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Long story short--they screwed me out of four $35.00 bank card nsf charges to the tune of $140. I closed my account and am paying a personal loan off as quickly as possible by check (it was on auto-pay through Cap One) from my new bank, Red River Bank of Pineville, Louisiana. They eventually sent me my $140 by cashier's check in the mail (woolly bully). My problems aside, I went online and found out what a truly horrid organization they are running. Their credit card practices (I don't have one, never have, don't want one) are a legal scam. I hope they fail in Louisiana soon--we have enough problems in this state already. Maybe we should all go back to putting our money under our mattresses and paying everything in cash like in the "good ol' days". Wish I could say I was kidding on that one!! Thanks for hearing me out.


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      Feb 19, 2010

    I agree- whatever happened to the good ol' days? Cash never lies, like Capital One does. I live in NY and there are Capital One banks all over this place like flies on a dog turd. Anyway, I opened up an account with them about a month ago- big mistake! I was ripped off with three NSF charges because, apparently, the purchase and ATM withdrawls I made with my bank card were "pending" at the same time two checks I deposited were. But according to what their computer system said, I had the funds available when I made the transactions. Long story short, I'm out $45. Oh yeah, they also put holds on checks forever and the funds are never available right away. This is, by far, the worst bank I've ever banked with. Liars, scammers, so many negative comments I have about them! Shut them all down!

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