Cashbuildunethical behaviour

D Jul 15, 2019

Highly disgusted in Cashbuild Princess Crossing Cnr Brown street and Ontdekkers Road. Pathetic customer service and this was not the first time. Every time I deal with Cashbuild Princess Crossing, I have the same issues over and over and now I had enough. On 10 July I placed my R5000 order for cutters to be delivered at my house on 12 July 16h30. It was confirmed to be in order and full payment was demanded of which I paid. Just to take the order took an hour???? Staff scrubbing around clearly not knowing what they are doing. On Friday 12 July 16h20 a guy named Charles phoned and told me they are not coming as agreed and committed to when my order was taken. Charles told me they open 07h00 in the morning and I will have my order before 07h30 as I have told him my guys will be there at 07h00 to start fitting the cutters and I pay extra charges should they not finish. I pay them per hour. Again no delivery 07h30. I phoned and the said they are only loading now. I got my order at 08h00 which cost me extra labour charges to the guys who was supposed to start at 07h00 because my order should've been there previous day 16h30 but couldn't do anything thanks to your incompetence. Your drivers were so extremely rude, they didn't even greet me back. Disgusting. 13 July I had to go back 3 times as they gave the wrong stuff. It ended up that my guys fitting the cutters could not finish because of your incompetent customer service for not delivering on time as promised but you gladly took my FULL payment of R5000 and also due to the fact that your people keep on giving the wrong stuff because they themselves don't have a clue what to do and you cost me additional labour of R2000 due to your incompetent service. Sunday 14 July I again had to go back. Arrived 07h00 and all staff were standing outside and everything still closed. I asked what is going on and they said they don't know. At 07h30 some staff left and went back home. The store only opened at 08h00 now suddenly and strange that your own staff don't know that. This is the rubbish and incompetent service I put up with every single time I go to Cashbuild Princess Crossing and I am now done. The rest of my property including my other properties under restoration will surely not use you. I am a client for years and years and spend thousands per order. I will not one second sit with your pathetic service anymore. I am done with you as all I got from you was extra charges and incompetent service. I WILL NEVER GO TO ANY CASHBUILD STORE EVER AGAIN. I WILL RATHER TAKE MY BUSINESS TO BUILDERS WAREHOUSE. AND YOU CAN BE ASSURRED I WILL SPREAD THE WORD EVERYWHERE INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA. How do you commit on delivery time and don't arrive. How do keep on giving wrong products 4 times. How do you open an hour late. How do treat customers with rude arrogant attitude, how do treat customers worst than dogs? BEYOND DISGUSTING

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