Capital One Payment Protectionviolation of your civil rights


Ok, tons of people complain about this capital one payment protection plan, they denied my claim, a 100% disabled veteran. But did you know that capital one and it's administrator probably violated your civil rights? When you file for capital one payment protection activation, you are sent a form from stonebridge benefit services inc. This form has a place to sign, the form even warns you that leaving anything blank, will delay your benefits. Like most people that are unemployed, disabled - we are just looking for help to do the right thing and pay our bills.
Well, besides the joke about "who is in your wallet" it has become "who is in your medicine cabinet"
The form that they are having you sign is a blanket authorization for both capital one and stonebridge benefit services inc to have complete access to all your medical records, diagnosis, even your prescriptions!!! Giving this authorization is made a condition to getting the benefits you paid for!! This form violates your privacy that is granted under federal law!!! As this form does not disclose that signing is optional, it violates law under code of federal regulations. If you have signed one of these forms - immediatly call stonebridge benefit services inc and revoke this authoriaztion! You might wish to contact your state attorney general, as violations of privacy under c. F. R. Can be sued for, you might wish to consult a lawyer. Even if capital one paid the claim, they are still violating your rights!! If you wish a copy of this form email me at [protected]

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