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S Aug 15, 2018

I was trading my amazon kindle tablet in on 14/08/2018 around afternoon and I was told i would be getting around 22-24 pounds but once the test was i got only 21 pounds and bad service and time wasting and this is very annoying for me as a customer. What happened was the person who served me told me to come back within 40 minutes as he had to test the tablet and I said i will be back before a certain time to collect. I came back after an hour and he said to come back later which was understandable, I then came back after 1-2 hours to collect again hoping it will he ready as promised by the person serving me and the person said the tablet still wasnt ready and I had wait another 30 minutes and this made me more angry as the person put other customers above me and kept delaying the process. This is really annoying as I wasted my time and money coming to cex in East ham. The service was appaulling and I don't think i will ever come here to trade anything again. The person didnt even appologise and kept coming up with excuses and gave me an even more reduced value than said. I didnt want to start a scene and I chose to complain here. I would appreciate something from this complaint, otherwise i will have to tell my friends not to shop here again as well and I would rather not do that. Thank you

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