CenturyLinktech support

A Aug 07, 2018

My internet went doen randomly, went thru the text help center and scheduled a tech to come out and see why when standard steps didnt work.

Day before the appointment I got a text confirming next day appointment status. Day of the appointment comes, the time window for tech arrival comes and then I get another text confirming the appointment for the next day. Didn't ask to reschedule, or find a time that would work with me.

When I needed to cancel service, got the run around from serive rep to service rep. On hold of course, basically "that's not my department, please hold while I transfer you."

It wasnt bad the first year, but after the promotional period they wanted $80 for not fantastic internet.

Dealing with customer service was a nightmare. The only deptartment that was US based was retention, and they hung up on me a couple times when I told them I needed to cancel service.

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