Caridbosch rotors

R Oct 07, 2019

I went to the CARID website to order some rear brake rotors and rear brake pads for a 2014 Forester. Basically it was self service order that gave you different ordering options just like any other parts ordering system online. It ask for the year the model and the submodel. I entered everything as specific as possible including the engine size since there are different models. From my experience ordering these parts it usually will give you the correct fitment based on the information you entered.
I installed the parts and noticed it was slightly larger than the stock but I told my self this will probably fit because I entered everything correctly.
I called the call center and requested a return and they said because I already installed it on the vehicle I would not be able to return it. I explained that the rotor is too big and would probably scrape. Basically they told me I am out of luck because I already installed it.
I removed the rotors because they do not fit right and they were asking for picture to prove that it doesn't fit. I asked to speak to the manager who was very rude. I believe her name was Nina? So basically she tells me that because I selected the bigger rotor I am out of luck. I don't believe this person should be working in customer service because she doesn't know how to speak to customers. Very dismissive and no customer service skills whatsoever.

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