Camel Crush Mentholnew packaging sucks

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I have bought cigarettes 3 x and the store workers have given me menthol silver bc your company made the new packaging so like that of the new regular menthol packaging. This has happened numerous times and causes me (the buyer of your product) unnecessary inconvenience and stress in order to make sure I'm sold the product I paid for. I'm going to have to switch brands due to this. Your company lost a customer just because you made it hard for your own customers to purchase regular menthol.

Mar 18, 2019
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  • Er
      Mar 27, 2019

    OMFG!!! The SAME THING has happened to me more times than I care to think about since this awful ReDesign was launched. The Awfulness began around Camel's "Think Tank" Conference Table, continued on its way to Manufacturing & after a Billion Carton of this Awful Design was deposited in Stores, where the BS surrounding this blasphemous Design amps up when I ask for a Pack of "Camel Menthol", NOT LIGHT, but Camel MENTHOL & the Store Employee picks up the Pack, rings it up, gladly takes my $8.50 & then I don't find out they're the wrong 1s til after I've opened them & discover White Filters looking back at me, instead of the Tan Color... This immediately sends me over the edge, because I can't take them back now that they're open & I know I'll be miserable Smoking them in a fashion reminiscent of a Chain Smoker just to get through the Pack faster... ORRRR I'll have go spend another $8.50 & be totally livid... Which all this Drama, BS & Theft of Money not only makes my Blood Boil, due to the fact that Camel will have gotten an Extra Pack worth of Money out of me, but makes me Crazy ALL because Camel FELT THE NEED TO AGREE ON A NEW PACK DESIGN THAT'S HANDS DOWN DOG CRAP!! Did they NOT look over the Faux Paper Design before approving it for Production?! Because that's what I think. I REFUSE to believe a Company as big as Camel purposely put out a Design this Sucky. The ONLY WAY to tell the difference between Menthol & Silver, is that BS Fine Print Labeling that gets lost in the Blue/Green & Black background. REALLY?!

    I guess the only reason I'm here leaving this Comment, under your Complaint (Which I intend on leaving a separate Complaint, is that I literally just packed & opened what should have been my Brand New Pack of Camel Menthol & instead I'm stuck smoking Menthol Silver. Blasphemy!!! Ugh!!! So disappointed! So I'm now scouring the Internet looking for a Complaint Form to tear them a New 1 & to basically force their hands in giving me Vouchers for Free Smokes, or something equally as good, to give back a portion of the Money, I had to doubly spend on Smokes since this "Should be Fired" or "Should be Boycotted" ReDesign was put on shelves. I think giving me some Free stuff, or Coupons for $1 Pk Smokes, in exchange is more than fair. Smh.

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  • Al
      Aug 04, 2019

    Same here the new design has left employees confused since every pack of Camel crush regular has a different design in the carton, the employee has no idea what they're doing due to the new design camel has made and has led me to spend more money after opening up the wrong pack which they won't take back.

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  • Pa
      Sep 01, 2019

    I smoke the silvers and have accidentally
    purchased upwards of 30 packs of regular crush packs. To strong, cant be returned. With Illinois tax this is to expensive. Guess I am going to switch to a non rj Reynolds cigarette. If I stay with them they are out nothing for their poor judgment. To bad I liked the crush silvers.

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