A Aug 01, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

I baught two women swim suits yesterday, one is one piece and the other is two pieces, at the cashier, i asked the lady if they're refundable amd exchangeable she insisted "ofcourse "!

To double check i visited the customer service office before paying my bill and repeatedly asked him if i can exchange or get a refund and he confirmed that i have one whole week to do so.

I visited Carrefour this morning and was surprised when the costumer service employee informed me that im not allowed to either exchange or get a refund, i was very upset and asked for the manager support and was even more disappointed from her unprofessional response and behavior, refusing to provide any support by claiming that it's a policy that I take responsibility for as it's "Logic" and common sence that such items are not allowed to be exchanged or refunded! And that the employee will have his punishment for giving me a false note.

I could not have been more disappointed 😔

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