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Good day

My name is Pontsho Phukubje and I'm a residence at East on 82 unit 108. I have been staying on this unit since 01 October 2019. I have a problem with electricity that is being depleted quickly. On the the 17th of December I bought units from ZAR1000 and on the 19th December I received additional units for ZAR200. I had expected this units to last me through December and January as I have been staying alone during this period, ensuring that the Geyser is switched off to save me electricity.

With my surprise I received an sms today (9th Jan) saying my units are depleted, this doesn't make sense to me. I immediately topped up with ZAR500, the ZAR500 that I topped up with says its forecasted to finish by the 12 January 2020.

This then tells you that the problem is not with me or my usage, there's a fault with your meters. When I called the grid control department, the lady advised me that I was using a lot of water, that this was the cause. I can attest to the fact that they haven't been any water leakage or running taps at my unit.

Please advise how I will be compensated for this as I cannot keep buying electricity over the building/Unit glitch.

the above was an email which I had forwarded to Client support as well as Grid control. I then received a technical response from from Mecheline on the 10th Jan. He basically showed me graphs of my usage which the figures on the graphs where not not making sense.

Please see below response;

I received your complaint and had a look at your consumption:

Your Layout from October is as follow:


Electricity R

Elec kWh

Water R

Water kL

Total Con

Average pd


R 687.99














R 438.61




R 612.87



R 218.79


R 72.98


R 291.77


Your consumption in October and November is higher than normal.

I can see that your consumption has gone down tremendously from December 2019

Your current available balance is: R1232.68

Kind Regards

I then immediately responded with the below response:

Dear Mecheline Brits

Thank you for your response,

This is proof that the is a problem with the meter reading at my unit, meaning I have been paying more than I should have. Please see below breakdown of the units I have paid for thus far and let me know if this is normal for a person that stays with her 4 year old daughter, whereby my brother visits me every now and then.

04 October - ZAR 250
13 October - ZAR 500
12 November - ZAR 500
24 November - ZAR 200
27 November - ZAR 500
17 December - ZAR 1000
19 December - ZAR 200
09 January - ZAR 500

I see you have my consumption higher in Oct and November, please explain what happened to the units I have purchased in December for ZAR1200 as yesterday (09th Jan) I received an sms saying that my units are depleted. I then top up ZAR 500 and to my surprise the units that I had just topped up said that they were forecasted to be depleted by the 12 January 2020 and my available balance was ZAR 60. I immediately made a call and to Grid control and your agent confirmed that it was the case, that it shows a high usage of water in my unit that I needed to log a call with maintenance.

My call was logged but till now no one has visited my unit to check. The ZAR 1200 balance that you have in my account was not there yesterday, this is something you guys have just added and I'm refusing to accept the units as they are not close to the amount I had purchased. Please note from the ZAR 1700 I have purchased between December and January, I cannot be left with ZAR1232 balance, it is not possible that I have used up such units in such a short space of time.

I believe on average one can use up between ZAR 750 to ZAR 1000 of electricity and water in a month, but based on my consumption, I have spent more than the average, meaning the is a problem with the meter reading at my unit and due to this I am being penalized for something that Central Development needed to fix, which I find really unfair. May I please be reimbursed additional units of electricity I bought yesterday (9th Jan 20) and to also look in how I can compensated for the extras that I have been paying in the past 3 months.

Pontsho Phukubje

I have since been waiting for feedback and no one is reverting back to me. The consultant at East on 82 by the name Edwin also tried to assist in escalating the matter since he also witnessed the drastic change that took place in my invoice. He too was surprised to learn about the ZAR1200 balance which appeared in my account while the previous day it was sitting on R60 balance. Edwin was most helpful compared to everyone I have been dealing with.

kindly note I'm requesting for your urgent intervention on this matter for technician to check if all is well with the meter reading and explain on how I'll be reimbursed additional units which I have purchased on the 09th Jan 20.

Pontsho Phukubje
C: [protected]
E: [protected]

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