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Complaints & Reviews

Orchard Bank — scam and cheating

I had decided to make use of my time overseas to improve my credit and started this credit card account. As I am in a country notorious for postal corruption I thought it would be...

fraudulent activity

This company is terrible when it comes to customer service. You'd think that you could get someone on the phone in the fraud department after all fraud is a serious thing. I...

Capital One Bank — scam and cheating!

On monday October 1st 2007 I checked my checking account online normally as I do i see a balance of five dollars and some cents it was good. And again I checked it again on...

they are corrupt

I was VERY dissatisfied with the way I was treated by the Capital One representatives with regard to some fraudulent charges on my credit card statement and I am very suspicious about the way they handle business. By the way, I am an excellent customer.

In November/December 2007, I received a call from Capital One stating that someone was attempting to make charges to my credit card from Hong Kong. My card was cancelled and a new card was issued. This was the first time anything like this ever happened to me. There were no suspicious charges on my current bill and I never really made it a habit to scrutinize my bills on a monthly basis since I have never had fraudulent charges appear before. So when I received my end of year SUMMARY from Capital One in January/February 2008, I noticed that there were three charges made to my credit card that I know nothing about. One was on May 1, 2007 for the amount of $21.40, one was on July 4, 2007 for the amount of $123.90, and one was on August 6, 2007 for the amount of $123.90, for a total amount of $269.20. I immediately made copies of the charges and sent a letter explaining the suspicious charges. On Friday, April 11, 2007 I was transferred and put on hold numerous times. More often than not you could not understand the people you are talking to. I spoke with Florine, Charine (ID XNZJ966), Elizabeth, John, and finally Rudy (ID FQK130) who told me that a credit would be issued, my credit card would be cancelled, and a new one sent out. On Saturday April 12, I called Capital One again, and discovered what Rudy told me was a lie. My credit card was not cancelled and the charges were not removed. Again, I was transferred numerous times, to Sergio (WWE444), Alan (OPG134) and Mohammed (LAE734). I have reason to believe the names and ID numbers are all fictitious b-c you could never track anyone down again once you hung up from them. Since nobody would help me and since this was the worst customer experience I have ever had, I told the last person I spoke with to cancel my credit card once and for all. But I am not done. I demanded credit for $269.20 for charges I did not make, and I wanted a letter of apology for the way I was treated from every person that transferred me and threw me back in Q. I intend on exposing Capital One and telling my story to as many people as possible and to shed light on the corrupt behavior of Capital One in an effort that it lessens the number of victims in the future.

A letter to the Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks at 1301 McKinney St Suite 3450 Houston, Texas 77010 quickly helped resolve my issue. I was issued a credit from Capital One.

Orchard Bank — scam and cheating!

I have finally paid off my full balance with my orchard bank account, i am in the process of paying off all my debt and I am almost done!!! I was told by the women that i spoke...

Capital One Auto Financethey call me several times a day

It's either Capital One Auto or Chase Auto. Out of about 100 calls one person told me and I'm not to sure which they said.

They call me several times a day, treat me with no respect. Don't answer my questions. They ask for someone I've never heard of before. They say they will remove me, it's been 2 months. A minimum of 4 calls a day. I ask for there supervisor and they don't connect me, they DISCONNECT me. I went along with them once just to find out who they are, cause they don't give any information. I am tired of being lied to, I am tired of hearing my phone ring at all hours of the day. I am tired of getting wakeup calls at 8am on a Sunday when it's my only day off! Sunday is a holy day and it should not be used for these *** people to call. Why don't they do there research to find out who they are calling and be polite rather then get angry. I am reporting them to the BBB and will file for harassment very soon. I would love to file a class-action lawsuit against them just for not having there facts straight.

terrible customer service!

Back in September, 2007, a charge appeared on my Capital One credit card statement dated 9/19/07 which I felt it necessary to dispute. I immediately sent off my dispute letter...

Orchard Bankhow to handle the phone calls!

If you are reading this, it is probably because you don't want to be called by these people again. You may be late in payment and that is why they call you. They act like they know you and say (for example) "John? John Smith? Hello?" on an answering machine or if you actually pick it up, they sometimes do not speak and they hang up or they will get rude with you. And this can, and most of the times will, happen SEVERAL times within just one day!

Well one thing some fear would be to get a machine that you can hook up to your phone to record the phone calls and simply tell them at the beginning of the phone call "I will be recording this conversation" because by law you MUST tell them you are recording it if you are. But, who's to say you aren't really recording it but tell them you are? *hint hint* Most of the time it freaks them out and they won't want to talk so they hang up!

If that doesn't budge them, simply state that under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) it is illegal to be calling several times a day and you will be reporting them if it continues to go on. And under Section 5:7 it states "A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:... Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number."

Just thought to help, I was able to get them to stop calling and keep us off of any "list" they have.

Goodluck to you all!

Capital One Credit Card — deceptive practices!

On January 8, 2008 I got a new credit card from Capital One, taking advantage of advertised offer of 5.99% for life. I promptly transferred $7,500.00 worth of other debt to thi...

Capital One Auto Finance — refusing to goto arbitration!

Capital One Auto Finance stated 12/07/2007 via UPS they will refuse any arbitration of any kind this is a direct violation of the FAA act of 1921 I filed arbitration claim...

Pl Banks

Capital One Bank — terrible service!

In 8/2006 I bought a statue for $4,000. The comp. Elliot in new jersey, delivered damaged. I refused it. They promised me new one I never got it. I called capital one on 9/15/2006...

Capital One Auto Finance — rip off!

My husband purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado in the fall of 2004 with an auto loan from out then bank Hibernia National Bank. In December of the following year Hibernia sent out...

Capital One Auto Finance — scam and cheating!

Since the onset of my Capital One Auto Loan (March 2005) I have made monthly payments ($587.23) on time, never late. Actually, I’ve always paid at least 2-3...

Capital One Mastercardnot paying creditor

I opened an account with Capital One in order to transfer my high interest rate line of credit balance to their Master Card. I went through the process on November 22 and the transfer was approved. Six days later I checked my line of credit account online and it was still showing the same balance. I contacted them and they told that they had not received the money. I contacted Capital One and was told that they just approved the payment. This is 6 days after original approval! I continued to check daily and nothing changed. I kept getting canned messages from Capital One, in response to my enquiries, saying that he payment was approvd on Nov. 22 and to please contact them if I have more questions! Today, December 10, twenty days after the original approval, the line of credit account is still unpaid. So I called Capital One again, only to be told that they experienced problems sending the money electronically and had to mail it, and with the holidays and state of USPS, it could be a while. They mailed the check! What if they don't get it, or if it gets lost? The customer service rep was like a tape recorder. Nothing to say outside of the script that she had.
Now, my Capital One statement says I owe them $4,006, with the first payment due in two weeks, my line of credit provider shows $4065 ($4006 + $59 in iterest becuase the money was not paid).
I cannot wait until the $4006 is paid to my line of credit account, I pay off Capital One and throw their card away. One thing I can tell you is that a Capital One card will never be in my wallet. Their service and the way they practice their business (of ripping customers off) is deplorable. For God sake, do NOT apply for Capital One card, they suck.

Capital One / Credit Cards And Loansfraud on billing statements!

If you look at all the major banks giving out mortgages and credit cards you will see on the bill the problem facing the American consumer. The banks are the problem and they need to stop extorting people off of fraudulent billing, financing, and late fees like Capital One Bank.

Capital Ones stock price lacks the real finical stability to hold the weight of water; this company’s stock should be dumped back too the company for a profit. Capital One has various consumer management problems, vary bad PR and costumer service. These factors are some of the main problem with the mortgage and banking crisis, this company finds unrealistic ways to make money off of the basic consumer, with fraudulent charges, unrealistic fixed rates on mortgages, and the financing of late fees or a charge that is financed by a credit card that is made by the company of the credit card issuer. ** ##

It is in the low $50’s and it really should be in the low $10’s for the practicing of credit defamation on the American consumer and helping the credit/mortgage crisis in America

Consumer Protection needs to be implemented into place over these types of banks like Capital One, and major Banks need to pay the same price as the basic consumer does with a rating system like the Credit bureaus give when he or she applies for credit, mortgages, or for banking needs. And to have harassing companies like Midland Credit Management, Allied Interstate, and The Westmoreland Agency calling them 5 times a day while harassing them at work, at home, on the holidays, and the weekends just like how Capital Ones Collations agencies do.

Capital Ones price is to high for a company that is next in line on the credit melt down and mortgage crisis

The Federal Trade Commission and the federal financial regulatory agencies or now in talks to implement section 312 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, which amends The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Links to complaints and laws,

Complaints about Capital One

Title 12--Banks and Banking ---

Fair credit billing Act ---

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ---

Index to relating laws ---

Colorado laws on late charges




Subpart A_General

Sec. 226.4 Finance charge.

(a) Definition. The finance charge is the cost of consumer credit as a dollar amount. It includes any charge payable directly or indirectly by the consumer and imposed directly or indirectly by the creditor as an incident to or a condition of the extension of credit. It does not include any charge of a type payable in a comparable cash transaction.

(1) Charges by third parties. The finance charge includes fees and amounts charged by someone other than the creditor, unless otherwise excluded under this section, if the creditor:

(i) Requires the use of a third party as a condition of or an incident to the extension of credit, even if the consumer can choose the third party; or

(ii) Retains a portion of the third-party charge, to the extent of the portion retained.

(2) Special rule; closing agent charges. Fees charged by a third party that conducts the loan closing (such as a settlement agent, attorney, or escrow or title company) are finance charges only if the creditor:

(i) Requires the particular services for which the consumer is charged;

(ii) Requires the imposition of the charge; or

(iii) Retains a portion of the third-party charge, to the extent of the portion retained.

(3) Special rule; mortgage broker fees. Fees charged by a mortgage broker (including fees paid by the consumer directly to the broker or to the creditor for delivery to the broker) are finance charges even if the creditor does not require the consumer to use a mortgage broker and even if the creditor does not retain any portion of the charge.

(b) Example of finance charge. The finance charge includes the following types of charges, except for charges specifically excluded by paragraphs (c) through (e) of this section:

(1) Interest, time price differential, and any amount payable under an add-on or discount system of additional charges.

(2) Service, transaction, activity, and carrying charges, including any charge imposed on a checking or other transaction account to the extent that the charge exceeds the charge for a similar account without a credit feature.

(3) Points, loan fees, assumption fees, finder's fees, and similar charges.

(4) Appraisal, investigation, and credit reportfees.

(5) Premiums or other charges for any guarantee or insurance protecting the creditor against the consumer's default or other credit loss.

(6) Charges imposed on a creditor by another person for purchasing or accepting a consumer's obligation, if the consumer is required to pay the charges in cash, as an addition to the obligation, or as a deduction from the proceeds of the obligation.

(7) Premiums or other charges for credit life, accident, health, or loss-of-income insurance, written in connection with a credit transaction.

(8) Premiums or other charges for insurance against loss of or damage to property, or against liability arising out of the ownership or use of property, written in connection with a credit transaction.

(9) Discounts for the purpose of inducing payment by a means other than the use of credit.

(10) Debt cancellation fees. Charges or premiums paid for debt cancellation coverage written in connection with a credit transaction, whether or not the debt cancellation coverage is insurance under applicable law.

(c) Charges excluded from the finance charge. The following charges are not finance charges:

(1) Application fees charged to all applicants for credit, whether or not credit is actually extended.

(2) Charges for actual unanticipated late payment, for exceeding a credit limit, or for delinquency, default, or a similar occurrence.

(3) Charges imposed by a financial institution for paying items that overdraw an account, unless the payment of such items and the imposition
of the charge were previously agreed upon in writing.

(4) Fees charged for participation in a credit plan, whether assessed on an annual or other periodic basis.

Capital One Credit Cardlate night phone call

On more than one occasion, I have had Capital One call my house as late as 11pm. Upon contacting the company to file a complaint, I was told that they can call my house whenever they feel! What they do not realize is that I have two young children (6 & 3) who wake up when the phone rings at this time of night. I have requested that they stop calling my house and have even cancelled my credit card with them ( my husband still has one) but they continue to call late at night and REFUSE to stop! It is ridiculous! John, the "Account Manager" even told me that I could not speak to his supervisor. Now, we all know that that is a bunch of bull. Unless you want to wake up in the middle of the night, DO NOT do business with Capital One!

failure to close credit card account

My account was paid off as requested by a Capital One supervisor who stated the pay off amount be more than due to cover any additional charges that might be presented over the 30...

shifting due dates reulting in fees!

You know those Capital One commercials that end with a barbaric looking character asking “what’s in your wallet?” Well apparently pirates. Capital One is just like the rest of the credit card companies, and just like pirates they pillage. What’s worse is that they take from their good customers for no reason other then to line their own pockets.

Case and point, on the 29th of July, 2007 I reviewed my then current statement from Capital One. It said that for the prior month I had been charged a late fee of $29, and an over the limit fee of $29. To my amazement I realized that my due date had been moved up from the 10th, to the 7th for the month of May, and to the 1st for the current month June. I was technically late on the 7th for the May payment even though my payment to them posted before the 10th. Capital One charged the late fee, which put me over the limit. I was now liable for the over the limit fee, and charged as well. Like millions of people I make my payments about the same time every month especially now that I use on-line banking. During this period I realized that I would be late for that current month payment because the new due date was now the 1st (hmm). This meant that I would be charged a total of $89 in fees in two months.

To my surprise a Capital One representative called me on the 2nd to inform me that I was once again late (now by less than 24 hours). When I questioned him about the due dates moving he informed me that the company has the right to do so. I then asked him if I could request the due date to be changed back to the 10th. He said that this would require two billing periods, WHAT??? It is important to note that in subsequent phone calls to Capital One two other representatives told me that Capital One does not move due dates. I said, “I have the statements indicating that your company did move the dates.” They offered to remove one late fee and the overdraft fee. I wanted no part of doing business with a company that behaves this way. I promptly paid-off the credit card and requested that the account be closed. Then things became even more disturbing.

About a month later I received a statement not confirming that my account was closed, but informing me that I owed yet again another fee of $29 plus finance charges that they could not clearly explain. By the time I finished dealing with Capital One on this matter they had tried to charge approximately $130 fees within three months. They reduced this amount by two late fees, but that is not the point.

We all know when we are truly late, but charging us fees by using deliberate tactics to make it difficult to pay on time is STEELING. Making it nearly impossible to close the account, and charging even more fees should be illegal. Auto lenders must give payoffs good for a few days at a guaranteed amount, and so should these credit card thieves.

continuous "finance" charges after 8 months canceled card!

I have been getting bills after I cleared out my capital one credit card. Then, some strange $1.83 charge showed up and another bill was sent. Then, the next month, a $15 charge was on for finance. After I tried and tried to get a real human on the phone for days and days, to no avail, I finally pay the $16.83 bill only now to get my mail and get yet another $15 charge! I have not used this card in months. It is cut up. Will this ever end? What do I have to do to get rid of this horrible company? They are committing a crime by stealing from me. I don't want their services and will tell anyone I can that they are not the credit card that anyone should use. I am writing the Better Business Bureau and any other organization that will take my complaint.

Orchard Bank - Credit Cardsmajor rip off!

Orchard Bank -

This company is a major ripoff. I just closed out two accounts with them and they were the only credit card company I paid off that I had to send extra money to pay off completely. I also paid off two Capital Ones and a Juniper card at the same time and they accepted the amount they had posted online, no phone calls needed to zero out my accounts.

Now, Orchard has credited my accounts and owes me money. One card they seem to have handled ok. The other card.... well, they are trying to make me pay a month's interest and I called them today and Dave (real name of the guy I talked to there, no last name given even though I asked repeatedly) said they would refund my $19.32 interest payment. Thieves....

And it would take them 10 days to get me a check. Dave said they were not set up to put money back into my bank account only take money out of it. I did tell him I wanted 20% interest for the 10 days it would take them to get my money back to me. After all, my bank account earns interest although it's only chomp-change and that money could be earning interest instead of costing me money.

Orchard Bank is also the only one that delayed posting my payments for a couple days but not if you pay on a Friday and the payment is due on a Sunday. You will be late as they can only charge you a late fee on Sundays, not post any payments. I have personally called them each month for the last 6 months and had them remove the late fee. Which they did after I ranted at them.

Also, the payment must be paid online before 12pm est to be posted in 2 days or it will take 3 days to post. And as that wasn't true a few months ago, it must be a new rule to steal your money from you. And they also charge you to make a phone payment or a same day payment. Do not even try to mail in a payment, you are just asking for them to charge you a late fee and an interest rate increase.

They also are the only cards I had that were 25% and 30% which is double my capital one cards and triple my juniper interest rates. This rate change came about only after my cards were about maxed out. Gave me a BS story on it and told me they would lower it after a month with no activity, which turned out to be a major LIE!!!

Orchard bank cards are one big con job on the unsuspecting person as they change their rules to suit Orchard Bank and no one else. Grifters...

beware of capital one, they will rip you off!

Capital one -

I've had credit since 1992. I have perfect credit, except for capital one saying my bill was a day late. I find it very hard to believe, since I make my payments weeks in advance. But that's another story..

I only signed up with them in the first place, because they told me that I would have a 9.9% interest rate for the life of my card. Two years after they said my bill was late, they jacked my rate up to 18.9%, without telling me, and without a reason. It took me months to get them to change it back, and only after I put in a request for them to lower it back down, to where it was supposed to be in the first place. I've waited and waited, but they haven't adjusted my balance.

Beware of capital one. They will rip you off!

Capital One - 0% Balance Transfer Checkcharged 23.63% finance charge

In July 2007 I cashed a 0% balance transfer check from Capital One, and each month since then have not only been charged 23.63% of finance charges, my principle balance even with the excess charges has not been properly credited. I have talked to account managers and senior account managers who have promised to correct this problem with written confirmation, and each time the problem only seems to get worse. After 3 months of payments in excess of $400, less than $30 has been credited toward the am0unt of the original transfer.

Is there anyone else who has encountered a similar problem?

Capital One - Credit Carddo not trust capital one!

Capital One

Capital One Credit card, The no hassle credit card, What is in your wallet? It won't be Capital One for much longer. We purchased a year of Sun Rocket VOIP phone service on June 21st. On July 19th we were informed that Sun Rocket was bankrupt, we had never even used the service. We were billed and had paid on June 21st (the last day of our billing cycle. We called Capital One, spoke to Eric who reassured us that because it was under 30 days that Capital One would credit back the account. They did credit back the $244.06 on our July billing, but the charge came back on our August billing. I called the Consumer investigations department for Capital One. The not very nice "lady" advised me that since Sunrocket went bankrupt, they had to collect from someone. I asked about Capital Ones guarantee against fraud, I had sent supportive data via fax to them that supported the fraud claim. "Too bad" I was forced to pay the $244.06 for services never received, the customer no service "lady" "Anita" promptly hung up on me. We will be applying for and obtaining another credit card after I get back from helping my daughter after the birth of my grandson. Timing was horrible for me to terminate the card at the time because of the traveling that I had to do. I will rectify this ASAP. Do not trust the nice person on the phone that reassures you that CAPITAL ONE loves you as a customer. Their what is in your wallet and the NO HASSLE crap is just that, a line of crap. I had been very pleased with them up until then, even terminated another credit card because I had received such great service. I guess, I must not be that great of a customer after all.

increased interest rate!

I am 52 years old and have always had excellent credit. I am never late on a payment and have credit scores from 760-790. I have had a Capital One credit card for years with an interest rate of 9.9%. Recently they sent me a statement that my interest rate would be increased to 16.99%. I haven't paid this much interest on a card in many years and have never had a credit card increase my rate and don't understand how they can do this when I am not in default on anything. A couple of years ago when I checked my credit report I noticed that Capital One was showing 2 30 day late on my account. I knew this was incorrect and filed a complaint and this was corrected and taken off my credit report. I could understand an increase in my rate if I was a credit risk but I have worked diligently to keep a good credit score and do not have to take this. I will be canceling this account.

Capital One Credit Cardunable to close account / fees charged

I have tried numerous times to close this account through Capital One. The card has been destroyed and there is no recurring charges on the account, except for the 3.00 monthly fee charged by the company. This charge is accumulating interest of 19.80% monthly. I have called three times today to get this account closed. I was put on hold and the phone goes dead. Please help me I want to keep a good credit report and I always pay my bills on time. I feel frustrated and cheated by this company. There is none to speak to and even when I do, they do not close the account.

Ann K Carter / William Harwell

Capital One Credit Cardunreasonable apr of 28.15%

I also am a longtime personal and business client of CapitalOne, current on all my payments.

I run a small start up business and over the past 18 months was late on a couple payments, neither more than 30 days. To my surprise, this month, my APR soared to 28.15%!

I contacted CapitalOne and asked for a rate reduction and explained the circumstances and trials of being a small business. Their answer... "Tough Luck".

I cancelled my business card and intend to cancel my personal card as well. 28.15% APR is criminal and completely unreasonable even for a few late payments, when all other credit factors, score, personal card from same company, etc.. are impeccable.

Use CapitalOne at your own risk!

Capital One Auto Finance — ruined my credit

I transfered my car loan to Capital One Auto Finance in November of last year. I paid my payment on time every month. I have not been late with a car payment ever! Suddenly, I...

raised fixed interest rates

To my suprise, Capital One raised my "fixed" rates from 8.9% to 13.9% without my knowledge. Yes, I'm sure Capital One has all their bases covered. I'm sure they did...

Capital One Credit Card — unfair interest practice

I recently took advantage of a Capital One "0% interest on balance transfers" offer. No where in the offer did it explain that no, they would not charge interest on your transfer...

Capital One Credit Card Company — fraud business practices!

I am seeking to file a complaint against Capital One Credit Card Company for fraudulent practices. I have also contacted my congressperson and both California Senators in writing...

Orchard Bank — credit card hidden fees and poor service

I had an Orchard Bank visa and cancelled it due to its hidden fees and poor service I have been making payments monthly to them and they keep calling even after i told them to stop but they want even more money.