CAQH Enrollhubeft enrollment/verification process

I have been trying to enroll in EFT via CAQH EnrollHub for about 4 weeks. My bank letters and now my voided check have all been rejected or denied. This morning I called the company and was on with a representative for 27 minutes before he informed me that what I had requested could not be done. During this time he had me log in and out several times and repeatedly asked for information that I had provided several times during the call. When I asked for a supervisor, I was told I supervisor would not take my call. When I inquired further about a supervisor refusing to speak to me I was hung up on. I know I was hung up on because at the beginning of the call he asked for my call back number and it was provided in the event that we were disconnected, but I was never called back. So I called back and reached Bella, who it only took 10 minutes to tell me that her supervisor, Rose was not going to take my call.

Now in addition, to having such an unprofessional and rude phone conversation with this organization this morning there have been several emails and phone conversations in the past that could have solved this problem hopefully sooner. My check and bank letters only had my name (Monica Sparks). The information/instructions on the CAQH provider profile page states "Please enter information about the practice or company that you wish to enroll. The provider name or the DBA that you enter here must match the name that appears on the voided check or bank letter that you will be asked to upload later in the process."

The or to me indicated that at least one of the names needed to match. After 4 weeks and no success I attempted to remove the DBA and just use my name as the provider. When I was unable to edit that information I called.

So as of now I still have no resolution and it appears I am not the only one having issues with this organization. I hope something can and will be done as receiving compensation for services is a very important part of doing business.

Nov 08, 2019

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