, blah blah blah.

I asked for HER higher-up, and she actually had the nerve to tell me there was no higher up, that she was the highest person up I could talk to on the phone. (Obviously that's not true, she has a manager who she reports to, and there's always senior management.) She abruptly tried to then end the call and say "is there anything else I can help you with?" The phone call lasted a good 40 minutes long, mostly of me being put on hold, being passed off to another person, etc. I told her that in fact she had not helped me at all, and has not done anything to try to listen nor even resolve the issue at hand. She repeated herself, even more rudely, "IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH", I said no, and she said in a snide voice "Have a nice evening" and quickly hung up on me.

I have yet to contact senior management at Charlotte Russe, because this is not how you treat a customer. I hope no one else has to deal with rude customer service from them, hopefully you will read this and beware of how you pay, what you buy, etc.

I have never had a recipt that didn't include the important parts that it should - method of payment. Also, I have had such good customer service at other stores - CVS, Avon, TD Bank, even WetSeal - that it makes me appaled that I can be treated so poorly.

It goes to show that Charlotte Russe really does not care about their customers.



  • Cl
    CLTRemployee Dec 23, 2009

    Wow, I'm shocked and dismayed to hear this as a Charlotte Russe employee that you'd be treated so rudely and indifferently and to think it's "customer Service".
    That's not service, that's offensive and rude behavior! I would try call back and perhaps ask to speak to someone different and since you have records of BOTH your credit card and the gift card, write a letter, not call them.

    Write their corporate office, asking for refund to your card, if you do not get any satisfaction through the Help Line.
    Of course, that's another waste of your time and you should not have to be going through that!

    Don't feel bad customer, because, they (the management) treat us like dirt in our store too!

    They do try to be polite to the customers, but I've seen the management say some offensive stuff about customers also once they left the store, even ones they were not even waiting on.

    I'm starting to think this is a good company to avoid entirely. Do not even THINK of applying there.

    I've seen little stickers on the Mirrors of the Dressing Room, encouraging one to apply.

    Don't bother! They don't pay peanuts, they lie about what type of hours you'll get and what you'll do.

    Really, this company needs a good housecleaning.

    Now I've just read on the web, how the brand name People's Liberation is suing them for breech of contract! I'm astonished as I had always thought it was a good store, but after reading these complaints, it seems to have gone downhill quickly.

    I'm sorry you ran into such a problem and I offer my apology to you customer, though I don't have any authority to help you out. I apologize for that.

    I hope you get this sorted out to your satisfaction. Did you get the names of the people you spoke to?

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  • Vi
    vitomelon Dec 30, 2009

    Our DM is fat and ugly!!! and she's always in a bad mood!!

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  • De
    DEANNAMASELLI Jan 29, 2010


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  • Tm
    TMHiggins Jun 09, 2010

    I too had a most unpleasant experience on the phone with [email protected]@##$% For no reason. I had a message that I would get 10% off my first order. When I went to check out (on line) I could not find a way to apply my disc . and only reason for ordering, honestly.
    I had to call.
    She said DOUBLE discounts don't count. I asked her to do what was best for me.
    She ended up try to rip my discount down from eighteen dollars off, to eleven. Well, when shipping is six as well, I want my seven bucks.
    She said it's too late. I placed it and you agreed to place it (all cause I could not get my order to go through with originally promised discount...Ugh). So, I had to be transferred and on and on.
    He finally gets on and says..."I understand you are upset that you can't get a DOUBLE discount"...Such Hullabaloo!
    He did, after a full 25 mins., get my deserved discount, miraculously.
    I said I think this was avoidable, and should have been more pleasant.
    He then snarled..."So, is there ANYthing else I can help you with"...Like, can I please be done with you and not! apologize.
    I said, "I doubt that".
    Sorry to vent. Glad others did it first! :>

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  • Fl
    flia Feb 25, 2011

    maybe you're just a [censor]. since you seem to have problems at so many places you go, you're probably the problem. and honestly, the ceo doesn't chill at the call center. so maybe she really was the highest person you could talk to. though i do agree that your receipt should have had both tenders on it.

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  • El
    ELenn013 Dec 30, 2011

    I love Charlotte Russe clothing, but today i was treated very rude by one of the cashiers. I asked why my bill had rung up to so much because i miscalculated the amount i would be paying. The woman quickly read off how much everything acting like it was such a burden to her. The store was not busy so it is not like she was rushed for time. I paid with a gift card and the woman was very rude about how to use the card to pay. After the transaction i thanked her and the woman tossed me my receipt and turned around without another word. How rude! I can understand if someone is having a bad day but do not let this show at work. I do not appreciate the rude behavior and will consider taking my business somewhere else the next time i shop.

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  • Li
    littlemissaa Feb 26, 2012

    I also have a bad experience with Charlotte russe. But this is in their stores. I think their staff is very misleading, I went to charlotte russe at Dulles town center Virginia. I went straight to the $5 $10 racks since I only needed a sort of hippy looking top I was going to wear once in an event. Anyway I grabbed one from the $10 dollar rack and got charged $24 for it. I told the lady I got this from those on sale racks and she said someone might have just misplaced it there, so fine, I didn't want to argue anymore and purchased the item anyway. I thought it was my fault for not checking out the tag.

    So I was still an avid fan of their store. I honestly like their shoes clothes and accessories, if course I decided to go back to shop again there. Only this time I thought of checking out the tags first before checkout. I went to the premium outlet stores this time. This is in leesburg Virginia. There again were their $5 $10 and $15 racks and I saw that they have there clothes which have price tags for a much much higher price. I thought I know better than to fall for this and went to their clearance section instead. I saw a pair of leopard short WITH A PRICETAG OF $4.99. I also bought a pair of boots which was on a $9.99 sale just on that day. Upon checking out, here we go again! They charged me more than what I was expecting. The girl charged me $9.99 for those shorts which had a tag that said $4.99. I asked her how much the shorts are and she said it's $9.99. I told her that the PRICETAG says otherwise and she said " oh someone might have just placed that there. If it was on sale it would've been hung on those racks up front" ( she was talking about those misleading $5 $10 racks) anyway, she didn't even act surprised about the wrong price tag. She didn't even double check or whatever. Next thing you know she took out the $4.99 tag and said she removed it so if ever I plan to go back to return the item it won't be $4.99. Well wow, that helps? The line was long and I didn't want to argue yet again so I ended up paying for the items at a price I was not expecting yet again.

    Very bad customer service. Very bad and dishonest brand. I don't even know how to shop there again. What's the point of putting those sale racks and price tags on? Very disappointing.

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  • Go
    GotDamnedCrybabies Dec 08, 2012

    haha you shopped online. if you had half the sense you claim to have you should have realized the inherent problems of shopping online, one being not seeing first hand the material of the item that you are buying. you are should be lucky enough to have them return the item to the gift card so you may return to the store to purchase an sweater of your standards for the winter and move on with your life. the irony of how much you despise charlotte russe due to the major hindrance on your personal life and, lest we forget, the INSUBSTANTIAL amount of $3 to be returned to the gift card. This is the most asinine, crybaby complaint I have seen so far on this site. You live in the greatest country, in the greatest age in the history of the world and you spent more than 3 hours of your very precious life arguing a principle that means nothing to anyone but yourself. If charlotte russe bothers you this much I pity your husband. In other words, get the f*** over it. all of you... its just a sweater. its just a sweater. you want something to complain about, go to iraq, wear a giant blanket, smell like ### sweat and have no right to voice your thoughts, until then. shut up!

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  • Fv
    F Vee May 06, 2013

    I think it's unfortunate there seemed to be some kind of system error that screwed you over, but trust me, lowly phone operators and store associates have little to no control over these situations. If they bend the rules to get you what you need, they could be fired. I work in retail and usually we'd love to help you get what you want (within reason), even for unpleasant customers, if only to get them off of our backs. Also, being all huffy to the associates isn't going to get you your money back any faster, keep in mind, they are PEOPLE, and people have short fuses, especially when getting chewed out for something they have no control over. I've only just placed my first online order for CR yesterday, so I can't say anything about their online/phone costumer service, but the associates at my local store are very sweet and helpful. As a retail worker I'm really not surprised they were a bit...short with you. You weren't exactly being agreeable, and assuming you are an adult of sound mind, you should be able to understand S*&T HAPPENS. Grow up and stop being so unpleasant and maybe you'll have better experiences with people.

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  • Lw
    Lwards757 Jan 07, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered 4 items off the Charlotte Russe site. I got the email saying 3 of the items have shipped. Next I got a email that one of the 4 items was out of stock (Even though it was sitting right there on their website for me to purchase it) so a day later I look and the item that was canceled out of my order was back on the site for sale again so I called the customer number and complained and asked why didn't they just put my item on back order and then send it to me and they didn't understand me so I stopped caring about that one item because they didn't charge me so I wasn't too mad about it anymore. SOOOOOO then im waiting in the mail for 3 items, I get a bag in the mail today and there is 1 item in the bag but the slip says all 3 were in the bag and im like AWWW HECK NO so I called the customer service again to make sure they know I only got 1 of the 3 items today and he was like "oh those 2 other items are out of stock" and so now im getting my money back and im never ordering from Charlotte Russe website EVER again because I was charged for 2 items only for me not to get them and then those 2 items go out of stock. Like really now I paid for those 2 items and then they just sell it to someone else.. Now I have to wait 7-10 days for my money back... THEY HAD NO PROBLEM TAKING MY MONEY BUT NOW ITS GOING TO TAKE OVER A WEEK TO GET IT BACK???? SMH PA-LEASE !!

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  • Co
    Corinne Felicity Apr 08, 2015

    They sent my package all the way to the wrong side of the country, an which I tried to cancel but their site wouldn't let me I called to complain, they have me tracking this order and calling all over the place when all I want is a refund or my stuff. They have refused to resend my stuff to the right address or they won't refund me untiil the items end up back at their warehouse... Which might be never because its probably sitting in the hallway of an apartment building in MA. This broke college student is very upset.

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  • Ak
    A'Kera Brown Jun 04, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Was told to contact customer service about my gift card which is no good. No one will respond. I understand they changed ownership but the new company will not honor the gift cards. So I'm just out the $29 still in my card?

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