Cebu Pacific Air Onlinedouble charges, no flight, no refund!

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I was happy to know that we could book online with our local airline company without the hassle of going to a ticketing agency... So I made a booking for my mom and sister at first a flight to boracay on may, and it was successful... It went out smoothly, although I notice that the moment I processed my credit card payment it took a while before I got my booking confirmation since they need to verify the transaction with my bank, I got a call with my bank that day verifying my transaction made. (this happens because I hardly use my credit card for non us purchases, and since I did not inform my bank that im am out of the country and i'll be using their credit card, and im not either in the philippines, so they need to verify).

The following day, I made another transaction this time for my brother who is following them to boracay.. I made several attempts, just soon after I finished encoding all the payment details it did not get through.. I almost gave up, I thought to take just one more try if it still didnt get through then thats it.. End. But it did this time. They got me a reference number for that flight schedule yet, and will just wait for the final booking confirmation.. And so I waited.

I made sure I checked my credit card account regularly to keep an eye of the charges.. As the first charge appears, and I got the booking confirmation for my mom and sis. Then followed by several cebu pacific charges for five times of $13.+ but I got a refund after refflected five times as well. — > this must be the several attempts I made during making that transactins keep failing.
Then, another charge of $36.+ but guess what?? There"s no refund refflected after that. (This is w/ my 1st cc) the other credit card that I use is when I got my reference number on it, the $14.+ charge.. And it also refflected already on my account.

I tried calling costumer service after a week of waiting for that confirmation, but they just told me that it did not went through and there's no booking confirmation for that transaction.. Tell you, customer service sucks! They have told me to file a complaint for the bank since it already to their hold for this matter. They talk with sarcasm, and I was horrified how they handle this kind of situation rgarding complaints. Hello!!! Cebupacific made that charges and not my bank! My credit card company would make adjustments if cebu pacific will confirm for the refund! Very easy simple sulotion, that even a caveman and a monkey can do it!

Excuse my rant: I cant even file a a bad review to their website, that supposed to bem they should have it, just like any other online company for clients protection and could find way to improve their very poor service!

Watch out for your credit card bill when purchasing"philippines online market", this is all I can say, just like our poor system. It cant be trusted!


  • St
    SteveWre Apr 27, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Flight 5J 458 from Iloilo to Manila.
    Both my partner and I arrived at Iloilo International airport over 2 hours early and booked in for this flight. We allowed over three hours in case of late arrival of the flight because we had been told in Australia how unreliable Cebu Pacific Air is. We had ongoing transfer to do at Manila to Singapore with Singapore airlines. We allowed over 5 hours to do a ongoing transfer by Singapore air lines to go to Perth.
    1/ At iloilo international airport departure lounge there is one little flight monitor. It is placed so that you cannot get to see it because it is just after the security check in so is a very bust area for people being checked by security.
    2/ The sound quality of the speakers for the announcement in the area was very fuzzy and even though my partner is Filipino she could not understand what was being said clearly.
    3/ we did hear that the flight before ours was constantly being announced as being over booked and could people volunteer to give up there seats for other passengers. There was no mention the flight we was on had to try and get on this flight.
    4/ Some people with international transfers we able to get on the previous flight that's is the ones that were told to. WE WAS NOT INFORMED OR TOLD TO.
    5/ the flight we were booked on FJ 458 later announcement said will arrive late. Every 15 minutes or so the delay increased but under no circumstances was we told it would be over 4 hours late. WE would have made other arrangements had we known.
    6/ The plane arrived over 4 hours late so we had missed our connecting flight from Manila to Singapore.
    7/ We did fly Flight 5J458 to Manila and at the airport we complained with over 10 others who also had lost connecting flights due to the planes late arrival at iloilo. A member of cebu staff asked us to wait at the departure standby desk. we waited over 2 hours while they said they were trying to get us flights to Singapore to make our other connections. We though that we could make the last flight with Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Perth as we had allowed over 5 hours to transfer.
    over 3 hours passed and all we was told was stop complaining and take a seat. We asked to speak to the manager he agreed it was zebu pacific fault we had lost our international flights out on Manila.
    8/ nobody keeps us informed and after 5 hours we complained again this time the manager told us there would be a decision made by customer service about compensation and hotel and food for the night.
    9/ We asked to speak with customer service and this was denied all we was given was an email address to follow up on and told that cebu pacific had no obligation as our flights were with another company and they agreed it was cebu fault but they will not compensate and they just washed their hands of us and just ignored us.
    10/ Food and hotel for one night was offered which we turned down because we needed to get a flight that night not a day or two later.
    11/ so to recap this whole experience.
    Very poor information at Iloilo international airport.
    Staff were rude to us and continued to say its our fault as we never asked to be put on previous flight that was over booked anyway.
    At Manila we were made to wait many, many hours when in fact, had the staff said no compensation no responsibility we could have paid for another flight. with another airline and made our ongoing connection.
    We was not allowed to speak to customer service floor manger denied us this.
    So the flight never came so we lost many thousands of dollars on flights we were unable to board. We had to book new flight to Hong Kong then on to Perth which cost us thousands of Dollars because YOUR FLIGHT DID NOT ARRIVE.
    The last thing is this. We had travel insurance with CGU so we telephoned them from Manila telling them what had happened. We had top insurance coverage for rescheduled, Delayed or Cancelled. They said because it was the airline's fault and we had a certificate to show it was there fault. We was not covered under the policy.


    OF Course we and our family and friends will never travel with Cebu Pacific again. We will go on local talk back radio and talk about this and will post on social media so others can make a judgment on using your airline to travel to iloilo and believe me many filipinos in Perth will hear of this.

    Steve and MIla
    Perth, Western Australia

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  • Ai
    airlinelad2011 Jul 16, 2011

    Hi Neil,

    sorry to hear this. Maybe you could try
    If it's still not arrived, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

    hope this helps.

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  • Dr
    DR EISA Jul 09, 2011

    worst airline in whole South Asia, It is unfair to say they have bad customer services or help center, Simply because it doesn't exist in this bad reputation airline

    I had 2 incidents with them, The first during buying my ticket online I was offered to buy luggage because they don't have free luggage which I did but at Airport they requested me again to pay luggage because they said they can't see any receipts for luggage in there system although I printed all the travel tickets and details but they still incest to pay again with the highest price rate at the Airport in cash or I will loose my flights.

    The 2nd incident again at the Airport during check in they told me to pay for infant although I paid his ticket online and showed them the receipt but they say I have to pay now and complain later because there is no tickets for him in the system

    I called them several times, sent them emails for a refund they don't even care to reply

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  • Ro
    roda noval-gregorius Jun 24, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had a very bad experience with Cebu pacific going to Bacolod! They sell at low fares but with a big catch! Please refrain frm taking their flights as much as possible especially if u are from abroad and there's always the possibility ur flight gets delayed! I paid bigtime coz they don't give u much choice! Service sucks and highly overcharged!!! I swear I will not take Cebu pacific again!!!

    It was a connecting flight from Manila to Bacolod and I came at 6.25pm for the 6.55pm flyt coz emirates airlines got delayed frm dubai. Cebu Pacific will not take us in anymore saying boarding already closed and told us to rebook for the next flyt which is only a matter of 25min diff, a 7.20pm flyt. Despite my pleas that I am from overseas and if they can give some considerations that I have a baby, Cebu Pacific insisted I can only take the next flight. Just so we can go home to Bacolod that night I said okay but i have to pay the highest fare which is 5k+. So i ended paying additional of around P12, 800 for me, papa and my baby on top of the previous ticket price of 1, 800 each. It was like a no-show but actually they are just boarding when we came. The worst part they are making it look like they are having a hard time booking me on the next flyt of 7.20pm making me come to different counters, otherwise, telling me to take the next flyt the following day which will be more expensive coz u have to get hotels and also the baggage assistance. But they made me board the 7.20 flyt at around why we were not able to be accommodated on the 6.55 flyt when we still have around 30 mins time but took me to the 7.20 flyt with 5 mins allowance only??? Simply because it is like a racket getting additional money from their passengers!!!

    The staff suck, highly ineffecient and unprofessionals. To top it all, the ticket I paid which is around AED5k+ (highest fare but economy seat still!) should be to an airbus but the plane we took is a propeller one...very small! Not worth the hard-earned money I paid!!! So advice to those balikbayans...dont take the risk of taking Cebu Pacific even if you are buying the tickets very cheap coz u will never know you might pay bigtime during flight time because they have a very scheming system that might cost you so much more than if you took another airline. It was an experience I will not forget because that is like the welcome you get after working your ### abroad to help your country and that airline just exploited you with your hard earned money without conscience! I was already stressed out the day I arrived back instead of being excited and happy to go home.


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  • Ed
    edmvelasco May 04, 2011

    Sometime on April 28 thursday at more or less 4 O"çlock in the morning i arrived at NAIA terminal 3 for check in for my flight Nr. 5J 851 bound for Zamboanga City, thereon I went directly to Ms Katherine Brovo to check in my baggages but it was excessed. The latter told me to pay my excessed baggage to the cashier but due to financial problem I told her just to reduce my baggage so as to reach my authorized cargo so that I will enter, after all the latter told me to transfer to other counter. When I went back to her (Katherine Bravo) she did not entertain me any more until I lost my concentration and focus to my check in.While thereat I approached a certain Martin Jay also employee of CEBU PACIFIC begging him to help me so that I can avail and to catch up the flight but he did not entertain me until I''ve heard my name on the microphone calling for check in but he (Martin Jay) ignored my request until all the passenger went in already. After all the passenger was already checked in I lost my change to go to Zamboanga City. I approached Mary Joy De Guzman Asst Station manager of Cebu Pacific repair my problem of my ticket that I was not able to accommodate on my scheduled due to a poor services that I had suffered from the duty employee of the Cebu Pacific thereon I heard from Ms Mary Joy De Guzman that my Ticket intended for that flight is flown already and I have to buy another ticket. That I am now relying to your ATTENTION my Hungry, Tired, thirsty bad and sad experience received from the lazy employee of Cebu Facific. Sir/ Madam I am now begging to you to please be given a proper attention and immediate action on this matter so that it will not happen any more. Hoping and praying that this will be given proper justice of what I had experience to the CEBU PACIFIC AIR LINES. GOD BLESS AS ALL.

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  • Al
    albir Apr 30, 2011

    6 days afterwards - I got email from bancnet and feedback from metrobank, but no reply from cebu pacific apart from email/sms apologizing for the glitch / absense of confirmation, but it appears to be generic sent to all customers and before metrobank and bancnet online contacted them.

    so it goes a bit more complicated than the last time, if no definite reply i'll try to contact bancnet online and metrobank again.

    the last time cebu pacific replied the next day, hopefully at least they replied to metrobank / bancnet online.


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  • Al
    albir Apr 24, 2011

    The problem with cebu pacific banknet charged system resurfaced again.

    This time I tried 3 times, the charge appears on the bank account immediately, the Cebu Pacific website returns the following error:

    Description: An application error occured on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotedly (for security reason). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

    It is amazing the same customer gets into the same trouble twice on different occasions, how buggy the web software should be.

    I'll give feedback how it gone this time, I hate to go through the same routine again.


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  • Al
    albir Mar 08, 2011

    O, after two weeks the double charge money has been credited back to my metrobank account.

    Again, from my experience - there are three parties you can contact - cebu pacific (email also works), your bank (at least with case of metrobank they don't send you to your branch but handle the case, with other banks it may not work) and if you used banknet online mode of payment - you can also contact banknet, they have contact details on their website.


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  • Al
    albir Feb 23, 2011

    In addition to my previous post it appears the problem is being resolved, I got replies from cebu pacific, metrobank and banknet online, the latest with details which proves they located the duplicate transaction. Maybe it is a good idea to contact all parties involved in the transaction to have the matter resolved faster.

    Cheaper tickets come at a price of higher risk, but careful route planning long time ahead saves a lot of money on travels, basically you can travel several times cheaper than a regular bus.

    But if you cannot plan your trips or don't want to allow more flexibility there are always expensive options, and when I need to travel at a short notice there is no choice and I buy expensive tickets, with real sales the price is so low you can buy the tickets and don't lose much even if you skip the trip.

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  • Al
    albir Feb 21, 2011

    I made several transactions yesterday through cebu pacific website (actually 5 valid transactions planning trips for year ahead), one was charged twice even as there was a single itenary receipt, at one point when charging through banknet the website didn't reply (timeout) and I had to press the refresh button to save the session.

    I'm now in the process of handling the problem will also try through metrobank, cebu pacific used email no reply, customer service spent 150 pesos on cellphone call, agents timed me out of load.

    Since their website hangs frequently probably because of heavy load I guess it is a common problem.

    Below is the bank statement, the topmost 2 lines are the double transaction.

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  • Yy
    yyu Aug 11, 2010
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    Verified customer

    My experience with cebu pacific online was I tried to book roundtrip ticket from dgte to manila. For three straight days all without success. On the first day, the rate was just 2, 198 pesos, and it kept on increasing everytime the transaction didnt went thru, until it reached a high of 4, 895 pesos before I quitted. The failure message kept on saying, the card cannot be verified, and the transaction was cancelled. I always thought that it was an online error that was causing it, so finally I called up the bank of the credit card and they replied that there were several successful transactions but was reversed and cancelled by cebu pacific. All my transactions for the past three days were all accepted by the bank and yet were reversed. Come to think of it, this is a scam, they have promo fares and yet you cannot buy them until the price goes up. To my surprize, the bank also said that there have been numerous complaints to them too, all with similar complaints.

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  • Tr
    truly asia May 30, 2009

    i can share the dismay i read above of cebu pacifics very very very very poor customer service. i have a refund and for almost a year i still didn't get it. the website is no help ... there was one section for feedback but still nothing ... hotlines are no use ... yes they have cheaper fare but the customer service is a sacrifice. there will be no next time for me to avail cebu pacific ...

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  • Co
    complainant cebupacific May 25, 2009

    cebu pacific doesnt care for lost baggages. imagine, regardless of the price of the said baggage, they would jaz repay u on 40php per kilo! customers dont even know of that agreement! they dont have security guards jaz to check claim stub before a customer will go out from the building with their baggage

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  • An
    anne May 25, 2009

    That's it! I've had enough of this trash company!

    Last year, May 2008, were off to Iloilo for the National Conference for Youth Ministries. Our flight is delayed for four times which is about 5 hours!!! Is their apologies enough for this kind of delay? You tell me!!! Not even a drink nor food to calm you! Now, when we are off to Manila for last flight, we are already in the check in counter then suddenly this lady announced that the plan cannot accommodate us anymore bcoz the plane is in its max capacity already --> how can that happen??? how come that we are reserved and paid and the plane cannot accommodate us for a flight that we booked??? And this the highlight, the lady tells us that we should go home first and our flight will be the first flight on the next day! The hell??? Where are we supposed to go? We don't live their in Iloilo! Can you imagine that??? Kinailangan pa namen iinisist na iprovide nla kame ng hotel and transpo for inconvience! Wala sialng kabalak-balak gawin un in the first place! Sila pa napilitan dun!

    Last April 24, 2009, Im off to Laoag and again my flight was delayed for 1 hour --> again just apologies! And when Im off to Manila on April 26, again the flight is delayed by 30 mins! Never on time! Laging abala and all they can say is sorry! Stupid sorry!!!

    Last May 9, 2009, Me and my PDYM friends are off to Bohol. Our electronic ticket shows that our flight is 615am and that we are supposed to be in the airport 45mins before the flight. We arrive in the airport 540am and the counter said na nasaraduhan na kami. Naiwan kami ng flight namen dahil umalis dw ung plane ng 530am!!! The hell??? Why would they write 615am sa electronic ticket and now tells us that our flight took off by 530am??? We may be late in time of arrival at the airport but hello??? nonetheless, why did the plane took off earlier as sked?? ### them! We need to pay huge amount to booked for the next flight para matuloy lng sa Bohol! See the difference?? Pag customer ang late, super dehado! Mi hindi nila mpagbigyan khet discount man lng dhil naiwan ka ng plane na umalis ahead sa sked na alam mo pero pag sila ang delayed all they can say is the stupid SORRY!!!

    Now, this is the latest. Im off to Palawan last May 21 and my ticket says that my flight is 430pm. Im fixing my things and its just time for me to take a sleep at around 1am when I receive a text from cebu Pacific telling me that my flight will be delayed and will now be 530pm! The hell? No way! And so I called their customer service and this lady named "Adel" told me that is a scheduled plane maintenance that's why that the flight is move! Lalo ako nairita! Eh scheduled plane maintenance nman pla eh, eh bket nag schedule ang Cebu Pacific ng flight na tatama sa sinsabing "Scheduled Plane Maintenance"????? And I was telling the employee, "so ganun na lng un? Kapag kayo ang may cause ng delay all you can do is say sorry?? Pero ung mga customer niyo, pag na late ba pwede ba nman sabihin sa check in counter na, sorry Im late, can you just book me to the next flight? without you giving charges???" To make the story short, hindi aq pumayag na malipat sa 530pm na flight. I insist that they should get me flight closer to the time I booked. And so she gave me an option for 315pm flight but then again I cannot confirm right there and there. Syempre hindi ko alam sked for the next day, eh mamya ma late ako sa 315pm eh di pagbabayarin na nman ak0 ng lecheng cebu Pacific na yan! I was suggesting them na bgyan aq ng 2 confirmation: one for 315pm and another for 530pm and i'll have the freed0m to choose between the 2 flights dahiln tutal inabala nila ako sa disoras ng gabi. Iutb took us 1.5 hours to settle! And so the next day 315pm ang nakuha kong flight na syempre as expected delayed. I left Manila by 430pm!!! ka loka!! At hindi pa to natapos dito, when I took off Palawan on May 24, my flight is supposed to be 1015am but THEN AGAIN, THE EVER LATE CEBU PACIFIC AS EXPECTED NA, MY FLIGHT BECOMES 1230PM!!!


    Ask yourself, kaya ko bang magsayang ng oras to wait for delayed flight? kaya ko bang tanggapin ang pangit nilang customer service? Kaya ko bang mapagastos ng di oras dahil sa gutom sa kakaantay ng flight ko????

    And the funny part on this, every time you took off from their plane, sanay na sanay na ata ung cabin crew i-announce to na parang spiel na talaga nila for their flights "We would like to apologize for the delay on this flight and we hope to make up with you in your future flights" --> Hay! Ka loka! kelan pa sila makakabawi??? They are ###ing joking me and they even have the gut to have this as their tag line -- "It's time everyone flies" --> Whatever! time?! Did you say time???!!!

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  • Ni
    Niren Thomas Mar 31, 2009

    All those getting screwed by Cebu Pacific Air please contact me immediately by email on [email protected] I just got my refund immediately after sending them a legal notice. That legal notice just cost me $5. So if you want to get your refunds please contact me and I will tell you how to do it. I will not charge you anything at all. Im doing this as a consumer rights activist. So go ahead and contact me immediately!

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  • Ro
    Robert Bradley Mar 31, 2009

    I agree with the stories about this poor excuse for a company. I filed for my refund ONE YEAR AGO and they told me that it would take 6 months, understandable since I bought the ticket in Hong Kong. I followed up in December which was 11 months later and they informed me that "They could not find my file on record", so the lady asked me to leave my receipt, contact number, etc. I followed up again in March. I blew up on the staff, again with the same excuse "They could not find my file on record". I spoke to the manager, I yelled at an employee just to get my point across, I came back that same day to MAKE SURE THEY SENT SOMETHING to their office. I was given printouts and confirmation. I called back today, the lady again gave me the excuse "They could not find my file on record" and I was given the email address, [email protected] I wrote them a polite email stating my situation. 2 min ago? My email inbox just informed me that a permanent failure on delivery occurred. The email address doesn't exist.

    Over 14 months and my refund hasn't been processed, I don't even think they've done anything regarding the booking and money owed. I will never deal with this airline again, I refuse to sacrifice my hard earned money for service that is comparable to the trash being brought out to the garbage bin. I would give them a harsher review to let everyone know what I think of Cebu Pacific Air.

    During my last visit there, I kept stating at the top of my lungs so everyone could hear, "It's so easy for me to give you MY MONEY and for your company to take it. But when I want MY MONEY back, you're company finds every way possible to keep it. It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to me."

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  • Go
    gorge doha qatar Mar 08, 2009

    Got the confirmation Number ------ on February 6, 2009 confirmed flight for 4 roundtrip tickets to Hong Kong and paid with visa card amounting to almost 39k+, and when I checked their online booking this March 4, same flight, same date only arrives to the amount of P22, 117K for 4pax….the flight sked is on April 6, still a month away.

    My wife from Canada just called their hotline (20 mins+) just to be informed by Ms. Gretchen Francisco that when we made the payment, it’s a regular fare and suddenly the P22K+ for 4 pax is based on their sudden promo. Somewhat we felt cheated. We’ll be traveling "Go Lite", and my fellow passengers who paid less will get more privileges, considering I paid almost twice of the amount.

    Hotline informed me beforehand there will be no promo for the month of April and I was encouraged to book early to pay less, mukhang naloko ako a. I was just being grabbed of’s really annoying. When we asked for refund, only 3k each lang daw is allowed for 10k airfare ticket, wtf…kaya P12k out of P40k we already paid will be refunded. Considering it’s still a month away from the sked departure.

    Yeah, still cheaper but as a frequent traveler, this is the only time I felt bad. If I have to pay more and feel good, then it will be much better. If I could take refund instantly and pay more to PAL and or other airlines, I’m willing to. But reading “complaints blog” against cebupac, it’s a bit suicide to demand for refund. So I think I have no option but to travel with cebupac this April 6, no more misadventures for this will surely be the first and the last.

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