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S Aug 08, 2019 Review updated:

March of 2018 a wire came into my capital one 360 checking account. They restricted my account. Have been told various lies by their fraud investigation personnel. That he other bank has initiated a reversal. Untrue it is now August 2019 and still that money sits in MY bank account I have no access to. Capital one is a scam, liars and will heat you.


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      Jan 08, 2020

    Well I just deposited a big check from another bank where I closed my account. I had already moved money from Cap One into CD. That happened automatically. Then I wanted to deposit much more into a new CD. They told me they couldn't do it electronically even thought they been able to do so with the other account the week prior. I had to sign a cashiers check to myself and give it to them and low and behold there is no money at all in the new CD. I called customer service and they called the local branch and during a three-way conversation the local branch said they had told me it would take three days for the money to show up in the CD which they had not. Well day two and the CD is empty. I am hoping they have not stolen my money as I have no proof that my money went into the CD. I only have a receipt for the check. If the CD is still empty tomorrow I will contact customer service again and if no satisfaction I will have to contact my state attorney general. I am hoping Cap One has not stolen my 70K.

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