CaixaBankmy account

Please help me. I am trying to access my account funds to pay my rent.
I have a joint account with my fiancé and we don't have a card and only I have mobile banking. My fiance was never given mobile banking login details.
I need to withdraw money or transfer money to another Caixa bank account to pay for my house rent. And I will be evicted tomorrow if I do not pay.
My fiance went to Dubai for a short time for work but now has to stay in Dubai and will not be returning to Spain.
She has called the branch and the customer service number to get mobile banking login details so she can authorize me to withdraw money but the branch says she can only get these by going to the branch to get them.
She is not returning to Spain and we need to obtain our money. Please help us.
We have tried everything.
All I want to do is have access to the money that is legally ours.
I do not want to take legal matters to do this.
Please contact me today.

Andrew Deakin

Sep 30, 2019

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