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I'm constantly receiving spam from Camel. I'm in Australia and the Camel website doesn't allow me to log in from outside the US. Even when I use methods to fool the website, my "account" doesn't seem to exist and the email address the spam is sent to is not listed in their database.

The REALLY weird thing is I'm not a smoker, nor have I ever been.

This is clearly a stretch by Reynolds to expand their marketing reach but it's also illegal under Australian law and I would suspect also under US law.


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      Dec 24, 2017

    I'm in UK, and I have the same problem. Somebody called KHALID has signed up to camel emails using my address! To unsubscribe you have to login to a profile, which requires KHALIDs personal details. I'm sure this is against advertising laws! Clicking on forgot my password and entering my e-mail doesn't work.
    I am also a non-smoker and if I were I minor this would definitely be illegal advertising!
    I've looked everywhere for a Camel contact e-mail address, no luck, can someone provide one? All I can find is the telephone number. I do not want to phone an international (probably premium) number just to stop unsolicited email's!!!
    Camel need to sort out the way they confirm users email addresses (They DON'T)!!!

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