CamelI miss the old camel blue lights m

L Jul 05, 2018 Review updated:

Dear Camel,

Why did you have to change a good thing? The new camel blue lights are not the same. A friend that works for camel confirmed. I'm so upset by this change that I'm about to rip my hair out. I have gone through and already use up every gas station, mini mart, smoke shop and grocery store that sells tobacco products.
Please I'm begging you send your extra old school camel blue lights my way. I'm loosing my mind.
I want to cry.
Thank you
Laura McGivney


  • Mo
    Monica.6.7 Jul 10, 2018

    SAME!!! I HATE THE NEW ONES THEYRE DRIVING ME INSANE!!! i keep going to the local mini marts that still have the old packs, enjoying one right now honestly lol

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  • Jo
    Johnny TheBlonde Jul 24, 2018

    Monica is there a way to see which ones are different? So far what I've noticed is the silver piece you need to tear off doesn't come off on the dotted line as easily.. I want my Camel Blue, the one that had that butterscotch caramel taste.

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