Cedars-Sinai Emergency Departmentthe treatment of patients family member his husband

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I admitted my husband into the emergency room Cedar Sinai and they sat in there with him for good hour and I walked out to the restroom and cigarette I came back and his door was locked they refuse to let me into refuse to let him know that was still there they refuse to let me have my belongings that were inside the room I don't see how they can legally keep my belongings they first said he's quarantined so therefore they can let it out of the room nothing to know when I explain them I just walked out the room why aren't I quarantine they change their tune and they feel the reason they gave the reason that the stuff belongs to my husband and it does not have a husband to both of us and besides my clothes they fit me and I need them for work and he refused to get them for me

Sep 29, 2019
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  •   Sep 29, 2019

    Quarantine means no one can touch or enter the premises. Your germs could transfer to your husband and vice verse.

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