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lower payment agreement

I have been with capital one credit card for about 10years in the last year i went over my limit by 2 pounds and obviously got charged. As they stopped sending me statements this amount accumulated as i kept up my normal monthly payments (which were not enough). I requested that the charges be taken off my account which they declined. In the meantime i lost my job and was on benefits sent them covering letter with income and expenditure form with offer of payment. which thery declined and kept piling on the charges. they have passed the debt on to collection agency which are hounding me approx 20 calls a day. sent duplicates to debt collection company of correspondance. They will not except my offer of payment. But atleast all interest and charges have been frozen. I have stated about the justice act 1970 and they have stated over the telephone that they will still continue to call. I have offered to pay the debt in full minus the charges but they will not except. whats my next route and ideas?

harassing creditors

Got a new phone number for my work. Apparently, the guy who had that number before owes Capital One Auto Finance money for an Altima. The creditors call ~2-4 times daily and it is completely useless to talk to anyone (they are useless themselves)and very unhelpful, especially if they feel the slightest bit of defiance on your end.

After trying different angles and wasting about an hour of my life, I got to a worthless piece of flesh that was obviously not management material, however claimed to be a "account manager" and "no one above" his position and will "stop the calling". Although I talked to an individual so far up the chain of command, the calls continue.

If you google "Capital One CEO", you find a link that has a possible address to the CEO of Capital One at their corporate headquarters in VA, the Attorney General of VA and the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of VA. As a potential customer, I will never deal buisness with this company (especially after seeing the complaints) and I will make it a duty in my life to encourage others to do the same.

  • Ts
    T. Silvawalker Jan 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There is only one thing I can suggest and that would be to use these credit calls as an opportunity to vent. Listen to The Jerky Boys and try out your own skits on them. You are not the person they want so you can say whatever you like - no threats - so be as odd as you like. They say "you owe and must pay" you say " I have a dog not a hippo named Musgrave" They say pardon me sir you must answer me and you say" I am sorry your response was not received. Please press the star key and try again. Etc. Why not?

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no customer support

Trying to get a lien release faxed to me at 3pm AZ time to complete a car sale. But East coast office to which I am transferred refuses to do so until Monday because the order has to be by 2p East coast time. They were very nasty and continued to explain they were closed tomorrow, so I would have to wait til Monday. Most likely losing a car sale over this as I need the lien release today. What company in this day and age doesn't have 24/7 service nor can't service their west coast customers at THEIR normal business hours.

postpone wire transfer for no reason

I went to capital one bank houston stadium branch yesterday to wire transfer my money, and the transaction...

not receiving promotional interest rate

I received an offer from Capital One for convenience checks with a promotional rate of 5.99% as long as checks posted by 11/15/2010. So I wrote two checks on 11/7. The first posted to Capital One within a few days and I received the promotional rate on it. The second posted to the Capital One card on 11/15. When I received my statement though, I did not get the promotional rate even though the mailing clearly stated in multiple places the offer was good through 11/15. Thankfully I kept all the paperwork. So Capital One is INCORRECTLY charging the wrong interest rate on this transaction, a much higher one of 17.9%. I phoned Capital One and was on the phone for 30 minutes with a representative stationed God-knows-where who could not help. The supervisor he transferred me to was better; she is sending this over to another department to review. Just in case that is not enough to get this corrected, I just wrote their "disputes" department, and am sending copies of all the paperwork I saved, including the initial offer which clearly states "must post by 11/15. Here's what I am sending them, minus of course the dollar amount and other information that is personal. And my caveat to you reader, is to save paperwork and check your statements carefully, especially when dealing with Capital One. I am writing to notify you that you have made an error in the interest rate being applied to the transaction dated November 15, 2010. That check qualified for a special transaction rate. Please see the following attachments: Attachment A – copy of letter from you “Dated Notification” . It states “Act by 11/15/2010 and get a 5.99% APR for 12 months. It also says “limited-time”…. “must post to your account by November 15, 2010. Attachment B – copy of second part of letter from you, right above the checks you sent. See the section titled “Use-by-date”; it clearly states “these checks must post to your account by November 15, 2010 for the promotional APR to apply. Attachment C – copy of statement from you showing that the check for $xxx posted on November 15, which means it qualifies for the 5.99% interest rate. Please rectify your error immediately, adjust the interest rate retroactively to the 5.99% rate that should have been charged. Otherwise, I will be taking legal action.

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nsf fees

Since capital one bank somehow took over chevy chase bank, they first said they wouldn't be changing anything. Wrong. They changed everything! They run debits before deposits every evening run, and they do it in a way that they can bilk every cent from every customer they can get. One chaek for $125 resulting in a $12 overdraft, cost $70 in fees, as the very next night my paychexk went into the bank, and they ran debits before deposits, collecting again for online bill payments that normally would not overdraft my account. They do debits before deposits and by paying bills online, they get you every time. They are the # of the earth, thiever and crooks.

Do not do business with them, if you do, find another bank, these thieves will eventually get you

  • Ca
    Cappie Dec 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a Capital One account once, paid them off after finding out how they operate. They make their money from fees charging people who cannot really afford it, putting them deeper in debt, usually forcing them into Bankruptcy or attaching their wages to collect exacerbated fees, this happens usually after months of harassment from ex loan sharks. Please don't use these company's promising to help build or "re-build you credit". Company's like this will keep you drowning in debt, and can help you loose your employment.

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payment protection plan activation


bill pays before scheduled date

I was a customer of Chevy Chase Bank. CCB merged with Capital One Bank and I was transferred to Capital One Bank. Ever since this transfer I have had trouble with the Bill pays. This month I notice a Bill pay scheduled for Dec 15 to my Mobile Phone company had been debited to my account on Dec 13. Additionally, I was charged 35$ for not having adequate funds to meet the bill pay. When I called the Bank to ask why I had been charged 35$ and why the Bill had been paid out before the sceduled date, they referred me to clause 7 of the Bill pay agreement which says that laser transfers can be paid out before the actual scheduled date. I told the Bank this is not good enough, because a customer cannot plan their financial portfolio if the Bank is paying out bills before they are due - all at their whim and fancy (because they do have a choice to reject the payment if it comes in too early). This is just not good enough in a competitive banking world. I never had this problem with Chevy Chase.

unsolicited emails

Orchard Bank sends me several emails a day regarding my account with them and I never have had an account with them or never will. They also send emails simply to try to get me interested in their credit card. I have written them several times over the past few months, asking them to stop the emails. They always write back and say to be removed from their list I need to write them a letter with my name, address, telephone number, and signature. I then write back asking them "why would I supply you with even MORE information so you can harrass me with regular mail and calling too?!" They do not have a right to email to begin with, so no customer should have to write them anything and waste a stamp! Even though I tell them to remove me and that I will not write them, they just send the same email. There is nothing that can be done, as far as I know, regarding this company.

  • Ma
    Manuelsv Mar 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ORCHARD BANK. DO NOT REWARD THEIR JUNK-MAIL CAMPAIGN BY GIVING THEM BUSINESS!!! I have tried to block them in every conceivable way and they still spam the heck out of me 3-4 times a day!! I hate these ba$$tards!
    WILL NEVER DO Business WITH KNOWN SPAMMERS In my book they are no different than the skim of the earth peddling Viagra and replica junk watches!

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avoid them

I have been living in Thailand for over 3 years. We came over here with an Orchard Bank credit card and told them we were moving here. After 2 weeks here, we tried to use the card and it was declined. Every single time we have tried to use it (over 30), it has been declined due to high security risk and we have to call so the transaction can go through. This is very inconvenient and the last time we tried, we called first and tried to pre-authorize the transaction we would be making in the next ten minutes and the rep said it would be fine. We used the card, declined again, and we called. They said we would have to wait an hour until the security department got in. That doesn't work when you are at a restaurant. This is absolutely the worst card I have ever had. I emailed customer service with this complaint and their response was to call Orchard Bank credit customer service, which I have done over 30 times. AVOID THIS CARD IF YOU PLAN ON USING IT OUTSIDE THE U.S. WORST INTERNATIONAL CARD EVER!!!


I've been a customer of Orchard mastercard for yrs.now.never late, good rating.Said I would receive periodic increases accordingly.Never got such.called to inquire & was told I'd have to "Pay"for any increases given to me.I established this card after a bankruptcy to build it up.it's doing anything but.and Now...If I close it it's held against me.The advice I have is wait & get a REAL credit card through a legitimate co.if needed that bad.if it isn't I'd suggest you to pay cash!!!or do without.

  • Da
    Darla Posney Dec 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company even calls when you are with a debt management organization and they are not permitted to call you. I have referred them to the company so many times and all I hear from them is that they won't call again... what a joke. They are violating all our rights I believe.

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  • Wi
    Winston Jan 09, 2009

    They said my wife has a credit card account past due but she has no credit card nor has she ever. They called her workplace and said she would be served papers at work if she did not respond. They want to settle out of court and I believe this is a scam to scare people into sending money to them.

    2 Votes
  • Cd
    CDuran Apr 20, 2011

    I am having problems correcting the phone number that is on file with the reporting credit agencies. How can I correct this problem? and possible talk with a live person instead of getting the run around with voice mail. This is very fustrating.

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  • Po
    P.O.D. Feb 28, 2012

    OMG! If I knew about all the complaints w/ Orchard Skank, I would've never applied. At the time, I was a singe mom (divorced) & tried to build a credit. I paid $300.00 as a "deposit". Since, they keep on being dishonest (annual fee that keeps on changing w/o my knowledge), I decided to close the account. When I asked how long it would take for them to refund my deposit, they told me via phone that it would be 180 days. Today, I recv'd an email saying they will not refund at all! Is this right? They can go to HELL!!!

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interest rate

We are behind in our capital one payments and we are financially struggling due to a recent job loss. We are trying to get capital one to lower our interest rate and they will have no part of it. They want us to make 9 payments before they will lower our interest payments and i have expressed to them that we cannot make the 9 payments at the current dollar amount. We are working with a financial consultant who said we should ask capital one to work with us but we are getting nowhere. The fact that we cannot make the minimum payments is hurting our credit rating. Is there anyway i can get them to work with us? Your help is appreciated.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If they say they aren't going to then there is nothing you can do. They do not have to help you. Have you been a long time customer? That can help at times. I'm sorry you're having a difficult time, but if Capital One won't budge you may be SOL.

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  • Ef
    efw Oct 29, 2010

    I have been there and these banks have become heartless. Its all about the mighty dollar. Check your state laws about this matter and see what Capital One can do. It's a credit card that you probably don't need. See if you, or someone on your behalf, can negotiate a close to your account to stop the interest. I am not sure it's possible but it's a try. Stop using credit cards. If you can't outright buy it, you can't afford it. I now live on cash only. It teaches me to be more frugal and be financially wise. Comment before mine is another money hungry jerk. Ignore it. Move forward to straighten your life out and pray for help to make the best financial decisions you can.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Of course credit card companies only care about money. It's a business that lives off of debt.

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  • Oc
    OCCA.ca Nov 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi luvkeyda,

    I believe you will find the help you need at OCCA.

    They have been helping people just like you for close to 9 years now. OCCA will negotiate with Capital One to get you a payment arrangement based on your financial situation.

    No more borrowing, no need for bankruptcy, no more stress!

    For a FREE consultation, just call toll-free at 1-866-873-6222 or send an e-mail at [email protected]

    There is an answer!

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In February of 2007, I purchase a vehicle from Capital One Auto Finance. My payments was due on the 25th of...

calls 8-9 times a day

Dear Capital One, I have asked numorous times to quit calling me every day! I will not answer the phone! I have no job! Car, House-which was foreclosed on due to the death of my Husband. I dO NOT WORK! I have nothing! Not even a bank account! I am tired of being harrassed every day! and I'm tired of all the foreigners taking us Americans jobs! When you call I can't even understand You foreigners! So, don't call! You won't get any money out of me because I have none! I can't help the situation I am in! That was uncontolable! You don't care about the consumer at all! I will never get a loan thru you again in life!You have made me mad, angy, hostile and I'm not a hostile person! You have harrassed me for over a year! So, please give it a rest! You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip! Can u understand that? I am asking you again quit calling me---Peggy Palazzola! If, you do not quit calling me, I will take futher action even, if that means getting a Lawyer!

  • Di
    disarogo Sep 14, 2014

    I'm sorry to hear that you are currently not on a job, I hope the situation solves soon. I previously worked in Collections in Capital One and have the reason why you keep receiving calls, but you will not like it... Capital One has an automatic dialer system in-place, it has a registry of all customers that are past due on their account, and only that; no notes of why the account is behind or that the customer is unable to pay the loan amount because of X reason... Just the phone numbers. The system dials your number and then connects an agent. Now the part of the jobs... I am American, born in Kansas, and the entire team that works in US soil for Capital One is American. However the pay per hour is too high here, so they outsource the rest of the customer service team to other countries. I worked in one of those centers in Central America and I have to say, every single member of that team was either native English speaker or had a perfect English speech. So the problem of communication has to be on your side. So no one is taking jobs to the Americans, we just charge too much for the job ;) BTW, you can always fill a C&D in a court so that Capital One can no longer contact you over the phone. But keep in mind that you still need to pay the car because you made the loan.

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unfair increase in membership fees

To Whom It May Concern: That holds or has a Capital One Credit of any kind

If anyone in this world has a Capital One credit card account either a Visa or a Master card account. I suggest you stop doing business with them and to close out all your credit card account or banking you are doing them. Because if you don’t you are going to be in for a major surprise and taken for your hard money you make. So everyone, be ready to get an all notification in your mail boxes. Where they will and are going to try to charge people twice for annual membership fees to hold an account with them, even though Capital One has already charged you their one time a yearly membership fee this year.

On October 1, 2010, I received a small letter in the mail from Capital One Credit Card Company. That on November 14, 2010 that they are going to be increasing all credit card account holders with a new Annual Membership fee to have an account with them. They are raising their membership fees from $39.00 dollars a year to $59.00 a year. When I called nicely and ask them about this letter. They stated that they had ever right to increase the Annual Membership fee without justifiable reasons, because the way the economy is and said that our U.S. government has passed a new law. Allowing all the major credit card companies to charge all their faithful and on time costumers. Two annual membership fees a year to keep an account with them.

When I called to speak to an account specialist they tried to give me all this song and dance and excuses to charge me twice for a yearly membership fee and even though they already charged me $39.00 in a membership fee in August of 2010. They told me that they where going to charge me a second Annual Membership Fee on November 14, 2010 of $59.00 dollars unless I opted out of this change and the letter said that if I opt out of this new change that then they would close my account and they would stop reporting to the credit agency’s of all my on time payments I made to them after I closed my account and declined these new changes. When I called on September 30, 2010, I asked them that being. I’m closing my visa credit card account with them. Because I disagreed with these new changes and felt that they had no right to double charge me or their faithful paying customers two membership fees in one year. Because this is unlawful and a very shady business practices, I asked them if they would also be willing to refund this year’s yearly membership fee. Being that my account with them is going to be closed. They told me that it was past the 30 days and would not. I told them the yearly fee only is to apply if the costumer choices to keep their card open. But, they still refused to refund my membership fee this year even though my credit card account is going to be closed on November 14, 2010. They refuse to credit back the yearly membership fee that they charged me in August 16, 2010 and told me that they where going to charge me still the $59.00 dollar in November. Card holder beware and stay clear of Capital One.

  • Jo
    John Carbon Nov 19, 2010

    The customer rep basically told me they couldn't do anything and that even though I had a no annual fee agreement from the begining on two cards (A small one from college days) that the annual membership fee would be 120 for both. She said (from central america no less) that they would rather lose a customer and they coulnd't do anything with the fees.

    All my other cards have no annual fee (citi, discover, direct merchants, target visa, etc) and have much lower rates anyway.

    Stay away from Capital one, What's in your wallet? NOT capital one.

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  • Br
    brittany_paige0018 Dec 01, 2010

    I have had a Capital One card for nearly 3 years. Small limit of only $300. They just started charging me a $3 monthly fee as well. I asked why and pretty much they stated they are doing that to everyone now b/c they have 24/7 customer service, great fraud protection, and there was something else that was stupid he said to make the fee look significant. Yeah whatever! Hardly not worth having. My interest rate is 5.9% which is why i still have it. After figuring up their monthly bullcrap it comes to 17.9%. They just put that extra in as a "small membership fee" so you won't feel like your getting dooped. So even if I spend nothing my interest rate is 12% lol. Plus I have their payment protection plan which is 10% of your balance. Seems the protection plan would fall under their "awesome" new monthly fee. Nope it's still extra! So their little plan is more than my interest rate all together, which is once again, (done mathematically) 12%. hilarious! Please keep in mind they just paid out a huge lawsuit that was filed against them b/c they wasn't paying out for their "payment protection plan" when people claimed it. So they are trying to compensate for their loss b/c they screwed people.

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  • Ti
    TINALL Feb 08, 2011

    if i had balance of zero dollars. i wld close my account no questions asked. i have a balance so i am stuck with a fee i was not aware of when i agreed to sign for the card. hi capital one, CLEVER MUCH?

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I have an upside down mortgage with capital one. I have tried for 2 years to be proactive and fix this. I have written letters, spoke to attorney's, called the bank upteen times, visited branches etc. Currently I hold a mortgage that is over $500, 000. I had a forensic audit done on my appraised used in 2007 to fund my loan. This appraisal was fraudulent. Square footage was made up. All comps were fraudulent etc... Capital one's underwriting department failed to flag this prior to funding the loan. I went to re-fiance my home and uncovered all this information which I had documented per forensic audit. Capital one refuses to work with me. They refuse to connect me with anyone at the bank other than a customer service representive to fix this issue. A national bank committed FRAUD and is getting away with it. How is this possible. Please HELP!

  • Cg
    cg45 Sep 28, 2009

    I called Captial one and was offered a zero percent balance transfer for 6 months, then it would be 4.99% fixed for the duration of the balance transfer. For two months I received zero % on the third month, I got hit witha 15.9% finance charge and when I called to find out why they tell me that deal was never available. They are now saying I have to pay 15.9% for the duration of the balance transfer. When I asked them to pull the recording of our conversation, they say they cannot do that. I then speak to Mike the Accounts specialist and he says the guys that offer the balance transfers are paid on commission so they might say anything to make the sell. Well now I am stuck with a 15.9% balance transfer. This is FRAUD

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  • Co
    complucapitalone Jul 10, 2010

    i currently have credit score of 707 points. and i had to open a credit card with no oversea usage charge and the capital one was the only one. so ive applied online and they said my credit was approved. and today ive received my credit card with a limit of $500. what??????/ are you freakin kidding me??????? so ive called and talked to the customer service rep and he transfered me to the specialist and what she said was i was a high risk for them and that was the best they could do. credit score above 700 is a high risk????? and if i was, then i shouldve got turned down when i filed in the application. i told her to fix this because this is not acceptable and she said there was nothing she can do so if i dont like it, close the account. so i did. now im left with heavy inquried ###ed up credit report. ###in scammers. thats all i can say

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  • Sh
    Sherieh Feb 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you receive any help?

    0 Votes

low interest rate credit card from capital one is a scam

Low Interest Rate Credit Card From Capital One is a Scam. Avoid Capital One Secured Credit Card like the...

denial of access to my account

In the take over of Chevy Chase bank I was forced to be a Capital one customer.
Although I talked several hours with 5-8 representatives for several days the bank could not provide me an internet access to my account.
Till now I do not have such access, and I became a prisoner of Capital One bank.

  • Me
    MetroDC Resident Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same story here. I use online banking services a lot, for bill payment, etc. A few weeks ago Capital One sent us a letter saying they were completing the takeover and that as a result on a certain date my login name would change (they provided the new one) and I should use the same password to access my info.

    Well... I tried, and my login info was rejected. New one, old one, all caps, all lowercase, doesn't matter. After I tried a few times, the system DISABLED my online account. oookaaaay... There was an 800 number on the letter and an 800 number on the website. The one on the letter was an invalid number and the one on the website was an automated service that said they were closed after regular business hours and I should GO ONLINE BECAUSE THAT NEVER CLOSES. It would be funny if it weren't so horrible.

    I can hardly wait to move my money. PNC here I come!!

    1 Votes


I talked to capital one auto loan that I have a car loan through. I asked for a extinction they said I am eligible. They had me sign a paper which I did. They said I had to pay a 35 dollar fee. I said I would call back last week to pay which I did call back, the agent said don't worry about it. But then they took out my pymt. I talked a agent today sept 16th they said oh you didn't pay the fee, plus your not eligible. I am having surgeries is why I asked for help in the first place. Everytime I call they are Ruid I got hung up on by a supervisor today. I am so sick of the way I get treated by them. I wish somebody would call me that is over the supervisors that are over the agents.

poor service

Capital One has just taken over Chevy Chase Bank in the WDC area offically this Monday Sep 13, 2010. Being a former CCB customer, I have been experiencing nothing but problems this week. They include, missing acounts in my online profile, failure to close a matured CD, large balance requirements and service charges to two of my accounts without warning, and accounts frozen for no apparent reason. In addition I am also not able to use my ATM card which was supposed to be valid till I get the new Capital One card. Since Tuesday, I have been on the phone with various bank personnel as well as visiting the local branch all without success in resolving the issues. I've been told by the bank staff that I am not alone, that many CCB customers have been affected by similar problems. I have never seen a takeover that is this problematic and the worst is I don't know if there will be an end to it or if it's just the beginning of many more problems to come.

  • Ye
    Yehoshua Gozes Sep 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the sane experience and I suggest that t all the customers which had the same experience unite and sue the bank.

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