Caltex / poor service by rude manager kelvin

Jc Oct 11, 2014 Pietermaritzburg

l went to Caltex garage in PMB at Commercial street and Burger street. it was at 6:30 l filled up my tank and paid almost R1000, l was going back to Northern Cape Kuruman where l stay so l asked the petrol attendent to check oil. the lady could not tell that she was not able to take out the dip stick, she forced it and later broke the thick plastic that joins the dipstick to the engen, l saw this hapenning and rushed to her bt damage was already done, we called the manager who arrive past 7. Kelvin the manager arrived and never listened to what hapenned but rather said this pipe did not break here. he went on to even say to me l dont know how to service my car. l just told him that he cant say the pipe was broken long time because no one would drive a car with such a problem because oil would spill. he called me to his office where he was just threatening me. l decided to go and buy that pipe and l got it for R47. l also got a mechanic who charged me R50 to fix. l was very surprised by this customer service l got from Kelvin. he was very rude and just imagine l had paid R1000 at their station for petrol

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