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I was scammed too! They claim they've never received my gold and its been 30 days. I wrote down their tracking number like instructed but they say its never made it to them...funny how that works you are at their mercy. I wish I would have read this website before sending, as there are alot of us out here whose packages were "never received" yet they make it sound so easy and simple and a no worry process. Unfortunatley if it hadnt been for this financial crisis I am in (like most people) I wouldnt have ever thought twice about selling my jewelery. Do not trust this company!


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      Oct 27, 2009

    Hi, my names Reina. I sent alot of jewelry to cash 4 gold and they ripped me off. I kept calling them with my track number and they kept telling me they havent got it yet. I sent it to them about the first of the month and one representative told me to call back on the 28th to see if they "recieved it yet". Found out that they did recieve it they recieve everyones its just a big burn they know exactly what to tell you on the fone. They told me to call them back in 90 days haahaha can u belive that. Then a week later they sent another bag...wanting me to put more gold in!!! rip offs!! thats y they are soo rich cause they take ppls gold!

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      Dec 12, 2009

    if it sounds to good to be true the it proably is!!! why are you people falling for such scams?? Iam sure there are jewerly stores or pawn shops in your home town that will take your gold and receive money instance!!! that is your fault and these people should be brought to justice buts it people like you that they feed off and in order to stop them stop sending them your favaortite and expensive items go to your local pawn shop insteadneed cash go tpensive items!! hard lesson to learn sorry!!!

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      Feb 28, 2010

    I agree that is a scam, I cam across a very helpful website called and that told me everything that i needed to know about every online gold company out there. If you are looking to sell your gold and you want to know the truth about the company please visit, I hope this website finds you well. I sure thought it was useful.

    Miami Florida

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      May 10, 2010

    Unfortunately I have been scamed too...i sent them my package and wrote the tracking number down like they told me to for tracking...after a week they still didnt have my least thats what the online system I called customer service and they said call back after a few days...i did and still no package and they told me well we cant control the postal service...and now a month later still NOTHING...I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

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      Jun 18, 2010

    My jewelery was also some how how not received and then they tried to get me to sign a paper for a $100.00 compinsation, but they promised that they would be continuing the investigation on where my package is.DO NOT SIGN THE FORM!I didn't because it says right on it that it's a settlement and it will close the investigation.Well i plan to do some investigating on my own, it will involve some work, but i recommend others do the same and stop letting these company's get away with this ###!

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      Jun 26, 2010

    There are other companies out there that post how much they will pay for your gold and also pay 3x more.

    I tried this company

    They gave me 550.00 for my old jewelry I got the same quote from cash for gold and it was 95.00...

    So good luck and I wouldn't send them my gold again

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      Sep 24, 2010

    If Cash4Gold is such a big scam... why are they allowed to continue to run their commercials on TV?? I would NEVER even THINK of sending valuable jewels through the mail without insuring it first, let alone HOPE that I would get money for it. Wake up people!! This world is full of con artists!!! I hope everyone victimized by this company can get their gold or money, good luck.

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