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Complaints & Reviews

Sold me a rubbish car

I went to Carcraft Leeds, thinking I could trust them from seeing adverts etc... not. I bought a 2005 Megane from them in April 2008 and have had problems with the car ever since. They conned me into taking an improved warranty with NAC (which I have to pay for every month). When phoning in to complain about the dudd they sold me and to get them to pay for repairs to the vehicle (sterring column) they said that their 2 year gaurantee/warranty they give - I forfeited by taking an extended/improved warranty with NAC. They also went on to say that if NAC won't pay for the repairs they would'nt either. I do not know much about cars but I am sure that a car as young as 3 years old should not have a complete failure on a steering column. If they did the 120 point check this should have been detected and repaired. I believe they knowingly sold me a dudd. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM CARCRAFT ANYWHERE IN THE UK.

  • To
    tony gibson May 29, 2008

    carcraft sold my partner son a car with no log book tax or mot the car was clamped i had to pay 200 pound to get it unclamped they took it back gave him a new one now they want it back saying they canot finance him after amonth and i am still waiting for the 200

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  • It
    Itsmeok Feb 03, 2015

    I got a car on finance I April last year and it hasent been out of the garage with fault after fault they don't tell you about the fine print once you get a fault they say you've got to sort it out yourself I pay £268 a month for something I'm not happy about and they say drive happy for 1yr what a joke that is

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myself and my wife purchased a vehicle from Carcraft (west midlands) around four months ago, as part of the deal carcraft agreed to settle an outstanding finance agreement we had with our previous vehicle. To cut a long story short (and it is very long) I have now recieved a Default Notice from the previous finance company telling me they are going to take legal action if the amount is not settled in the next few weeks. This is the latest development in what has become a knightmare. There have been several new settlemet figures which have been sent to myself which whenever I have phoned carcraft have told me cheques have been sent out to fincance company, non of which have been recieved. The customer service we have recieved from Carcraft has been pathetic to say the least. Just an example of this is over the weekend my wife contacted Carcraft customer service regards the default notice and was basically told that the whole accounts department were in a meeting and that no managers were in the office. We seem to have been palmed off at every available opportunity. I would like to know who i can contact officially (regulators for carcraft) and how I can go about clearing the bad credit rating and default that is down to carcraft and not myself. Any ideas anyone. Also if anyone is thinking of buying a vehicle through carcraft ensure that any previous finance is settled before you leave the showroom.

  • St
    stuart hitchcock Nov 27, 2007

    bought a car craft from car craft / enfield to back in feburary . got there around ten in the morning to finish the paper work which should of taken aprox an hour , 2 hours max .. well 6 hours later the paper work which took 6 hours to long i was finally able to take the car id bought .. went to leave car craft and the car was empty of fuel so had to walk to a garage up the road to actually use the vehicle ... as they couldnt do it ... apparantaly ...

    then when i did actually did get going i was flashed over as one headlight wasnt working , both the number plate lights didnt work and a drivers side indicator didnt work either ... they claim to do a 101 point check on the vehicle which cleary they hadnt ... after 3 months the car broke down and wouldnt do more than 2500 rpm in so i could only do aprox 36mph ...

    ive sent letters to both the finance company and car craft to which they give me excuses that the warranty dosn't cover it ... its had a new ecu fitted by a vauxhall main dealer which made no difference at all , but as i live in kings lynn and the car was in ely i had to get home some how ...

    when i finally got it home i put it in a private auto elictricians garage to which he found 3 or 4 faults with the car , egr valve , air con pipe broken , damaged plugs and a faulty lamber sensor .. also the cat convertor is faulty too ....
    its now nov and ive been fobbed off by car craft and welcome finance since june saying its basicly not there problem .... i lost 3 months tax because of this and so far 5 months m.o.t , loads of phone call's later , the loss of my job because of know vehicle cuz they refuse to fix it ... ive contacted trading stanards , citizens advice adn still they wont do any thing about it ...............

    please advise me as im just about at thye end of my whits

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  • Jo
    john Dolan May 24, 2009

    when sold a freelander was told it came with a 12 month mot we only got 6 monthes and they kept promisng they would put 12 monthes on it we are still waiting and we bought the car january it is now nearly the end of may ?

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  • Ca
    Car Craft Jan 25, 2010

    Please Join this group and send it to everyone you know we will close car craft down together http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=car+craft&init=quick#/pages/Wednesbury-United-Kingdom/Car-Craft-Complaints/275046917250?ref=mf

    They have stole my money and robbed us all.

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  • Pa
    Paul William Lee Jun 23, 2013

    My sister who suffers from dyslexia needed a care desperately and phoned me up accompany here to Carcraft in knowsley (location is irrelevant as they all work the same) on arrival we were greeted by a pleasant young lady who gave us the company spiel and invited us to look at the cars, I stated it was important we were looking for a car for a maximum of £10, 000 including credit interest.
    She accompanied us around the cars and a Citroen C1 caught the eye of my sister, but was £2, 000 over the total £10, 000 budget, the sales assistant informed us this was not a problem, she then went to see here manager and said they could do a deal to bring the price down, my sister then took the car for a test drive.
    When she got back she was delighted with the car and informed the sales person she wanted the car but just needed to sort out the correct finance, we where then taken over to the computer and all the credit checks were carried out, in the meantime I done some inquiries using my mobile phone phone as to current prices of Citroen C1's, and stated it was at least £2, 000 over priced, don’t worry we can sort it out was the reply
    we where then given three different deposits and pay back rates I once again pointed out that the overall cost was two grand too high during the negotiations she was back and forth to here line manager and eventually we came to the agreement that they wavered the £1600 deposit and also brought the weekly payments to £55 a week spread over 60 months.
    My sister agreed to this and I approved assuming we had been given the car for £6, 000 plus a high interest charge of £4, 000, we were expecting this as she had no credit rating due to a rather bitter divorce, in fact the sales assistant stated after a comment made by my sister that Yes he's saved you £2, 000 she then looked at me and said I will have to take you shopping with me next time I go, to save me a few bob
    We where then asked to sit in the customers lounge area, whilst all copies of wage slips licence credit cards were taken, after about 30 mins the assistant then came back and took us back to the computer desks where we sat for a further 10 minutes, he then came over and asked my sister to accompany him into the office for the final signature and asked one of the sales assistants to sort me out with a cup of coffee whilst I waited, I asked to my sister not to sign up to anything else.
    In the office he then tried to get here to sign up to a £380 parts and labour car scheme but when my sister suggested she get me into the office to discuss the scheme he backed down saying it wasn't a problem and between him and her wasn't that good anyhow my sister was gone for what was ages and when I inquired was told that due to a clerical error a copy of all the documents and my sisters details had had to be taken once again, this is bearing in mind we had now been there three and a halve hours with an hour and a halve travel .
    My sister eventually appeared and informed me she was relieved the whole ordeal was over with and just wanted to get home, I then noticed she was only given one key, when I asked was told they could not find it and it would be posted later? However on looking at the agreement this morning it has become evident that following has happened.
    The deposit of £1, 600 had not been wavered nor had the monthly repayment costs been reduced to £55 a week? They had simply taken out an additional loan from a company on behalf of my sister of £1, 506.17 plus taken £300 from her bank account = £1, 806.17
    Surely this is not an approved method of working is it? How can a company use tiring tactics, lie and also make false promises, the total cost of this has come to £14.815.77 for a car which is only worth £4, 000 to £6, 000 (you can buy a base model brand new for £6, 000 from a person who has gone to them because she through no fault of her own been left with a bad credit rating, how can they get away with blatant daylight robbery.

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  • Al
    Alicia Armfield Jul 31, 2014

    I purchased a car on the 6th march 2017. Was talked into purchasing a 5 year warranty for £2017. When I got home and had time to read through all the documents properly I discovered the warranty wasn't worth the paper it was printed on so read through the terms and cons for cancelling this. All it said I had to do was put it in writing and post to customer services within 30 days. I posted the letter the next day. I left a couple of weeks had not heard anything from car craft or finance company so gave car craft a call they said they haven't recieved letter. I posted another letter, called again a week later and they said yes it has been recieved but not yet processed. The next payment left my account but I had expected it to thinking they may not have time to change the amounts through direct debit as yet. Another few weeks went past I was on holiday. I called when I got back as yet again another payment went out no acknowledgment letter recieved they told me that I should have had a call from the Enfield branch, which I never. The person that is dealing with it was not in. I left it another couple of days called again they said he was on leave I pressed that someone else should deal with it. It was only after another several calls to them with a prose of call backs which they never did we arranged for me to go to the Enfield branch as they cannot cancel it without me signing a new agreement. I went down there 3 weeks later with our agreed date. Got there spoke to another manager who said he cannot cancel it as customer services is closed on Saturdays and he would have to check with them I cancelled it in time via post. He promised it would be done Monday and I would not have to go to the branch again. Never spoke to this bloke again for the next few weeks I waited and tried to contact him on the mobile number e gave me which was always on voicemail sent all roumd the county as I was told he worked at different branches. Never found him. I called customer services to complain and why was it so difficult to get this cancelled. I was referred back to the Enfield branch again. After again weeks if me calling they said I did have to go down again which again I done signed the new agreement minus the warranty and was told it will be processed on Monday and I should get a refund from the finance Cosby for the money I have already paid. Again nothing. I called the finance company who said they have not recieved a new agreement and referred me back to Enfield. Spoke to another manager who again apologised and said it had to be posted off he doesn't know why it hasn't and it will defiantly be sent today so the finance company should have by next week. Again nothing then today I recieve a call from car craft who advise me I need to come down the branch yet again to sign another agreement as the one I signed the consultant made an error. I went mad and said so the document is void and they said yes. They would not apologise I spoke to the manager who was rude and said if I don't sign another agreement the warranty won't be cancelled so they have me by the bollox. Right now I have to live signed agreements for one can't and they want me to sign a 3rd?

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misold nac cover

not given full information on parts and labour guarentee sold to me they give 2 years free i purchased 5 years at a cost of approx £1500 i thought with their 2 years my 5 years i have 7 years peace of mind an enquireing i now find this not so their 2 years is different policy to my 5 years so when it comes down to it i have really only got 3 years extra for the £1550 i have paid if you take into account their 2 years free so i think this insurance was mis sold to me as none of this was explained a point of sale and no paperwork shown to me about the 2 year free parts and labour i was only given leaflet about the 5 year policy .

  • 1j
    1jazzyJ1 May 10, 2011

    I was sold the same policy in the pretext that it was added finance to buying the car, it wasnt until a month later after i had recieved additional paperwork that i realised it was for extended warranty and it was a personal loan so no way of cancelling the extra payments .. to the tune of 45 pounds a month and when i tried to contact the company i was fobbed off at every turn and still have no idea what i am paying this amount for

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Miss sold PPI & waranty

We bought a SAAB 95 from Car Craft nearly a year ago. We thought we were paying the on screen price that was explained to us by the salesman (or fraudster) we however are paying an extra £16k this is shocking. The paperwork for the finance didnt arrive until over a month after we purchesed the car so we did not have the option to cancel this or take the car back. We are now locked into paying £27k for a £10k car with no way out. We have tried and tried to cancel the worthless waranty and the very expensice PPI but we NEVER get a response.
There must be thousands of people who have been misled by Car Craft and they must be stopped. Everyone with the slightest complaint should write to the ombudsman and the Office of Fair Trade and the more people who complain the more likely they are to be stopped and the more likely the conned people can get there overspent money back. I have read hundreds of complaints about these conmen on the internet so I know that if EVERYBODY complains to the correct people we can stop them conning anybody else.

  • Sh
    sheila amiara Jul 14, 2008

    Horrified is the one word I can use to explain how I feel since purchasing a car from Car Craft. Ripped off is another two words and made a mug of is four words. The car is extortionately over priced (found that out at a BMW dealership) the extra insurance on the warranty cannot be used at a recognised dealers, so repairs are done by Joe Bloggs down the street. Not a good idea with a BMW. I am wrangling to get out of the deal (wriggling is a better description) otherwise I am in severe negative equity if I trade in. On the plus side staff at Car Craft are trying to be helpful (is this a smokescreen) as I lock in battle with the Finance Company who also give out duff information. If I did that to a consumer in my line of work I'd be struck off !!! Car Craft need to learn lessons in how to fully inform their customers when going through finance applications. I did not know that if a document is signed on premises you only have 5 days (and in some cases no days at all) to reconsider. In our fast world this is not enough time to make a sandwich let alone do a bit of research. They need to have a full list of accredited dealerships to take a car to in event of repair on an NAC contract ready to give to the customer. Then it is the customers choice to take that added expense or not, instead of stating this is a bargain and can save you money. When in actual fact it will probably not save you anything if the garage makes a dogs dinner of your car. Over pricing is in itself an illegal act and in the case of BMW MINI they are trying to put a stop to this. A car must have a fair price for its age, mileage and condition this goes out the window at Car Craft and they grab a figure out of the sky and slam it on the vehicle. This is called unfair trading and is illegal. Considering you have to Tax and Service the vehicle (something else they didn't tell us) how can they possibly know what a car is worth, good lord it could be two halves of two cars soldered together for all we know !!! and then it might fall apart on the drive home injuring all and sundry then Car Craft get out of that one. Must stop ranting before have first and possibly last heart attack over this awful mess.

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  • Ki
    kingof kings Dec 22, 2009

    I was also mislead into buying a megane cc, 2007 £12000 ticket price £3k deposit so a loan of about 9k...was told it'd be 15% interest, signed the paperwork then went through it at home and saw the "total figure" £17000!!! rang them up to query it and was given a bunch of [email protected] this was in lakeside essex,

    I will never use carcraft again and would not advise any to use them, infact when i took my car in there for a service i was actually telling people to steer clear.

    commision based work should be illegal, it makes salesmen do anything for the sale.

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Stupid Rip Off Merchants!

My trusty old Rover 45 had failed it's MOT - so, needing a car pretty sharpish, I took a trip to CarCraft in Wednesdbury to see what they could offer.

Certainly, the ads promised great deals, competitive finance packages, the option to 'drive away in an hour' and so on. The salesman who greeted me was pleasant enough - although the initial sales spiel was a bit OTT (like one of those dreadful double-glazing demonstrations) - presumably designed to check out how likely you are to buy a motor that day (and to assess your IQ and level of knowledge before deciding on the most appropriate rip-off...sorry, sales approach).

It soon became apparent that the cars were at least 10-15% above the value of the web prices quoted online, although with the web price printed out you can apparently claim it on the forecourt. That's great if you know the car you want and are lucky enough to find it there when you call. Presumably ripping off people who don't have internet access is fine and dandy...

Anyway - I'll cut to the chase. After wandering for a couple of hours and finding little to take my fancy (and fending off several approaches from an over-eager and slightly spotty salesman) I took a good look at a Peugeot 307 - 52 plate. Sticker price was £5999 - which I felt was overpriced, but I thought, given the age of the car I'd check the service history to assess the purchase a bit more closely. I opened the glovebox and took out the documents. To my surprise, alongside the owners manual and service history were two other items: the previous owners insurance documentation including name, address and telephone number and, worse, the invoice from the garage that the previous owner had bought the car from (some 18 months earlier). And the price they had paid? £4100.

Leaving aside the obvious data protection implications of leaving a previous owners personal details available to any Tom, Dick or Harry - what really galled me was the arrogance of trying to knock out a motor a full £1899 more than it had sold for 18 months earlier.

CarCraft? CarCRAP more like.

Needless to say - I left sharpish and won't be heading back soon.

  • Av
    AvoidCarcraft Aug 07, 2008

    Hi there, Please see http://www.avoidcarcraft.com for more information and to unite in helping other victims of their fraudulent, cruel and criminal behavior.

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blown inlett manifold

Yet another complaint for that bunch of cowboy know as car craft, I bought a 3year old fiat stilo from car craft on the 21 /6 /07 .Car was going well till may this year when iwent to start the car the inlett manifold blew so as i had the car for under a year and done only 5, 600 miles i got in touch with carcraft about getting it repaired, they told me the warrenty was with NAC, so i got in touch with them
They they told me to take the car to a vat reg gargage and fax the car service history to them, so i did
NAC then rang me and if i had any more invoices for the car, i said no thats all i got nac then told me that they ca, nt pay for the repaires as i had the car longer then six month with out a service, so i said i have done under 6000 miles and you have to have your car serviced in 6 months . What do these people class as a service oil change oil filter replaced top up other liquids all of witch a can do myself . So i got back to car craft customer services telling them the reply from nac and that i wanted to cancell my nac account as im not paying for a service when im not getting a service inreturn, there answer was you can only cancell within 30 days so i can you pay for the repairs within 3 months .So i put it in to a local garage and pay the repairs myself £700 only for them to tell that fiat don, t make inlett manifolds for a 2003 car anymore .So i am left with a car i can, t use but i still paying for, for the next 2 years
Please tell your friends / family not to buy a car from car craft and nac warrenty.

Conned by finance agreement

We bought a SAAB 95 from car craft September 07. We were lead to believe our finance payments would be...

Strongly recommend not to go to CarCraft for anything!

I purchased an audi a3 from carcraft for 18, 000 on sept 27th 2007 and have nothing but problems from start. After 2wks the lights went out, after 2mths the wheel bearings broke and the wheels needed balancing 1mnth after there was a thumping sound on the car as i built up speed. So i had my wheels balanced again didn't work, my steering wheel doesn't line up and then on may 23 2008 the cam belt broke on my car and audi say i need a new engine which will cost 4900 pound after i have only had the car 8mths and done 10,000 miles it is less than 4yrs old. I contacted carcraft to tell them i spoke to sandra gibbons head of complaints at rochdale she said that they would have checked the cambelt in their checks before they sold me the car but said you cant really see if a cambelt needs changing, but if the bloody ripoff merchants had checked it they would have foreseen it needed changing so basically. They sold me a car not fit for purpose.

I strongly recommend not to go to carcraft for anything!

  • Ma
    martin Jun 12, 2008

    Yet another complaint for car craft .I bought a three year old fiat from them in june 07 .All was going well till may this this year when the inlett manifold blew up on starting the car, I got in touch with car craft s customer services about getting the carrepaired, they told me to phone n.a.c who will deal with the repair .So i got in touch with n.a.c they asked me to take the car to a Vat reg garage and fax all the service history to them, so i did
    They phoned me and asked if i had any more service invices, no i said, then we can, t repair the car because you did, nt have the the car serviced with in 6 months.

    But i, ve only done 5, 600 miles well within there 6000 miles limit They 6000 miles or 6months whatever comes first .What do n.a.c class as a service oil change, replace oil filter, top up other liquids all of that i can do for myself none of witch will tell that my inlett manifold is about to blow up.

    Next i got back to car craft telling the out come and that i no longer want to pay for a service to n.a, c if i dont get a service in return . Car craft said i can not cancell because i, ve had the car longer then 30 days and it was to late, then i asked how about carcraft paying since they soid me a faulty car.

    Sorry can, t do that you, ve had the car longer then 3 months .The car is now in a local garage and i pay for the repair myself (£600) only for them to tell me that fiat no longer make inlett manifolds for a 2003 fiat stilo anymore, now iam left with a car thats not going any where, but i am still paying for.

    Please tell your friends & family never buy a car from car craft and their n, a, c warrenty.

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  • Av
    AvoidCarcraft Aug 07, 2008

    Hi there, Please see http://www.avoidcarcraft.com for more information and to unite in helping other victims of their fraudulent, cruel and criminal behavior.

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Rip off!

I got a car from carcraft recently after being told on the phone i had been accepted for finance and wa...

Carcraft don't care

After reading about various complaints about CarCraft, I thought I add my own complaint.
On Saturday 19/04/08, through advanced finance a vehicle had been chosen for me when I arrived at their center. I was then asked to phone their provider for car insurance, I was given a 7 day free insurance so I could drive my new car away, as they were faxed a copy of my cover note, I was told by the sales that when I get home I would beable to tax my vehicle...Wrong when I got home I went to my post office and after queing for 30 min I was told they did not accept photocopies of Insurance and it had to be original copes. As for the V5 supplement well the sales did not tell me that the vehicle had been registered as disabled, so a trip to the DVLA center in Sidcup.

I phoned the Customer Service on Monday, and was transfered to Enfield branch where I got the vehicle told them what had happened, and was told that they should have told me the background of the vehicle.Not very helpful I have written to Rochdale Head Office as of yet no reply.

Make sure you ask background of the vehicle
Take your own Insurance details not Carcraft 7 day free insurance.

As of today 24/04/08 My vehicle still sits outside my house untaxed, as I await for my valid insurance certificate.

  • Om
    omar Jun 18, 2008

    I had exactly the same problem about the Disabled Tax thing... in addition, the car was Northern Ireland and I had to go to DVLA to get registartion in England!

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  • Av
    AvoidCarcraft Aug 07, 2008

    Hi there, Please see http://www.avoidcarcraft.com for more information and to unite in helping other victims of their fraudulent, cruel and criminal behavior.

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Purchase of a trade in car

I was completely disgusted with the manner in which I was dealt with when negotiating a trade in for my car.
Initially, I was provided with inaccurate information relating to the car I was intending to purchase.
It was delivered to Rochdale from the Midland Site of Carcreft.
On arrival I asked for my car to be valued, but I was informed that there wqas no need for this as the valuation would be done, /and has been done, on the internet.After a period of six hours and when all that remaimed to be done was to pay the balance remaining., I was informewd that the car was under valued and that I would be required to pay an additional £1, 000.
When I asked as to what was the reason for this, I was informed that the original value would only apply if my car was in good condition and of l;ow milage with new tyres etc.
My car had a low milage, under 20, 000 for an 04 plate, and had new tyres, new wyper blades and reversing sensors. All addiotions and therefore favourable points.
It was obvious that the car had not been inspected or valued properly.
I should have been informed about this matter at the very start and not after six hours.
It should be pointed out that all the preliminaries had been completed. The Insurance details had been completed, arrangements had been made for the documentation relating to the vehicle to be sent to my home address, all the items in my car had been transferred to the car that I was intending to purchase and, six hours later the transaction was aborted.
I find that this whole business indicates tho me the unethical behaviour of the sales manager who was monitoring this situation. I found it also to be both unprofessional and somewhat underer hand.
I would have like to direct my disgust directly to the senior management of the Carcraft company, but I do not have the e-mail address or any manner by which I could contact the Chairman or a member of the Senior management directly.
To say that I find the whole business odious and contemptable is to put the matter very slightly.
I cannot find words to express my extreme dissatisfaction about it. Six hours of my life had been wasted. I had driven in unclement weather a total distance of 70 miles and, at the end of it, the whole situation had been a waste of time.
Melville G. Coombes

Not keeping promises

When i purchased a car from carcraft in december i specifically asked sales man to put me on a finance where i will pay for the car in september but when i called ge money and they told me im on the higher finance that was the 1st problem 2nd problem they put insurance on my account which i never asked for so they removed this for me after 2 mths i found a fault with the seat belt light called their nec guarantee people up (as i have 1 year guarantee on this vehicle) and 1 of the adviser helped me but when i called back they refused to help so i left it thinking its a minor fault and im not getting any help either then after 4 mothes i had a big problem my turbo went faulty called nec guarantee again and explained the problem and they refused again to help made so many calls to them also popped down to carcraft a couple of time just to confirm if this was covered got conflicting information then spoke to a manager from carcraft and he said (iv got all these managers names-will give if you want) this is covered and nec gaurantee that work for carcraft should cover this for you .... the number of times i called nec gaurantee some advisors were saying its covered some were saying its not covered they were very very rude and arogant they just didnt want to help me in any way spoke to a manager from there and he was even ruder and made nasty coments about me and my family so i wasnt willing to speak to these people again as i wasnt treated well so i went back to carcraft and they kepy saying you are covered you need to speak to nec gaurantee so basically i was messed around for a month or more being messed around ....because i work in leeds and i have to look after my daughter and father i had no car i spent £13500 on a car that didnt work and i was using the public transport to get to work and look after my dad i also missed my cabin crew interviews because of these people ...so i went and 1000 to fix part of my problem on the car (got new turbo, exugst sit contaminated have proof for this ) and drove the car to carcraft really upset i was in tears and i got to speak to a head manager called imy from leeds carcraft showroom where i origanally got the car from told him my problem and explained what i had been through and followed all the right paths but got no where ....imy made an offer to me and that was to swap the car because the car had many problem and i had been through many problems with the company so as a goodwill he offered this to me and i excepted the offer i at that time called trading standards and had made a note with them regarding this offer made to me and they have given me a reference number for this has been logged .... when i excepted the offer in august i also asked for a refund on the repair cost as i have the right on that too as i have a year guarantee on the car and imy said i can only offer an exchange of car but im not autherised to give you your money back so i said ok il take the exchange but i want my money that iv paid to repair the car and which was covered in the guarantee.... so imy said thats fine il offer you the car but i will speak to john leigh (head manager of rochdale callcentre) to get autherisation to refund the amount i spent on the car....so i left it at that and also updated trading standards about this then after a couple of weeks john leigh called me on my mobile number and confirmed they were in the wrong and appologised for the inconvience and thanked for being patient and said i will allocate imy to get you your car swapped and the finance which is wrong and i know who missold the wrong finanace to you and i will deal with that salesman any way he assured me that the car will be swapped and the finance will be held and sorted out and the refund will be looked in to .... i was really happy and left at that ... so i walked away thinking everything will be dealt with its in good hand i put my trust back in to carcraft coz what distress they put me through before was really bacd and i had lost trust in them ... but any way i put all my faith in to these 2 people who were willing to help me ....after all the time i waited for the promised to be fulfiled i received a call from gina simpkin in january 2008 and she called me and said when can i come down to swop the car i said i can come down whenever you want but then i asked her have you sorthed out my repair refund and she said i dont know what your talking about ??? then i asked her its took her 5 mothes just to swop the car and you dont know anything about the refund ?? she appologised and said leave it with me and i will call you back regarding this she called the next day and said can i send the receipts and i said i will ( the number of managers i spoke to since i have had this prob have all advised me to keep the repair receipts ) so anyway and sent off the receipts then i waited for another month and an half for (car still not swopped) had no call from them so i decided to call them that was yesterday 27/02/08 asked to speak to gina simpkin was told 4-5 times she s busy eventually got through and quite bluntly she turned round and said we are not gona swop your car and we will give you the refund for the repair which they shlould give as i had a guratee on the car i asked her that the swopping of the car was already agreed and autherised by john leigh then why ?? she said youve been driving the car and then i said to her what does that mean are u backing off with what you agreed and i had accepted said you cant do that ??? she said we cant and that it was an error made by imy and john leigh i was quite shocked that they came out with this to my understanding as i work for a big company you cannot go back on your words if you offer something to a customer no matter what you have to give them that doesnt matter if it was an error she also said it was lack of communication between them now i dont see that i have to suffer for this and why i had to wait from august 2007 to today ??? she said if a car is faulty within 6 months we can do sominthing about it but if its over that then what ever was offered was as a goodwill and they admit it was as goodwill what they offered and i excepted then when they took their time for no reason they are makeing excusses and saying were not gona give what you exceppetd in August ??? i have spoke to gina simpkins manager and she said the same and she also said when i said are you not bothered you are going to lose me as a customer and that i am going to tell everyone in leeds and rotherham that youve broken a promise and she said it doesnt matter weve got customers else where ?? i was quite shocked at there behaviour and at the response to my question?? i have recorded these calls as evedense to prove they had made me a promise and that they admitted in the call 3 times they had promised me to swop the car but making excuses that they had made an error please please i have been waiting for a very long time to get this resolved and nothing has been done iv had no jusctice please help me with how can a big company like carcraft go back on their words aspecailly if they admitting to what they offered me and then saying no we wont give you it.

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    AvoidCarcraft Aug 07, 2008

    Hi there, Please see http://www.avoidcarcraft.com for more information and to unite in helping other victims of their fraudulent, cruel and criminal behavior.

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Bad aftercare service!

I got a car from carcraft after keeping me and my wife hanging around for hours after doing the paper work, i thought at last no hassle boy. Was i wrong. My car had a head gasket go i thought thats ok it is covered under the warranty which it was so my car went into a local garage to be repaired. I wanted a curtsy car all that carcraft said their isn't any at the moment my car is still in the garage after almost three weeks the work is done, but carcraft have not payed the bill. So the car cant be released the after care is rubbish their is no communication between care craft and the garage and between carecraft and me the car owner. When i phoned carcraft they took a long time to answer the phone over a hundred ring before anybody picked the phone up. I wouldn't recommend carcraft to anybody not even to my worst enemy i wish i never bothered but its to late for me so don't make the same mistake as me thanks to carcraft they have ruined mine and my family's xmas!

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    Kjones Jan 13, 2008

    I see there are other people who are annoyed at the service from Carcraft.. I am another.. Can anyone please help me find out if there is anything i can do at this stage to get my money back on an Audi A4..

    I purchased an 1.8T Audi A4 convertable in September 07. I had the free 3 months Warrenty which has come in very handy... The car developed an oil leak in December. I took it back, a week later I got a call to say the car was ready to be picked up so off I went.. When I got there I noticed a lovely dent in the drivers door which was not there when I dropped it off. They took it straight into the body shop and got the dent out..

    Just before christmas the oil leak was back , so they picked the car up, sent it to another garage to be fixed.. I got to pick it up on the 21st December.. drove for about 10 mins and realised the heating was no longer working.. Needless to say the card was turned round and I went back.. i got the car back that evening...

    Its now the 13th Jan and the car is back in car crafts hands.. yes the oil leak is back.. This time the oil leaked while I was at work which is an hour from where I lived and approx 45 mins from carcraft.. They offered me my train fair home but told me I had to make my own way to the railway station and then once back to my home town i had to get from the railway station to home on my own too, they were not willing to help... Luckily I'm a member of the AA so they picked me up and brought me and my car home. Carcraft recoverd the car on Saturday.. The recovery driver who worked for Carcraft looked the car over, when we noticed the sound proofing had been torn and there were wires exposed from where carcraft last had the car.. the recovery guy admitted they they had done it.. I now have no car to get me to and from work as they could not give me a courtisy car, and if you try and speak to a manager you have to wait for them to call you back.. The call centre leave an email for them to call you, so they will as and when they get round to the email..

    I took a personal loan out for the car. it is an 04 plate.. Is there a way I can legally get my money back now as I have no faith in Car craft and their service... even the hire car I was given as a hire car last time was not serviced correctly as the pollen filter needed changing.. I had to pop my ears everytime I started the engine...

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Have been messed and told lies!

My complaint is that I chose a car which I decided to purchase, but after having been messed about by...