Capitec Bankbanking app and internet banking

C Sep 11, 2018

I'm about to move my banking and even prepared to pay more because of Capitec's poor banking app and internet banking. I even went into a branch thinking my account was corrupt but was informed that it wasn't.

The biggest problem is for future dated payments, not being able to generate Proof of Payments and not even being able to generate a payment history per Beneficiary. I even tried to edit my future dated payments to send a payment notification but there was no way to do it either. We are then forced to email Client Care who take ages to reply.

In July, MultiChoice nearly cut us off even though we'd paid, because I couldn't provide a proper proof of payment. The same thing happened yesterday and I had to take screenshots, edit them and then email to MultiChoice. I then had to email Capitec for Proof of Payment in case they didn't accept it. It's an enormous waste of everyone's time. Please rectify this urgently.

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