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Over the years that Cenlar has serviced my mortgage I have been harassed and lied to so many times it is not even funny.

First lets start with the fact that you have until the 16th beforeyour loan is cdonsidered late yet every month I start receiving phone calls, sometimes as early as the first of the month asking when we are goingto be making the payment. Every time they would I would tell them that we always make our payment online by the 15th. 4 or 5 days later I would be getting the same call from them and would tell them the same thing. I would ask if they ever reviewed the notes in the system before calling somebody and was always told that the notes only stayed in the system for 10 days.

Several times I inquired as to which company actually help our mortgage and was never able to get a straight answer until on day I was talking to a lady regarding a loss that we had at our home and was told that Wells Fargo was the investor.

When we had the claim on our house we called the insurance company, who of course had to contact Cenlar. Once the repairs were made and the company that had completed them had told the insurance company Cenlar stepped into the picture and before we knew what was going on it had taken over 6 months for the company to get paid for the work they had performed even though we had completed everything that ws asked of us to insure that the work was completed and the house was again in good condition. The hold up was Cenlar and the misinformation that they had given the insurance company. WHen the check arrived at our house for us to endorse they had given the insurance company two or three different bank names and all of these companies were supposed to endorse the check to allow the company to deposit it. It was crazy as we watched this check come through our hands at least three differnt times from Cenlar.

At one point, I had lost my job and started trying to contact Cenlar about our options for modifying the loan. By the time that we finally got forms to fill out over 7 months had passed and I had started a new job. We ere then told that due to our never having been late or behind on our payments and the fact that I was back to work that we could not qualify for a modifaction. During the time the value of our house had gone down from $225, 000 to $69, 000 - $75, 000 and we still could not get anything done. We were needing to do work on the house to make it more handicapped accesable for my mother-in-law and to give my wife a better place to work from home since she was supposed to have a private office.

We finally just said forget it and found another house that would fit our needs and we would have some equity to work with. The neighborhood had gone downhill so bad that we kneww that we would never got our money back out of it. When we moved out the calls really started, sometimes coming two and three a day even if we did answer them. After weeks of this harrasment I was talking to one particularly rude CS rep that was all but calling me a liar and was actually yelling at me so load that my wife could her both sides of the conversation even when I stepped into the other room. I made a comment about there systems being out of date and not able to keep notes longer I was flat out called a liar and told that no CS rep would ever tell me such a thing and demanded the name of the person that had told me that. When I told her the every CS I had ever talked to had told me the same thing she again called me a liar and demanded that we make our payment over the phone right then. That is when I hung up on her.

We had put the old house up for a short sale and received three offers fairly quickly. The first we rejected as being to low and then accepted the second. It was submitted to Cenlar who never even looked at it and after two months the buyer found something and withdrew the offer. We already had another offer and submitted it. It has now been almost two months and we are still waiting on an answer. When we did get something Cenlar wanted us to put up an additional $5, 000 toward the sell and said that the PMI company wanted a note for $43, 000 signed. This was supposed to be an interest free note payable over 120 months at $400 per month. I know the math does not add up but we told them that we could not afford this. We have now received a letter saying that the short sale has been rejected because of a failure to reach an agreement with the PMI company.

When I talked to the PMI company they say they do not know anything about this. So who is telling the truth and who is not. I'll let you debate that in your mind.


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