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I attempted to cash a MoneyGram money order at Walmart. This was a money order purchased at the very same Walmart. They refused to cash it based on Certegy's recommendation. After waiting nearly 20 minutes on hold, a snippy twit told me that the money order was just like a check (absolutely false) and that when they ran in it through their "model" it came up as potentially fraudulent. Of course, although they suspected "fraud" no one called the police, no one kept the money order; I was simply told that I would have to go somewhere that didn't use their service to cash it. I've made a formal complaint with the FTD and the BBB - Certegy is located in Tampa, Florida. Certegy has 19 different post office boxes in Tampa, FL. Certegy has already entered into one settlement with the government for allowing private information on more than five million people to be accessed. The BBB shows numerous complaints as well. This company is a parasite and I'll not spend another penny at Walmart while Walmart continues to use them.

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Sep 22, 2010 11:29 am EDT
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Any company is allowed to refuse to cash a check or money order whenever they choose on whatever grounds they choose.


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