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J Nov 20, 2018
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We sailed the Carnival Triumph 11/15/2018. I sailed this in 04/2017 also. What a difference in a year. I love Carnival but not sure I will cruise it again. We went into Cozumel for the day. There was 20 of us. My daughter, boyfriend, step son and his girlfriend was with us. We got back to the ship and went to several shows. We went to the country show at 10:30 in the Hollywood Club. There was a DJ. My daughter and OTHER people were requesting COUNTRY songs to dance and the DJ was VERY RUDE and refused to play anything requested. I have NEVER cruised where the entertainment was so RUDE and UGLY. My daughter approached security to complain and he looked at her and said go to service desk. Also RUDE. Her boyfriend went across to see what was going on and the security guard told my daughter to escort herself out if she did not like the DJ! They came back across and the guard comes and gets her, they go to door and then she comes back. The r of them go dance and next thing we know they are put off the dance floor. The security guard comes gets by daughters boyfriend and brings him out to talk to him and I decide to go and see what is going on. He is so very rude to me. He say my daughter cursed him and this man would let me say nothing. Stated my daughter could not bring drink on dance floor and could not take shoes off to dance. Here is the issue, my daughter was not drinking on the floor or for that matter in the club. While I understand there are rules for safety there is a way to handle a situation and apparently he did not know how. My R kids were in Hollywood the night befor and we were for a while also and there were multiple people with drinks on dance floor and shoes off. When brought to his attention he said there was nothing he could do about it. The way he came at me if that is how he acted to my daughter I would have used him also. The way he continued to act toward my daughter we decided to leave because at this point he was targeting her. No matter what she did he was watching. Your DJ and security that night was wrong. In the casino soiting after that there were multiple people commenting on this dj and how rude he was. Never have I approached any staff on Carnival and was treated like I was Saturday night. The on disembarkment day you stop ALL elevators. My fiancé had total knee surgery in August and had to do stairs because only middle elevators were on. This was so inconvenient and cause him a lot of pain and swelling in his knee. We finally get to the casino via the stairs and you have NOONE in the bar serving cokes or water, we have to go all the way up tp 9th floor for that with only middle elevators working. He ant limb that so I go via the stairs to the lid do deck and 1 bar open so ask for a Diet Coke and coke and was told we are not opened. I'm like really, to fix 2 cokes???? I paid very good money to cruise and you guys on the last day really disappointed. So I head back down STAIRS with No drinks at all. There were a lot of people waiting in the casiono and wanting water or sodas and no one there. This is a holding area for the ship and this is something you should ensure is available for YOuR customers. Not too sure I will sail carnival again. ...Jan Rouyea

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