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Extended guarantee

Carcraft absolutely ruined my life. At 19 I was browsing the Internet for a car and showed interest in a polo...

Faulty car and lies

I bought a car last year from car craft and even since I have has this car less than 1 year everything is going wrong on the car the tyres were illegal after a month after I was driving the car and they provide a service after 6 months to try and rip you off with more money the car had just gone through its mot and had passed they tried to charge me £200 for brake pads .another thing while your waiting for your service they try and get you to but another car they are selfish lies who charge out the roof for their interest rates . Their customer service is very unhelpful do not get a car from car craft I' have learnt the hard way

Very poor service, constant lying

I wish for this to be sent to the complaints department.

I went to look for a new car. I got pressured into buying a car that was in your Rochdale centre, bearing in mind I was in liverpool. I told the girl I could lot afford anything more than £200 a month. She told me the car was £260 a month, I told her that was too much, she went over to her "manager" who didn't appear to be a very good manager as he never moved out of his seat and sat there eating or didn't bother coming to speak to me. Anyway the girl (think her name was nicky) came back to me and said if we give you it for £200 will you take it, so I said yes, she done the paperwork, sat down with me and told me the payment have gone up a bit £240!! I couldn't be bothered anymore as if been in the shop for about 3 hours already, the car arrived and I left the showroom at about 11pm!!! Bearing in mind I had my 2 year old little boy with me and had to get my dad to come and pick him up as it was getting late.

I hadn't seen the car and niky told me I could change it. So I text nicky the next day and told her I wasn't keen on the car and I would be in later on to change it, and I told her which car I wanted. She said that was fine so I went back about 4pm on 2nd April, then I noticed the price in the car window had changed! it was now £10.999, so I took a picture of this. So I now 2 pictures of the same car with 2 different prices! One showing £9.999 and one showing £10.999!!
Nicky knew I was coming for this particular car and had changed the price an extra £1000. I think this is absolutely disgusting! I can't believe a person who works for such a big company would do this!!!

Anyway after about 4 hours I ended up getting the car for £225 a month, noticing you have added an extra £63 on to the price!

Also when I took the car for a test drive the service light was on. Nicky told me this was fine and to book it in for a service. So I booked it in for today Monday the 28th, just 2 and a bit weeks after purchasing the car and I get told the brake pads are low and there is a hole in my tyre!! How can you sell a car with a service light on!! I was told a 120 check was done on the car but I know I was sold the car with the hole in the tyre and the low brake pads as I've hardly used the car.

How can you treat people like this??

I just want to say how unhappy I was with the service provided. I will be taking the price changing issue to trading standards as I have proof this was done. And will be speaking to my local mp. I will make sure I tell everyone I know about car craft and bad experience I had.

I will try my best now to get the car paid off before the 5 years and get rid of the car as I don't want anything to do with your company ever again.

I work for a firm of solicitors



I have had far too many problems with carcraft.. the email below is sent to the cheif executive customer service and my finance company. (Ignore grammar or spelling mistakes lol)

Dear Noel and any other contact to have received this email.

I am going to keep this email short but straight to the point. I will give you as much information for you to get the relevant information.

I purchased an Alfa Romeo Mito from you in May 2012, registration of YE09 PXP, to which the tracking was not corrected when promises was made. The car had to come back to you pretty soon, for a week for the tracking to be fixed.

I took the car and the repair had not been done. So I took it back to Carcraft in Leeds which they took a look and tried to repair the tracking again. They failed.

I was having to call your showroom umpteen times in a week regarding the problem and it could never be fixed.

It came to the MOT resulting in the car failing because of a track rod being broke and having excessive wear. This was fixed and passed the MOT but the tracking was not.

The cars electrics then started to fail, the windows would not drop properly causing the door not to shut. The windows would drop down and not close at all. Not only that, a extremely loud noise was coming from the engine every time I accelerated. Your service department could not even fix that problem. All they did was oiled the windows up and hoped for the best.

Bearing in mind that at least EVERY 4 weeks I was having to change the passenger side tyres because of the tracking.

After many of phone callsicon to your head office, showroom, service department and my finance company, they all agreed that I could rather have a full refund on the payments I had made so far or choose another car.

I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and just put it down to the car being faulty.

So in July 2013, I changed to a Mini Cooper, registration of DA59 PYZ. Since having this car I have been a happy customer and really liked the car I took. I understand that Carcraft have a certain warranty which I took being the 'Drive Happy Package' meaning that I had to have the car serviced within the first 6 months or 6, 000 miles.

I booked the Mini in and it had its service which came back fine apart from them having to take the car back as they had massed around with the computer causing the advisory gear change to disappear. Now around three weeks ago the service light came up on the Mini. So I booked the car in on Tuesday the 28th January 2014 to have the light turned off. This was fine, again apart from the advisory gear change disappearing.

The following week and half, a light bulb warning light appears on my dash board warning me that a bulb has gone out. I checked all the bulbs, wires and even replaced them. This was not the problem as the light was on everytime I started up the car.

The service light has come on again advising me that a service is due in so many miles.

So I had booked the car to go back in for the service light to be switched back off and the light bulb warning light to be checked tomorrow 12/02/2014 at 15:30pm.

As I collected my partner from work last night 10/02/2014, a RED warning light appeared on the screen along with a picture of my mini on ramps advising me that I need to pull over ASAP and get urgent help.

I looked at the book for the car and it explains that it is the electronics of the car have failed and not to drive the car.

I am sure if you take a look back at all the notes of my previous car the amount of times I have been back and forth for the car to be fixed, this is the VERY last thing that I need having a new car from you.

I called your head office and spoke to a very unpleasant, unprofessional, arrogant man. He would not have my car booked in earlier tomorrow nor would he let me explain anything without him butting in and being arrogant with me. I asked to speak to meghan as she is the one I have dealt with through out the appalling service I have received and still receiving. I was told that I was not allowed to speak to her until I have spoken to this man.

In the end, my car is booked in tomorrow at half past eight in the morning and I would receive a phone callicon from Meghan.

In the meantime, I was on the phone to my finance company explaining what has gone on in the past and what is still happening. They have advised me that I should ask you and your finance department to get the ball rolling in regards to a full refund.

I had to call back up five hours later to speak to Meghan to which she was so upset for me knowing what I have been though with the previous car.

I have explained to her that I am not going through all of this again and that I am wanting to go for the full refund option.

I am to await the outcome tomorrow for the car to then decide what to do.

I just want to make you aware that having this problem now happen to me on my second car, that I am not a very happy or satisfied customer. The goods are faulty which are within your 12 Month guarantee. I have also been in contact again with trading standards and they are going to look further into your company to resolve the sale of faulty goods.

They have also advised me to spend under £100 to take you to the small claimsicon court to get the full refund back.

You are the last resort and I want this sorting. Along with some form of compensation having all the troubles I have had with the cars from your company and your company in general.

I am extremely in utter disgust at the whole situation and I am wanting the full refund along with a good compensation.

I expect a reply back from you by the end of tomorrow 12/02/1014 with a resolution to the problems I have had.

I have also sent this to Carcraft Customer Services along with my finance team (Hayley Boyes and Charlotte)

SINCE THEN... I rang the RAC out to come tow the car to carcraft as I did not want to risk driving it on the motorway to carcraft. Although being advised by meghan at head office if the car seems ok to drive then theres no need to tow it, just dont use it excessively. RAC got in contact with carcraft which they told the mechanic not to tow the car, just to find out the problem and fix it on the road side. Which i was NOT impressed with!!

So i had to drive a faulty car, not known to me nor any other driver on the road what could of happened if the electrics had failed whilst driving at a high speed constant flowing pace.

I arrived at carcraft in leeds and asked to speak to the manager. I got the service manager. So I had a rant with him telling him I am not happy that I am having to come again because of another fault on another car, to which i gave them the benefit of the doubt previously by taking the new car.

I then walked into the showroom and I had it out with the manager, who was very rude, arrogant and unhelpful.



FRAUD!! Please read before buying from Carcraft!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very long but it's so important that anyone deciding to buy a car does not go to Carcraft! I...

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Faulty Car

From the time I went into the showroom to the time I left a sales advisor did not leave my side, I was pushed...

poor service

Bought a car from newport branch first month exhaust fell off, electrical problems, brakes sqeeking and water inside car. Took it back and told me had fixed but made problem worse as well as 3 loose wheel nuts and had not adjusted handbrake. Second time to fix and fogged off with lies about not there fault. Also when sold car very pushy and won't let you leave without purchase! In stages to get money back by dealing with the finance company with complaint process.
Stay clear!

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    Unhappy monkey Feb 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah just been Leeds branch cust service manager was useless too withdrew deals don't inform you web price avail with big deposit which you end up paying more for car

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My complaint is that I chose a car which I decided to purchase, but after having been messed about by Carcraft (WEDNESBURY, WEST MIDLANDS) staff from 2:30 pm until 9 pm and told lies I decided that enough was enough. I then demanded my money be refunded. I had used my Capital One card & my debit card. I went straight over to the office area where I thought my cards had been refunded in full, because I was with my 11 year old son and his friend also 11 years I was at fault not to check my refunds. Also I am an Insullin Dependant so was extremely hungry.

Anyway to cut a long story short I was conned out of £49.50. I hadn, t realised until I received my statement from Capital One. When I phoned Carcraft they said that I had been charged by my credit card company, so I phoned Capital One and they stated emphatically that they did not make this
charge and to get back in touch with Carcraft.

I then phoned Carcraft for a 3rd time and was lied to again, they said Capital One had made the charge. I got confirmation from Capital One that they definitely hadn't charged me for this transaction. I phoned Carcraft again and asked to speak to a manager, they said that there wasn't one there but I could speak to a supervisor. They eventually put me through to an Alan O'Hara who said that he would look into it. I was really angry and said to him, 'When do you think that will be, Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, WHEN?'. Mr O'Hara said it would be that evening. (When I got home from work the statement was through my letterbox, so I phoned them from 7pm). Of course I never got a call.

I have written to Carcraft Head Office at Rochdale but haven't received a response from them that was June 5th, 2006.Capital One sent me out Fraud Squad forms to complete which I did and returned 9 faxed pages. They then wrote to me saying basically that they couldn't go further as Carcraft had rightly charged me for a credit card transaction!!!

I have cut up my Capital One card and sent it back to them. They obviously have some sort of financial dealings with Carcraft so would not take them to task. I have attached copies of the letters which I sent to Carcraft and also Capital One.

I am now resending the letter to Carcraft Head Office with another letter including the words, 'Time is of essence'.

Dishonest dealings

Bought car from this company based in Birtly. Said I could take car to any garage if repair needed.I accepted this as part of conditions of sale included in the price. The salesman did not tell me that this would be in the form of an extended warranty with NAC at an Additional cost of £45 per month for 4 years. Total cost in addition to price of car £2, 160, which far excedds value of car.

Complaints to this dreadful firm resulted in neurotic replies. Because its not an insurance the FOS will not look at any complaint. The Trading Standards say no laws have been broken. The sale of my car and this warranty was in my oppinion knowingly dishonest, completed by witheld information by a salesperson who lied in order to obtain personal financial gain. Take my advice - never buy anything from Carcraft they decieve their customers, and once you have signed on the dotted line - they don't want to know you. Buy from non-neurotic, more honest dealers.

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    Unhappy monkey Feb 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had a call to take my car in as cust waiting for it in my spec, promised deal never got and walked out waste of time, very pressured in end to buy above my means cust service manager at Leeds took all deals away and still tried hard sell never again will just hold on to it and get rid next year, even after complaint no help did nt want to know really wankers!

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NAC cover

I was informed that my NAC cover was told by the finance dept that this was for free and that the figure of £1, 795 Sould be ignored, however i have checked things out, and now i have second finance of £2, 636.63 to pay, I have been filling in the complaint form on their website to ask for my money back, but to no avail.

  • TwinkleTwinkle Jun 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact consumer direct. car craft have a very bad reputation and will tell you anything in order to gain a sale.

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  • Ch
    chip8483hall Jun 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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conned into getting a car with only one ignition key

when my daughter went to buy a car from this company she was conned into buying an expensive car that unknowingly only had one ignition key. having contacted car craft about the lack of spare key we were fobbed off and told basically it was our own fault. They did nothing to help us except pass us on to another part of the company but were unwilling to give us there contact details. These people conned my daughter into buying this unfit for purpose car because they knew she was an inexperienced car buyer and didn't know the importance of having a spare ignition key.

  • Cr
    Cranky Old Lady Jan 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Rebecca, its been many years since I bought a new car in those days you got a spare key, these days they charge you Big Bucks for a Car and you have to have a spare key made if thats even possible.I Dont buy New Cars anymore I buy from Private Sellers who usually keep better Records on the Car they have for Sale, and when you buy a Used Car You are always Buying somebody elses Problems and Headaches.Car Salesmen at Car Lots and Dealerships are always Dishonest they are just out to Sell that Car and get their Commission from the Sale they really dont care when that Car comes in and is used for a trade in on a much nicer Car with Payments, what it has or does not have.My last Vehicle I bought at an Auction, Over a Year Ago, Is 14 Years Old Now and Came with 3 Spare Keys, I went to a Dealership Here and had them make me another Original Key for my SUV Using the Registration and showing my Driver's License to prove that I owed the SUV They took the VIN Number Off the Registration, entered it into their Computer and made me An Original Key for mine, Cost Me $14.00.Your Daughter Could do that and Solve the Spare Key Problem, and she really needs a Spare Key just in case her Key gets locked inside her Car somehow so that she can avoid calling a Locksmith and paying him to Unlock it for her, sometimes the Police Can Un-Lock a Car and they do it for free but they make you feel like a Criminal.Would have thought that they would have just given your Daughter a Spare Key to Sweeten the Deal and Move that Car off their Lot to make room for some other Car.Your Daughter is Young and Learned a Hard Lesson thats sad but wont solve her Problem of no Spare Key, She will need to go to a Dealership other than the one who sold her the car, I only say that because they have made enough money off her, why give them anymore money, and go to their Service Dept.with her Registration, Drivers License and have them make her a Key, Off their Computer, The Key will look just like her Original Key.

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  • Cr
    Cranky Old Lady Jan 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Iam giving both mother and daughter the benefit of the doubt here maybe the daughter is only 17 years old and its her first car purchase ever, did you ever think of that, I could not imagine her being in her 20s and her mother still being so overly concerned about her daughter buying a car with no spare key, can get one of those made anywhere.maybe after the young daughter locks her key in her car a few times she will figure it out the importance of having a spare key.and she will get one made.What do you think?

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  • Cr
    Cranky Old Lady Jan 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not the end of the World a Spare Key can be made at Your Local Ace Hardware Store.If it has an Engine, Transmission, 4 Good Tires and a Good Spare and a Jack and Did Not have Drugs Or a Dead Body in the Trunk then she did Good, a spare key is such a minor thing waste a little gas, Drive down to K-Mart and spend a few Bucks to get one made, Unless of Course her Only Key is Locked in the Car.

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  • Ad
    adikoni Jan 05, 2011

    hahahahha seriously, not sure who's dumber you or your daughter. Go and get a key copy. They are like $20 in Canada. Even my BMW's spare key (for the expensive car lol) from the dealer is only $130 or eBay $30

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Gift not received

In Feb.2009 I ordered a new subscription to Car Craft Magazine
in the offer it also included a Shop Clock with a paid subscription.
The first clock I received was broken at which time I contacted
Car Craft with this issue.I received an e-mail stateing they were
sorry and I would receive a replacement by Sept 2009.In Sept.2009
I had not received this clock so contacted them again at which time
they said one would be sent in 6 to 8 weeks.It is now June 2010 and
still no clock.I now see they are asking people to subscribe to
Car Craft and it will include a shop clock with the order. How do
they possibly get away with such claims?

Must be breaking the law !

I received a fine for failure to have an MOT certificate whilst I was at college on Wednesday 24th Feb 2010. I had completely forgotten about the renewal of the MOT due to the amount of stress I am under at present and immediately booked the car in the next day. The car failed and would cost me nearly £1000 for work to be carried out; money which I do not have…. I asked a friend for advice and her husband took the car and carried out a service; however the car still failed the MOT on 9th March 2010.

Later that day on the 9th March 2010 I asked a friend to accompany me to look at cars over at Carcraft at Lakeside, they are not tied to any specific main dealer and I thought they had a range of different cars so I can look at what I needed. I also thought that such a large company would advise me on what is best suited to my needs and intended use.

As soon as I arrived; together with my two children, my friend and witness Mr P Scott, I was met by a salesman “Danny” who pounced on me immediately and started quizzing me about my situation. I outlined the problem that I had with my present vehicle and said I would just like to look round. I had never purchased a car before and did not know the first thing about what to ask or look for; only that I had a “S” reg Volvo S40 and normally would cost me £40 in petrol a week and road tax is just under £180 a year. I need a car for picking up my children from school, running the children around locally to and from friends, clubs etc., and for making local deliveries for my work.

The salesman kept coming over and this time wanted to know my old car registration number; when I asked him he replied “so I can look up how much it is worth as part exchange!” At this point I did mention that it had no road tax….

I looked around at the cars and there were 2 that were priced around the £5000 mark; which was the lowest price they had. The salesman kept harassing me and questioning me about “what can you afford a month?” I did mentioned that I was living off benefits and that I do not have an income ….. The salesman failed to listen to me at this point therefore replied £25 a week - hoping that he would say we can’t help you and that he would leave me alone ……

With one car in particular a Chevrolet Tacuma Estate 2.0 CDX I ask the salesman if the fuel consumption and road tax was the same as the Volvo S40, to which he replied “yes, exactly the same”. I can confirm and my witness can confirm this conversation. Looking back now I can only assume that the salesman “Danny” mislead me into thinking that fuel consumption and road tax was similar to the car already in my possession just to obtain a sale.

The salesman engaged in, what only I can describe as, a highly aggressive selling technique to pressure me into buying the car by constantly asking me “how much I could afford a week?” and failing to inform me about a car that was suited to my needs. After over an hour I sat down with the salesman and gave the salesman my personal details and mentioned that I am self employed and do not have any accounts as the business is just over a year old; I also mentioned that I was living off benefits and due to my financial situation cannot get credit. Danny then asked me what I did previously before becoming self employed and I told him that I was a floristry lecturer at Hadlow College; I thought that because I was self employed for less than 2 years he would need a reference, therefore proceeded to give him the information …. He then went on to say “Oh yes … that will get you your credit!” I then turned to my friend and said … “surely it is not this easy !”

The salesman approached his “number cruncher” colleague and after 20 minutes came back, looked around and said to him “so you’ve reduced the price!” ….. “yeah, ok, I’ll tell the customer you’ve reduced the price…” Danny then told me that the price of the car had been reduced by £1, 000 and they would throw in 2 years parts guarantee for free.

I was then led into a different area “the finance lounge” after being with the salesman for over an hour and kept me waiting yet again; the children were hungry and tired at this time and all I could think of was I just want to get out of here!”… in total I was there for about 4 hours.

The finance women led me into a sealed room and rushed thought the credit agreement and got me to sign many, many papers; which I never received copies of! At this stage I was exhausted from the whole experience and kept thinking of the children outside… all I wanted to do was get out of the room. She thrust some more papers under my nose and then told me to read through them and sign them; she left stating that she would be back shortly; however it seemed like ages. I brought the car on disadvantageous terms than I would have otherwise done so (credit finance deal) although it worked out £108.97 per month I realised that the APR was 26.28% and would have to pay back a total of £7812.20 on a loan for £3990.00

The next morning (10th March) after I had purchased the car I looked on line to find out prices of cars similar to the one that I had brought. I went onto Autotrader and noticed MY car advertised for £4, 295. The forecourt price was £5, 995. I questioned the salesman, only to be told “that price didn’t include the 2 years guarantee; which I have now found out only covers £300. Again, I think that Danny’s misleading actions forced me into buying a car at a much higher price and on a more disadvantageous term than I would have otherwise done so.

Also on the same day I contacted DVLA to find out the cost of the road tax, only to be told that it was over £400 and that the fuel consumption was only 20mpg.

On the 11th March I contacted Carcraft and asked if I could exchange the vehicle for something more economical and suitable for my needs as the salesman had sold me a car that was totally impractical for my needs; I explained that the fuel consumption and road tax was practically double what I normally pay on the Volvo S40 and that the salesman had misinformed me. The salesman mentioned that they would buy the car back off me for £3, 000 and if I was to put MORE money into the deal I could have what I want…. What I wanted was to have a car that was suited to my situation in the first place after explaining the situation to the salesman in the very beginning. I feel that whatever car they sold me would have been completely irrelevant .. It was just the financial transaction that matter; at such a ridiculous rate of interest.

I tried desperately to reach a mutual conclusion at this stage and contacted them several for several days following to try and attempt a successful conclusion for both parties; however all I received was aggressive and verbal abuse from the customer service department and the salesman themselves; stating that there was nothing I could do as they had no written complaints procedure. I also tried may organisations, which all advise me of my rights and what action I could take.

On the 28th March I was literally at my wits end; I had not been sleeping and now under the doctors for depression due to the distress and upset caused Car Craft; I therefore decided to email them on the to say I was returning the car and wanted a refund. Mr West contacted me on Monday 29th March and we arranged a meeting for Wednesday 31st March 2010

On 31st March 2010 I had a meeting with Mr West; I took along Mrs Vickers as a witness, and explained to Mr West that I was returning the car and requesting a full refund under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. I specifically requested an economical car and was given something that was the opposite - would they have sold me a car that did not have a tow bar on, if I specifically asked then for a car to tow a caravan! They did not accept the car at first and Mr West walked out of the office to speak to his manager. When he returned I stated once again that I will be leaving the car there and I was well within my rights to accept a full refund due to misrepresentation. I duly walked out of Carcraft and left the keys on the counter. I am required by law to return the purchase and request a full refund as Carcraft was in breach contract under the Sales of Goods Act.

Mr West telephoned me 30 minutes later and stated that they will accept the return of the vehicle and tried to offer me a replacement vehicle; I mentioned to Mr West that I could no longer deal with the company as I had lost all respect and confidence in them; I asked him “if he went on holiday and received such a bad experience, would he go back“ to which he replied “No I would not!”. I handed the telephone over to Mrs Vickers to whom Mr West stated “oh well, she owns her own house, we will get the money that way!”

This experience has left me distraught and are now suffering with severe depression. I felt that I have been dealt with unfairly and my rights of a consumer have been violated. I can at any time bring witnesses to prove that I could not afford such a vehicle and that I was not in a mental state to have purchased the car in the first place.

Lied about service history

Bought a car from them in February.
Was told it had a FULL SERVICE HISTORY with JCT600.
They would send it to me when it arrived.
SIX weeks later after calls to customer services and the salesman himself still no history.
JCT600 say they have had no dealings with the car.
Am now going to press for rejection of the car.
Wish me luck.

dodgy car

I bought a Renauld from Carcraft in Birtley, 5 days after I got it Home the batery went flat, I recharged it, it went flat again; I put a new battery in, it went flat. I contacted Carcraft and they took the car into their service center, providing me with a much smaller courtesy car. Six weeks later I picked the car up and drove home, three days later the rear passenger window fell collapsed inside the door, and 2 days after that the car will not sart again. Carcraft say the window is a new problem and since ive had the car for longer than one month, they wont touch it and its not covered by the NAC guarantee. We made the mistake of paying cash for the car so we cannot withold payment and carcraft refuse to deal with us now. We've had the car in our possession a total of 6 weeks and we seem to be stuck with it.

dodgy company

Please Please stay clear of this company. They sold me a car way over its value. Fair enough its a showroom and thats understood but the car was in such poor condition that it broke down 2 weeks after purchase. almost 2 yeasrs now and I have had endless problems with the car. Cars are problematic but the service or warranty received from car craft is not worth anything as I have spent time and time again.
The biggest mistake I did is use them please stay clear of this dodgy company.

  • He
    help and guidance Jan 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Justin unfortunatley you are not going to be the last and thats a shame, cars majourly over priced, mis-selling, customer services is a joke ..

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sold car unfit to be on road

puchased a car for 12, 000 pound within weeks car was cost more money to have repared contacted customer servise, who lied no ending. car had more problem than you can think of.
Car lost cvalue of 5, 000 in two months, they over price there cars by far and tell all there customers lie after llie after lie.
tThe mangers are lying coniving ### wholes who talk to you like ### have no morrells.

  • He
    help and guidance Jan 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please please please be-aware from buying a car from carcraft (west midlands) yes majority of cars have between 3000-6000 pounds across there screen price, you will be fobbed of with salesmen telling you of the immaculate condition there in, look for over spray although these vehicle are not on HPI some of them have had major repairs...if you were told that in order to obtain finance for a vehicle you would need to take out a 5yr warranty TOTALLY UNTRUE this is mis-selling of products your local obusdman or trading standards will be glad to help...be aware of accomodation deals meaning if you cannot get finance you will be asked if there is anybody else who could take out the finance for you, this is totally unethical and if finance company found out then you car may be repossed...i have been unindated with messages concerning all the above and iam here to help

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Dishonest dealers

Bought car from this company based in Birtly. Said I could take car to any garage if repair needed.I accepted this as part of conditions of sale included in the price. The salesman did not tell me that this would be in the form of an extended warranty with NAC at an Additional cost of £45 per month for 4 years. Total cost in addition to price of car £2, 160, which far excedds value of car.

Complaints to this dreadful firm resulted in neurotic replies. Because its not an insurance the FOS will not look at any complaint. The Trading Standards say no laws have been broken. The sale of my car and this warranty was in my oppinion knowingly dishonest, completed by witheld information by a salesperson who lied in order to obtain personal financial gain. Take my advice - never buy anything from Carcraft they decieve their customers, and once you have signed on the dotted line - they don't want to know you.

  • Fr
    Fred Bloggs May 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 from Carcraft in early May 2010, I know about the warning of (Buyer Beware) however being the trusting optimistic person which I am, went ahead and bought the Car.
    on arriving home that evening with the Car my son, s Eagle eye found a small chip on the wind-screen, the morning after I telephoned the Sales person and complained about the chipped wind-screen, I'll get in touch with the head sales manager Said the Salesman and get him to ring you back, Hmm, no such call came I rang customer services but couldn't get through some days later A Customer satisfaction person rang and ask me on a scale of one to ten "how satisfied I was with the transaction" I gave her a three! when she asked why the score was so low I told her about my previous complaint, this is now one week later and I Still haven't heard anything. (Im not holding my Breath!

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Damn joke

Ok, the other day my mum and dad went to look at a new car and we found we we rally really loved so we put down £100 pounds deposit and then they said we can't have the car so every day from when they said you can't have a car we have been phoning them up to see where our money is so my mum and dad is really really angry. And when- ever my mum phones they hung up on her. And once my Uncle brought a car from them and i think it spent the most of the time in a garage then on a road!!! And they are a joke cos on the radio it says ' get a car with us and have a safe drive' now my Uncle's car kept on breaking down and they said we can't do anything about that when they could!!!

Rude to me

I wanted to purchase a car, but I got failed for the finance because I was too young, my mum agreed to go for it for me and she said will I lose my house...

So in the event she dosn't want to put her house at the risk of a car, fair enough...Her house.

So I phoned and said to the guy I want to cancle my application, my mum dosn't want to go garenture, so he said you could have told me, I said I am telling you now!
He was so rude...He said, so youve wasted my time, I said excuse me, I am a customer, but now I am getting a car from else were...He was so rude...All becuase I have changed my mind, and when I looked at the situation he was an extorsionist!
If anyone else has had this sort of problem with carcraft please share your stories with me...

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