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They took over my mortgage in July, 2015. What a joke. I took guardianship of my 2 year old grandson and had...


I had Cenlar and I refinanced with another comp. It showed I had 1200. in escrow that would be returned to me...instead they somehow sent 1000. to PMI that they said the former comp. never paid. We called them and they said they would send proof that they paid it to Cenlar, They NEVER paid my property tax and now I have late fees and I can't get a permit to fix my house...still no answer as to where my money is. This company should be shut down and people arrested for messing with our money.

whole staff is a bunch of liars an scammers

My mothers mortgage was take over by Cenlar from Sun West in March 2015 nothing but trouble ever since. She is elderly and a fixed income. They keep auto debiting her account for payments multiple times each month causing her to go in the negative an being charged fees. They keep getting their money she cannot pay her bills or buy food. I contacted them each time I'm told they'll take a look at it. Two supervisors said they would send refunds just a lie. Each time I call I'm put on hold an told they have no record of me contacting them. I names, times and dates of everyone I talked to they don't exist. They took 4 payments July 2015 tried to take 2 in Aug. got 3 pmts. Sept. We need a good lawyer to go after this company for theft and fraud.

escrow shortage

Every year since we refinanced and Cenlar bought our mortgage from Meridian August of 2012 they send a letter...

tbw/cenlar wongful foreclosures

If you are a former Taylor, Bean & Whitaker (TBW) customer and are on the brink of foreclosure, I may be able to help you.

visit my website and ask for additional information.


  • Ib
    Ibecker Nov 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Cenlar/Freddie Mac
    We have been battling with Freddie Mac for years to show proof of Mortgage ownership on our home in Rockford, Illinois

    We have a clouded/unmarketable title because the loan originator Taylor Bean and Whitaker went bankrupt in 2009; the CEO is in prison for 30 years by originating faulty mortgages and taking TARP money. Freddie Mac is claiming that they own our Note and Mortgage, but not willing to show any money trail or any consideration that they paid for it. They are not on the title as a lien holder, TBW is, who is long time gone. We will never be able to have clear title, because Freddie Mac is not a legal lien holder and cannot take TBW off the title even if we pay off ou r mortgage.

    Without prior notice and explanation, Cenlar the servicer added $9, 472.86 to our mortgage account claiming that we own some attorney fees. We never got any bill or judgment from anyone and no one can tell us where is amount is coming from.

    We are current and have never been late on our mortgage. But because we didn’t pay the $9K amount, the stated payment is growing every month, currently at $10, 671.69 on top of a deeply-depreciated property,

    We are demanding discovery and proof that Cenlar/Freddie Mac has the right to collect our mortgage, which to our knowledge and belief was fully paid off when TBW went bankrupt. We demand proof that they have the right to add the above-mentioned amount to our mortgage without any notice/explanation of the origination. We demand that CENLAR/Freddie Mac give us clear title upon payoff any outstanding amount that they can proof that we owe. Loan # 0031460389.

    If they have nothing to hide, this should not be a problem for them

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They too k over my loan from T<B<&W also I have been making all of my payments although I am underwater...

holding of escrow funds

My mortgage was with Taylor Bean and Whitaker who of course went bankrupt and that is why my mortgage is with...

they are not doing what they had promised

I have been working with Cenlar since January 2009 for a loan modification. We were approved on August 25, 2009 with a trial period for payments. That was completed in December 2009, and any income verification they asked for was sent. I have not received any final documents for this modification. Additionally, they have cancelled my insurance twice and now inform me that I may have to pay for their insurance, since I don't have insurance coverage - ?!?! I don't receive calls back, I only receive bad news from them. Where can I file against them? They are not doing what they had promised.

holds escrow funds and takes forever to return

Cenlar mortgage uses an India call center and no one

can be reached here in U.S.

I tried to close escrow account and get my money back and it has

taken 2 weeks! They hold 2 months escrow because that is their

"policy" which is drawing interest. Not their money but get the

benefits!! My previous mortgage company did not require this to be held

9in my escrow account.These people are not at all customer focused.They

are totally indifferent

Their Customer Service would be better served to call it CUSTOMER


  • Kh
    Khach Do Feb 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been tortured by this scamming company Cenlar enough. God help me please they owe me $761.51 escrow refund of tax year 2010 and as of today 02/10/2012 they have not paid me back. I have talked with them on the phone, via fax, and email 1000000000000... times and still not gotten my money back yet.

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no words to describe them

Over the years that Cenlar has serviced my mortgage I have been harassed and lied to so many times it is not even funny.

First lets start with the fact that you have until the 16th beforeyour loan is cdonsidered late yet every month I start receiving phone calls, sometimes as early as the first of the month asking when we are goingto be making the payment. Every time they would I would tell them that we always make our payment online by the 15th. 4 or 5 days later I would be getting the same call from them and would tell them the same thing. I would ask if they ever reviewed the notes in the system before calling somebody and was always told that the notes only stayed in the system for 10 days.

Several times I inquired as to which company actually help our mortgage and was never able to get a straight answer until on day I was talking to a lady regarding a loss that we had at our home and was told that Wells Fargo was the investor.

When we had the claim on our house we called the insurance company, who of course had to contact Cenlar. Once the repairs were made and the company that had completed them had told the insurance company Cenlar stepped into the picture and before we knew what was going on it had taken over 6 months for the company to get paid for the work they had performed even though we had completed everything that ws asked of us to insure that the work was completed and the house was again in good condition. The hold up was Cenlar and the misinformation that they had given the insurance company. WHen the check arrived at our house for us to endorse they had given the insurance company two or three different bank names and all of these companies were supposed to endorse the check to allow the company to deposit it. It was crazy as we watched this check come through our hands at least three differnt times from Cenlar.

At one point, I had lost my job and started trying to contact Cenlar about our options for modifying the loan. By the time that we finally got forms to fill out over 7 months had passed and I had started a new job. We ere then told that due to our never having been late or behind on our payments and the fact that I was back to work that we could not qualify for a modifaction. During the time the value of our house had gone down from $225, 000 to $69, 000 - $75, 000 and we still could not get anything done. We were needing to do work on the house to make it more handicapped accesable for my mother-in-law and to give my wife a better place to work from home since she was supposed to have a private office.

We finally just said forget it and found another house that would fit our needs and we would have some equity to work with. The neighborhood had gone downhill so bad that we kneww that we would never got our money back out of it. When we moved out the calls really started, sometimes coming two and three a day even if we did answer them. After weeks of this harrasment I was talking to one particularly rude CS rep that was all but calling me a liar and was actually yelling at me so load that my wife could her both sides of the conversation even when I stepped into the other room. I made a comment about there systems being out of date and not able to keep notes longer I was flat out called a liar and told that no CS rep would ever tell me such a thing and demanded the name of the person that had told me that. When I told her the every CS I had ever talked to had told me the same thing she again called me a liar and demanded that we make our payment over the phone right then. That is when I hung up on her.

We had put the old house up for a short sale and received three offers fairly quickly. The first we rejected as being to low and then accepted the second. It was submitted to Cenlar who never even looked at it and after two months the buyer found something and withdrew the offer. We already had another offer and submitted it. It has now been almost two months and we are still waiting on an answer. When we did get something Cenlar wanted us to put up an additional $5, 000 toward the sell and said that the PMI company wanted a note for $43, 000 signed. This was supposed to be an interest free note payable over 120 months at $400 per month. I know the math does not add up but we told them that we could not afford this. We have now received a letter saying that the short sale has been rejected because of a failure to reach an agreement with the PMI company.

When I talked to the PMI company they say they do not know anything about this. So who is telling the truth and who is not. I'll let you debate that in your mind.

took over mortgage - restart mod process

Started mortgage modification 6/09 w/LoanCare Servicing. Sent multiples requests for updated P & L information. Nothing happened until february 2010, on 8/29/10 -- Loan Care said they had us approved for trial modification and that I didn't need to make payment until 10/10. At the end of August 2010, I was only two months behind on mortgage. I waited for documentation, there was a delay, my negotiator's wife had cancer. totally understandable. They needed a couple more bank statements. No problem. My trial modification letter was dated September 30, 2010, and WHOOPEE!!! I didn't have to start the first payment until 11/1/10, which I did. I also made the 12/10 and 1/11 payments right on time. Eagerly called Loan Care asking what next step would be (I found out that LoanCare had started Foreclosure proceedings on 10/5/10 and that an attorney had my file). To add insult to injury, my loan has now been sold to Cenlar -- do not believe we will get a modification. DON'T TRUST ANYBODY WHO TELLS YOU "YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE A PAYMENT UNTIL..." Everytime I call Cenlar, I get a different person with a different story. In frustration, I called an attorney's office and discuss problem and was told Lenders are just doing what Law said "trying to help", but not really and more than likely even if I do START OVER WITH MODIFICATION, they probably will decline me and foreclose. I now have pneumonia and colitis from the grief they have wrought!! DON'T TRUST THEM!!!

horrible company

Cenlar is definitely a joke! They don't have a record of my payment that was made over a year ago and now demand me to send them proof of payment. What the heck? It's over a year ago...why they never inform me?? I found out because they said they said I still owe the most recent month's payment, which they already received. I closed the bank they used to pay them and was concerned that I couldn't get the information they need, which means I have to pay an extra monthly payment...the one I already paid and they lost record of. Luckily I have the bank statement that shows the payment. They shouldn't have lost that information in the first place. They also lost my insurance coverage statement and ordered one that costs over a thousand for a year coverage. How ridiculous!! The coverage should cost only about $300/year. Unbelievable!!! Not only that, the coverage was in the past...They are unorganized. They blame the customers instead of taking their work seriously and be responsible for their imcompetency. Seriously...we all should do something about their poor service...it's our rights to demand as much.

  • Jo
    John Meehan Nov 24, 2011

    All CENLAR Clients need to report this company to the Fbi in your city or area. This company is definitley Fraudulent and they are thieves. If enough people report them maybe something will be done . They need to be shut down put out of business. J.M. Los Angeles

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  • Da
    Danny R. Willard Jul 16, 2014

    Cenlar is a big joke. I tried to get a loan modification, but they all have something different to say. Ms. Harding is the biggest fat JERKOFF we ever talked too. She told us she was in charge of this =========###. This company is full of scams.

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I have been dealing with cenlar ever since sept2009 when i finally was informed which company my loan for my house was transferred to from tb&w. I was very satisfied with tb&w, but the feds apparently thought they were crooks, now i am dealing with crooks on somany level and rude obnoxios people at cenlar that it amazes me the lackof intelligence or ethics that i am flabbergasted. Fist off my property taxes were wrong, then money wasremoved from my escrow for taxes i had already paid. My intrest amouts have change and my monthly payments keepchanging and talking to these people is like talking to asphalt. Where doyou go. The feds, oh yes they are the ones who started this.

poor service

My loan was taken over by Cenlar when TBW went under. I am still waiting for them to apply a payment from August 2017. I have a paid receipt from TBW. Every month I ask about it and no one seems to be able to understand my question (since the agents don't speak English all that well - sorry - no offense meant - but it is the truth). I paid my Dec mortgage which I have to call in (hard to reach by phone but if you pay on line they charge a service fee which they then have to refund - a pain and still requires a phone call - since this is a TBW loan) and the Cenlar agent asked about my home insurance. My insurance agent was alerted as soon as this change took place and there have been no issues in the past with them receiving my insurance bill. The Cenlar agent said it was due in September and is unpaid. This is 3 months later and they are finally letting me know they didn't get a bill? Hello!! I spoke with someone in Sept, Oct, and Nov and finally in December someone tells me they haven't paid the bill because they didn't get it? I don't believe that. And the person could not understand what I was saying to him. They are horrible to deal with, have no answers to any questions and it is now 17 months later. I have NEVER got an answer to any question because they have problems understanding me on the phone - as I mentioned not one of the representatives I have talked to seems to speak English well. Again, no offense meant, just speaking the truth.

  • Re
    RedJ76 Nov 08, 2009

    I am like many other "victims" in the Cenlar saga!!! Our loan was with TBW & since Cenlar took over we have had nothing but trouble with them. They promised to send a payment book & to date we have NOT gotten that & this month they never even sent us a statement coupon & my payment was due November 1st. I guess we have to take all the responsibility & do everything ourselves but then I don't have any way to track my payment to them. I think they are just hoping people won't make their payments then they can FORECLOSE on all these loans!!! We have phoned them & I have e-mailed them & still NOTHING!!! What in the world is going on with them? My credit is spotless but this is making it very difficult to make payments on time & be sure they are getting them & crediting them to your account!!! I am NOT happy at all.

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  • Mo
    moon6 Nov 24, 2009

    I have just had my payment increased by CENLAR by $150.00 a month. Never was I late with TBW since my loan with them Aug. 2017. What are these people doing and why are they allowed!!! I am going to talk with my bank tomorrow and find a new loan company... CENLAR YOUR ARE GREEDY AND CRUEL!!!

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  • Pa
    Paperc Dec 01, 2009

    I am also victim of the Cenlar monsters. I too have had my escrow account increased by $86 per month, but my local taxes have only increased $34 per year. I have all of my taxes and insurance taken out in October and November - thus my escrow balance is low right now, but will be full by next Oct when the next insurance payment is due.

    I suspect Cenlar is falsely increasing the escrow accounts - they want it stocked at 100% all of the time -and I do believe this is illegal.

    I am going to contact my state's attorney general and I highly encourage each and every one of you to contact your attorney generals office and file a formal complaint against
    Cenlar. The matter will not be resolved if we remain quiet and we need to get Big Brother involved if we are going to have any luck

    Please, take the time to file the complaints with your AG office

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  • Pr
    Proud Mary Jul 08, 2010

    Cenlar AKA Freddie Mac...I have sent in the form for automatic mortgage payment 3 times. They keep telling me they have not received it. Every month I end up paying over the telephone and they charge me $12.00 to pay by phone. Then they send me a bill for $38.00 for a monthly late fee! On top of all this they are ruining my credit rating. This is the biggest SCAM the government has going. If I could refinance with a reputable company I would but since I am upside down on my mortgage since property values have dropped (thanks again for making all those bad loans) there is no way I can do that. Just wait until the government has health care in full swing if you think things are a mess now.

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  • Pr
    Proud Mary Jul 08, 2010

    They purposely don't process payments so they can get more money...after all our government IS broke. Not because we don't send them enough money but because the politicians won't stop spending!

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  • Hy
    hyper7900 Sep 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It will be best for everyone who has had issues to really look at RESPA (Real Estate Protection Act). It will take time to resolve disputes with a stubborn company. But if the persistence is there and your facts are correct. Getting that big check from cenlar will be well worth it.

    please do not take this as if I am telling everyone they don't know how to manage escrow. However it is important to realize that one should never depend on the bank to manage Escrow accounts. I am sure most would agree that proper handling of a checking account requires to reconcile and put items in your register that have been paid or quickens or whatever one uses.

    The same is true with escrow. Estimate what your YEARLY expenditures will be (Hazard Insurance (Flood if required) Home Insurance, taxes, etc) Take the total divide by 12. It is important to understand a few things with escrows: As per the RESPA section 10 the servicer (Cenlar, or other institution) is prohibited from charging excessive amount for the escrow account. The lender CAN NOT charge any more then 1/12 of the total of ALL disbursements per month payable during the year..They CAN add any amount that was short from the year before. They CAN at their desecration add a cushion NOT to EXCEED 1/6 of the total disbursements for the year. Knowing this and knowing that as part of the RESPA the lender must perfom an escrow account analysis once during the year and notify borrowers of any shortage.. any EXCESS of $50 of more MUST be RETURNED to the borrower. (They can not hold it) Picture it like a BIG savings account----At the end of the year you will get BIG check from them if they are indeed charging outrageous amounts...

    If they do not do this, then you will need to write a complaint letter to them FIRST, (Certify mailing) and they must ack the letter withing 20 business days. After which another 60 days from them to resolve or provide a valid reason for their position. If still they are violating any laws of the act then you may file a complaint with HUD (Housing and Urban Development. After which HUD, a state Attorney General or State Insurance commissioner may bring an injunctive action to enforce violations of Sections 6, 8 or 9 ( I have provided short info on section 6 which is relevant to most all complaints on this board)...

    Keep in mind that Under section 10 which is Limits on Escrow accounts (1/6 and 1/12 talk)HUD as the authority to impose a civil penalty on loan servicers who do not submit inial or annual escrow account statements to borrowers.

    Read up on RESPA and know where to file complaints... They will get addressed much faster then if you just phone or write a general office such as State Attorney General office. Go smaller before bigger.

    Also, keep track ALWAYS (even if company is good) of what you are putting into escrow... Get copies of checks, and file them for your records. Checks are proof of payments...

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lloan modification

I have tried contacting whomever with CENLAR on the approved loan modification prior to the bankrupcy filing by Taylor. I have called, I have sent emails, I have sent letters, all of which they say that is how they should be contacted. I have recevied zero responses. CENLAR's customer service is a joke and they seem to make every effort to frustrate their customers. They have no problem in sending out mail and loan payment request, just don't try an call them about anything. I am extemelly frustrated. It was a pleasure to speak with Taylor Bean. There does not seem to be abything that can be done.

failure to release insurance money

Cenlar will not release the required money to have repairs completed on insured property building. Winter is starting and further damage will ensure another claim. Cenlar refuses to comply with their stated proceedures and repairs cannot be made. I do not have funds to pay for the repairs as they exceed $30, 000.00.

  • Mo
    Monique12 Sep 10, 2014

    I am having the same issue with Cenlar. On April 28, 2014, my home was hit by a tornado. I have sent in all the documentation they require, still, NOTHING. I have now had 3 contractors walk off and refuse to deal with their delays.

    Furthermore, I am also having trouble with the payment center. All of these complaints are very familiar!

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  • Je
    JED012345 May 24, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Having the same issue. Every time I get close they change the process. An extremely unethical company. And don't try to speak with a supervisor/manager, you won't get through.

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state farm insurance check

Pritchett's Flooring America/Cenlar was issued a State Farm check on June 4, 2010 for installation and...

keep getting the run around after paying our money

We have been trying to get the amortization schedule to our house for over 3 months. Everytime we call to check on why we haven't recieved it they tell us to send more info, plus a check for 15.00. We always ask is this ALL you need, yes they say until we call again then they request something else. All customer representatived are in India. We are needing this info because of probating a will and can't get it done. This is indeed a fly by night company with employes in India with no regard to the U.S.

Anyone who has had a pleasant experience with this company and was satisfied with them I would love to hear about it.

  • Ma
    Mad Mama M Aug 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is there any Class-action suite in the works against Cenlar? This company has misapplied the paid monthly mortgage payments and now claims my family member is delinquent in their mortgage and is now in foreclosure. Has anyone out there been successful in fighting this company?

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doing nothing on my request for loan remodification.

When CENLAR bought out Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, which was in July 2009, my mortgage went to CENLAR. I, along with my representatives, ACORN, at the time, sent in what CENLAR wanted to evaluate a remodification of my mortgage. Nothing was done, nor were we ever contacted and in late December of '09, I called CENLAR again and was told that they had received nothing. ACORN sent a packet to them in the beginning of October of '09 with them having to sign for it from the delivery service. So, in early January of 2010, I again sent CENLAR another packet, return receipt and having heard nothing, I was extremely worried. Then at the end of March or the very beginning of April, I get a letter from CENLAR telling me that my account has been switched to another company and this company is now harrassing me after 8 p.m. and asking me when I will be sending in my late payments and also informing me if I want them to look at them remodifying my loan, I will have to submit yet
another packet, making it the fourth time that I, or ACORN, has submitted remodification packets.
Damage Resulting = Nothing has been done and I would love to sue these ### for the mental anguish that they have put me through this past year...I have almost depleted my savings account, down from $18, 000.00 to only $6, 000.00, trying to keep up with my payments...no more money, I will need that $6, 000.00 and more to move from here.
Contact me = Y

  • Ma
    MadinTR May 19, 2010

    I am going through the same thing with Cenlar. I sent not one but two completed packages to them and have a letter from January statiing that they had the completed pacakage (2nd) in January. By March, I had heard nothing nothing and was now totally without resources except for unemployment and a small social security check. My mortage payment eats up almost three quaters of monthly income. Cenlar told me they had only received the completed package in March and I asked them how that was possible since I had a letter from January stating they had the package. They then said that they had my request in the wrong department and had not realized I had an FHA loan. As of today, now going towards the end of May, they have done nothing more to advance my loan modification. I have told them that it looks like they are looking for this senior citizen to go into foreclousre. Their answer today was
    "Well, you have a right to think what you want. " And yes, I did ask for that person's name and suddenly I was disconnected. Professional? My next move is to call my attorney and tell him what is happening. I am sorry there are others going through the same experience. cdw.

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  • Di
    Digusted518 Nov 02, 2010

    I am going through the same thing with Cenlar. After hearing on the news that the government was trying to help keep foreclosure's down. I called and the woman I spoke to was very helpful. She had suggested I call my mortgage comapany and request a loan modification with my situation there should be no problem. I then called Cenlar and requested a loan modification after I received that advice from the government. My husband passed away on November of 2007, a few months later I lost my job. I started the modification process in March of 2008, after sending many application packets per Cenlar's request either they did not receive it or it is in review. I then received a letter from Cenlar in April Of 2010 that they placed my mortgage payments on forebearance probation to pay half of the monthly payment for three months with a certified bank check and must be received on or prior the first of month until July 1st. After that trial period they will review my account for the modification. I have sent every payment and on time. Three months have passed and nothing from Cenlar I called them every few weeks on the status of my application, their response was it is in review and to keep sending the same amount until I recieve a letter from them. Now six months later I receive a letter from Cenlar that my modification was denied and I owe $15, 000.00 of back payments or they will start the forclosure process. For the past 2 years I am still sending the same information over and over again and getting nowhere they are just playing games and I don't believe anything what Cenlar states. I now reported them to BBB and speaking with an attorney to avoid foreclosure also to investigate if what they are doing is legal. I hope and pray that Cenlar gets a penalty for taking advantage of the consumer. MT

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  • Md
    MDLI Dec 09, 2010

    I have gone through the exact same thing with them. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and due to that I was out of work and accrued extra medical expenses. Requesting a loan modification they put me on a forebearance and told me after that they would see which program I would qualify for. I completed that and tried numerous times to get these ignorant, insensitive [censor]s on the phone but held on for an hour got passed around and then finally disconnected. Finally got a person on the phone and was told they were still working on it, continue to pay the amount of the forebearance. This went on for another six months, I was notified of another forebearnce for the next 6 months. Again they told me it takes a while, continue to pay until you hear something. Called back on the last month of the forbearance and demanded to know what the hell they are doing. They told me, dont send anymore money in, put it aside until they made a decision. OMG, are they kidding, sure I am willing to do that so they can take my house. Not a chance. I re-sent another packett to them. Told them I am sending my regular payment in and expect to hear something in the next few weeks. Meantime I have an attorney ready and will go to the media about these a holes. They have some kind of scam. I am sick of them and hopefully can expose them before they have everyone living in a box. MD

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added 336$ to my monthly morgage payment

Their excuse? Taylor, Bean & Whittaker, my now-bankrupt former lender, under-estimated my property taxes, so my escrow amount was "re-evaluated" temporarily until a new "re-evaluation" to occur in May.

All I get from these jokers is horrible, condescending so-called customer service, insane hikes in my mortgage payments, and letters demanding the same insurance info that I've already provided to TBW when they assumed my loan.

Do they have the right to bloat my loan by this insane amount? My original monthly payment was $559, now is $895!!!

Did Mac & Mae do any homework before awarding them the privilege of handling all these loans? If these fools are wrong in "re-assessing" my escrow, what redress do I have?? Who can audit these idiots & sue them???

  • Mo
    mortgageknowledge101 Sep 04, 2010

    Dorothy...your monthly payment will fluctuate depending on if your taxes and insurance increase. You can always submit a written request asking your mortgage company to remove your escrow and then you will only pay your principle & interest to the mortgage company .

    If they approve your request then you will be liable for paying the taxes and insurance and BE SURE TO SEND PROOF OF INSURANCE EVERY YEAR OTHERWISE THEY WILL PURCHASE A POLICY ON YOUR BEHLAF. As your mortgage company they have a vested interest in the property and if they fail to receive proof of insurance they will purchase it for you. Just be happy that your not with Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, now that company sucks and should be shut down by the government.

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