Capitec Bankmy account has been stopped and my character and image dented

S Jan 05, 2019

on the 28th of December 2018 I went to Germiston Capitec Branch at corner President street to activate my app as it was reinstalled after resetting my smart phone and I also withdrew an amount of R200.00. my smart phone uses dual sim-cards, of which one is telkom and the other is cell C and needed to be switched in between during usage of either data, sms or calls. the cellphone number that is used for Capitec cellphone banking is/was a cell C one and did not have data bundle when I tried to activate it, I was to switch it to Cell C Data usage since It was on Telkom Data usage, that was done but it kept taking long to activate and consultant who was supposed to help me went out and I was kept waiting for long, than +-30 minutes, then I went out side of the Branch to withdraw.

After that I left the branch premises, went back to work, meanwhile I was at work I got a call from the branch that says I should report back to the branch for assistant, since I was already frustrated and disappointed I told him I will try another branch.

On the 3th of January 2019, I visited Dawn Park Capitec Branch with App problems and found out that my account has been Stopped and the reason is that card was fraudulently used without me been given a notice prior to my visit to any capitec branch or even a call or sms, this disappointed me and inconvenienced me and then left stunned and confused.

On the 4th I went back to Germiston Capitec branch in corner President to reconfirm the my account status, but this time the service far more than I expected, meanwhile awaiting for the response of the Capites's Forensic to give a consultant feedback on my account status, a Chub Security responded and came straight to me to tell me I was in big trouble and a minute after 2 SAPS members also entered and ask for my ID, my workplace ID as well as my Banking Card of which I gave to them and then they ask me to take them with me to work place to verify if I really at EMPD in germiston, that was done and the Police took me back the branch that suspected me to be a thief and fraudster, I was embarrassed but since I knew I was innocent I stayed angry but calm just get a positive professional assistance or response, the response I got was that I should come with My payslip to prove that the money that was deposited into the Stopped Account was realy mine, and reality the money that was deposited to my account was bonus from my employer and the sms was sent to my cellphone showing salary deposit a capitec was transferred into my account and pay number was also displayed on my cellphone but that did not help.

What confuses me is that :
1. Capitec uses a biometric system for security and identification to access ones Account credentials and details
2. On the account profile of the screen/monitor the photo of the client/customer's is also
displayed to that this client is legit.
3. most of the bank's ATM's have have cameras to monitor or protect ATM crimes and no one can withdraw with a wrong PIN number as well as wrong card.

But that did not work for my own reputation and now I want to withdraw my money, close the account and go to a bank that can respect me, wont embarrass me in front their client and my coworkers, that wont treat like a thief and fraudster, that will not defarmate my character!

Lastly this money is supposed to be used for my Grand Parents EDUCATION, CLOTHES and FOOD, Please help me access my well deserved BONUS and after close this Stopped Capitec account.

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