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I had to sit through a time-share presentation for more than 90 minutes (including, a "high-pressure sales pitch) to get a "free" trip to San Diego.

Later, Casablanca Express called me to tell me that they "ran out" of hotel rooms for San Diego, but I could stay in a nicer hotel in Las Vegas - for $149.00 and I'd get a credit card company's "gift card, " worth $100 that I could "use to get cash." (Plus - you have to go through ANOTHER 90 minute time share presentation, there!)

It turns out you cannot get cash out of the gift card - you have to use it buy things at "designated" places! Seems like a "bait and switch"/rip-off, to me! Also, why should I have to do yet another time-share presentation, when I already did one, and supposedly earned my "free trip"?


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    tommie myers-ruby lucas Oct 27, 2008

    the meeting was'nt what they said it was going to be you had some people come a long way for just a gas card and a trip that take two weeks.i'm a actor very poor job.

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    CasaExec Jan 10, 2010

    Casablanca Express is the nation’s premier promotional travel company. Founded in 1980, over 1 million people have traveled utilizing Casablanca Express promotional travel certificates.
    All Casablanca Express promotional travel certificates clearly explain what is included in the offer (i.e., type of accommodations, flight itineraries, etc.) and clearly explain conditions for travel (arrival days, advance notice, etc.). Upgrades over and above the original offer are available but are completely optional.
    Generally, inquiries arise from those who have not fully read and understood what is included in their certificate and/or have not followed instructions.
    We would like to hear from you and assist anyone who is:
    1) Having difficulties redeeming a Casablanca Express promotional certificate per its terms and conditions,
    2) Has experienced rude, unpleasant, or unprofessional behavior from a Casablanca Express employee.
    Please contact Sandy Lopez @ 877-509-2510 ext 2907 and she will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Lopez
    Director of Public Relations
    Casablanca Express
    [email protected]

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    Rushsite May 12, 2010

    Nice note Sandy Lopez! At least from a PR standpoint... your facts may be a little slanted.

    The fact is you cannot get an explanation of my certificate terms and conditions from Casablanca agents... before that is I send in your "tax" payment in our case $200.

    The question is simple ... we have a round trip to Hawaii...with a three day hotel. Like 99% of people we want to extend the trip. Who wants to fly all the way to Hawaii for three days? Thanks...but I do not want "help" in an extension or change of the hotel ... In fact I may not want the "free hotel at all...

    I have one question : Can I move out the round trip return date at no cost to me to 10, 12, 14 or what ever days? My depart and return schedule is wide open. That is not such a tough question ... but your agents won't give an answer ... is that part of the premier customer service you describe?? I suppose the fact that I have yet to see a positive review on Casablanca on line is a testimony to ... what ... customers not knowing how to read? Thanks for the time.
    If you send a answer: [email protected]

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