Charlotte Russesent the wrong item twice.

D Aug 12, 2018

I ordered a dress from their site on sale in navy but was sent white instead. I contacted their customer service the next day to inform them of the mistake and they told me that I have to sent back the item i recieved, which I did... and they would send out the correct color.

I even contacted customer service a second time after they took a while to ship out the "correct" dress. They confirmed it would be sent out in the navy color.

I finally get the package more than 2 weeks after the original order date and again ITS [censored]ING WHITE. I dont have the time to go all the way to the post office and return it again. The cost of transportation to get to and from the post office TWICE is more than the cost of the dress so its useless at this point. I wont be ordering from here again. The people who work here are clearly incompetent and cant distinguish the words "navy" and "white". Now I'm stuck with a dress I wont wear.

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