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K Sep 21, 2019 Review updated:

Screws have come away from the bottom of the laptop causing the laptop body shell to come away and now unusable..
Product is still in its 24month warranty (bought 23rd Dec 2018)
Took to cex branch in the city center and to be told by a Dan G that they wouldn't repair or refund due to the laptop being a catagory c and to be told they sold laptop with screws missing under catagory c.
To my shock I could not believe they sold me a laptop with screws missing for my
daughter's birthday present.
I would never have purchased the laptop knowing this due to the possibility of naked
wires coming out of the system, due to the lack of screws at the bottom of the laptop which is more than 4 screws missing which could of led to health and safety issues with my 9yr old daughter..
I am extremely shocked and disappointed with the major lack and care from your cex colleagues regarding my issue..
I would like this issue resolved as I spent alot of money and now my daughter has no laptop even though it is still well in its 24month warranty.

Please can someone email me regarding this complaint at


Kind regards
K Hewitt


  • El
    El Chupacabra Feb 25, 2020

    Their description on the website for C-Grade doesn't mention "screws missing" (I've had one with huge crack in metal laptop casing lied-about as 'B-Grade' I mean what price is crack cocaine in some areas, as obviously Cex low-paid staff can afford it when grading non-viable laptops).
    Thus the laptop is not as described, nor fit for purpose. You have up to 6 years to claim under general contract law, specifics under Consumer Rights Act 2015, and easy to win, these clowns just profit from people not knowing their basic consumer rights.
    Tell them you'll take them to court for every minute of your time from inital purchase to testing, to returning it more than once, to preparation of legal information and advice, to writing this complaint, and court fees, (small and the loser pays) to travel and off-work lost earnings to travel to the Small Claims Court. Ask them to roughly calculate what that will be and see if it's more profitable to just refund you and provide a £20 goodwill voucher to cover costs. Calmly present it as a business cost-benefit analysis as this is what they've done when f**king customers over on purpose.

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