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If you are considering working as a at&t contractor in birmingham, and the guy on the other end of the line tells you he is from c4 connections authorized saes agent and his name is carl blust run!

These guys are slick and very good at what they do - and he will steal from you.

Don't get me wrong. At&t is legitimate and there is a lot of money to be made by hard working contractors. You should understand.

I am not bitter about selling the product. Since leaving c4 I have hooked up with another contractor and am doing great. I actually get paid and I dont have to listen to somebody drop the f-bomb in meetings everyday. That gets really old and I hope whoever is reading this won't fall into his trap. This guy has black teeth talking about how he use to be a meth-head, but then if one of us do bad he go's off on you infront of everybody and ridicule you. This was very embarrassing and I didn't even want to hit the field because he will make you feel like crap. The man says he has $750, 000 in the bank when he looks like a homeless person. Yea right the he's full of you know what.

He will get you into the business, show you how to sell then...
Let the cheating begin.

You're fired after your next complaint. Or fired if your late to his meetings what a jerk

If you are good they'll offer you a gm position - they still won't pay you what they owe you, they'll just keep dangling the carrot. If you still make noise - you're fired - then they drop the real bomb - their independant contractor agreement states they keep all of your money for 90-180 days for chargebacks.

Myself and half a dozen other past agents are putting together a class action suit against c4 connections and carl blust.


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  • Tr
    Tracy Reyna Feb 19, 2007

    It all started about five months before my father moved out of his rental due to it being sold. They were sending my father who is a senior citizen bills and mind you he was on the lifeline service plan. His normal bills for years would be no more than 5 or so dollars a month. Around that price. Then he mentioned to me that his bills were getting higher. When I called for my father. We found out some unknown person has put computer related email call charges on his phone bill without his knowledge or consent. Those figures added roughly about 75.00 out of his pocket. I called the service lady at AT and T and told her he needed to be reimbursed and those were unauthorized. She agreed to file the dispute and that my father would receive a check for the amount after she submitted to another department so they could figure out the taxes part.

    Also when my father moved. He asked them to forward his same phone number to the new location. That was never carried out. There was back and forth with calling them to ask when it would get turned on at the new location. Then he was told he needed inside wiring. He had that checked out and found out it was not the inside wiring. Meanwhile they were adding some bogus charged to his bill for not even having a phone! I called the lady and spoke with the technical dept that went out to investigate. They did indeed agree that it was a wire that was defective on their part. I spoke with the lady at AT and T and told her all this and she said that he would get another bill and to avoid paying it. That he would get a check soon afterwards. That was not the case. Also when my father moved. They stated he owed them seventy dollars before they would turn the phone on. That my father paid. On to the story.

    He never got a check for the seventy five dollars of bogus charges on his phone bill. He never got all the charges off for not having phone service since he moved. They were trying to charge for that. Crazy but yes.

    Meanwhile I had to turn on my phone. I went with this company. My bills have been 75.00 a month just using it for dial up for my computer. I applied for the lifeline service myself. And they keep stating they didn't receive it so they sent out another one. Then I filled that one out and sent back and they state it was three days late past the due date. Therefore they don't elect to send me another lifeline form and they are charging me fines for not receiving it? 21.00 for not getting the form in time. Weird. However I submitted the complaints over to the puc to investigate. My father got a twenty dollar check in the mail from AT and T?

    Where the seventy five and seventy he paid? And my bill is higher than the cell phones I own. Its up to seventy here and there a month. And when I tell them that I just use it for dial up for my aol and I haven't even dialed any toll and long distance at all. Why is the bill so high?

    They say well I see this one charge for not receiving your lifeline form. They are charging me??? For not receiving a lifeline form? A charge here and there. And they can't explain the rest to me. And the weird part is. Where is the PUC to determine and help us??? Why did my father only receive a twenty dollar check? Can they add?

    Meanwhile they state to me really rude with a care less attitude. The forms get handled elsewhere for the qualifying for the lifeline service. And we can only send out so many. But after speaking with the girl at the lifeline service. She states that isn't true. Call the phone company and ask for another one and re submit it. Regardless I have to take my business elsewhere. I refuse to pay willingly to being just plain ripped off.

    I would not recommend their rip off practices to anyone. And I am highly upset with the PUC for not handling the complaints fairly either. I am calling the puc today to personally direct my frustration about this company or channel seven on your side.

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  • St
    Steve Easton Jul 05, 2007

    I have had the same Internet connection for almost 4 years. It has always been trouble free, fast, and no nonsense.

    Recently AT&T took over Bellsouth, and now I have nothing but trouble. Email problems, files too big to send or receive, disconnections, daily.

    Would like to know how many others have this same problem.

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  • Ca
    Carmen Corrigan Jul 26, 2007

    To Whom It May Concern,

    The business I'm complaining about does not have a person or department to speak with regarding their bill collection tactics. Instead, they enlist a faceless, automated harassing machine that phones the customer daily and continually, without regard to the time of day or night.

    We cancelled their service and owe $35 dollars. The company's name is: AT&T.

    In one day alone, AT&T called 35 times. I have no choice but to answer the phone as I have a very sick relative and cannot afford to avoid it. When asked who I might speak with, the response is always "I cannot hear ma'me, there's something wrong with YOUR connection". The callers appear to be located in another country.

    I was under the impression that the practice of harassing a customer to collect money was illegal.

    Can anyone help?

    Carmen E. Corrigan

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  • Ka
    Kathy Applegate Sep 14, 2007

    I am fed up with the service att wireless has offered. Their commercials are bogus and their customer service stinks. Their contract is even worse. I have between 10-15 dropped calls daily. Also, there are many times on a daily basis that I have to walk around the house or hang out the window or even worse, stand out in the cold on the front step to make or receive a phone call. I have 4 phones. The cost for the family plan with all the extras like text messaging, minutes and insurance my bill was over 400 dollars a month. That's crazy... whoever said talk is cheap... they didn't know what they were talking about. I have turned off all but one phone because I am so dissatisfied with att. My bill still hovers around $110 a month and that is totally stripped of any extras and I still have to pay 9.99 a month until my contract is up on June 30 for the 3 other phones that are not even active. I am now on my boyfriends Verizon contract and he has two phones. The bill is never more than $75 a month and I can get service everywhere. I have never had a dropped call and I don't have to stand outside or hang out my window to get reception! So, att sucks and I can't wait until my contract is up on June 30... never again att!

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Faulkner Sep 19, 2007

    Does anyone know what can be done about AT&T Wireless service? My calls drop, my signal bar is "one or two" strength. AT&T indicates that they DO NOT HAVE TO GUARANTEE SERVICE. But, depending on the rep I speak with, here is their response: *we have no towers in the area, *we have two towers and cannot understand why no service*it's your phone*when Cingular switched to AT&T, it affected the towers*and NO we cannot allow you out of your legal contract which expires in April 2008. I have 3 phones on the family plan; but I'm not an important client. I've used ATT/Cingular for 9 years... this is my reward....

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  • Co
    Colin Westcott Sep 21, 2007

    I'm having the same experience. For the last two months our wireless coverage within 4 blocks of our house is spotty at best, 50% of our phone calls drop. AT&T's customer service opened a "trouble ticket" saying they had problems with the local tower a month ago. After no communication for a month (giving them the benefit of the doubt) I called this morning to find out that my trouble ticket had been "resolved". Umm, what? Guess they forgot to give me a call to make sure it resolved my issue. Now they're saying I can't get out of my contract without paying a fee. Aren't they missing the fact that a contract goes both ways? They have obligations to me, as much as I have obligations to them.
    Every time I call, I have to tell the whole story to some new person who refuses to give me a direct line to contact them again. There is absolutely no accountability there. I had a technical service agent tell me that she had "bigger problems" than me. I had one customer service agent try to upsell me to a higher service plan... unreal.

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  • Mi
    MICHAEL VALES Sep 28, 2007

    AT&T customer service is awful at best. I was on the phone with one of the customer service representatives and she placed me on hold more than once while disputing my bill. I finally told her, “I need to speak to your supervisor.” To no surprise, she exhibited the same attitude. The plans AT&T has to offer are enticing, but their customer service department representative’s lack in respect and satisfaction for their customers. Therefore, I’m actively searching for a wireless plan from a different company that at least takes care of their customers in respect and satisfaction. Thus, if the customer service department representative’s continues to practice the same old bad attitude, lack of respect, and satisfaction for their customers, then the so called, “New AT&T.” is just a temporary band aid for the inevitable. Remember, history tends to repeat itself.

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  • De
    Debbie Atherton Jan 21, 2008

    I changed my long distance service to ATT on Novemer 17, 2007 and was told I was eligible for a $50 rebate. I was asked to wait 3 weeks due to processing delay and then register for the rebate. It is now January 21, 2008 and no rebate. I called the rebate center and now they tell me that I am NOT eligible for the refund. I have been on the phone for the last 3 hours back and forth with these inefficient customer service reps and their supervisors who will tell you anything to get you signed up and then fail to come through with their promises. I have been accused of lying, have been apologized to for people who lied to me or did not understand that what they offered me was not in existence, and any other pathetic excuse you can imagine. I have been overcharged for the last two months for my services and have had to fight with ATT in order to get my money returned. What a mistake to think I could actually do legitimate business with these people.

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  • Mg
    m groover Feb 28, 2008

    I recently received a couple of collect phone calls, each lasting 1 to 3 minutes in length. My AT&T bill was charged 29.59 for each call and told that each call was 10 minutes , when I called to inquire about the charge, the woman I talked to said there is a 5 minute minimum on every collect call and the minutes you talk are added on to that. This is a scam, very unfair, what can the general public do to protect ourselves against this, at no time were we aware or were we told of this fee or of the 5 minute minimum rate. The public needs to become aware of the practices of this company, I know that I am not alone and not the first to be scammed. I hope you can offer some help or suggestions.

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  • Ju
    Jules Apr 30, 2008

    I have been with AT&T since 2000. It has been all in all a good company, except when it comes to their marketing tactics. They will tell you anything to get you to sign a contract and buy a phone. This time I was promised $120 unlimited voice, text, and internet. Ask the girl, Christina, six times to verify. I was told the only way to get the plan was to buy the extraordinarily expensive I-Phone ($500) . Took home the phone, opened the package- the lady at AT&T verified the plan with me, at $140.00. Sure AT&T charges you only $120, but they don't tell you Apple will charge you an additional $20, so that your bill is actually $140. Took the phone back, and they charged me a 10% restocking fee. The sales people, at the store, treated my horribly, especially Carlos. Fortunately, AT&T- the company (not the store) gave me a credit to make up for the stocking fee, and cancelled the contract. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE.

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  • Valerie Jun 18, 2008

    After paying my bill with AT&T in FULL, the company decided not to restore my service unless I paid a 500.00 dep per line (I had 3 lines). When I refused, they sent my account to a collection company suing me for 583.12. These charges are termination fees plus 18% of my previous balance. How is it that these companies can do this to consumers? I did not want my account terminated, they made that decision and are suing me for early termination fees? How can that be fair to the consumer? How is it legal for companies to be able to do this?

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  • Br
    britgal Jul 28, 2008

    ever since i switched my phone service with att to vonage i kept the high speed internet with att but it seems ever since i have done that my internet service has been acting up when i call customer service i cannot understand anything the rep say because nine times out of ten there in india or somewhere and are not very friendly right now my internet problem still has not been resolved but in the mean time i am paying for service i am not receving very unhappy customer

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  • Valerie Jul 30, 2008

    I purchased an AT&T Tilt Phone from a local store in Fremont for my daughter on 05/08/2008 that was at a cost of $448.11. Today, while my daughter was on the phone, the phone went dead. No power. She went to the store, they put a new battery and tested the phone, but with no luck, it didnt turn on. They asked her to contact AT&T.

    She called on five separate occasions, and she was told, because the phone is older than 30days, all they can do is to give her a refurbished phone. Off-course she was very upset. My husband came home and also called the call center. They gave him the same answer. My husband said, we paid over $400 for a brand new phone, it dies, after 35plus days, and all u can give me is a refurbished phone?

    He talked to the supervisor who said the same thing, we no other help. The store where we bought the phone said specifically, that if anything went before 30days, to bring it back to the store and they would replace it. If after 30days, call AT&T and they will replace it with a brand new phone. No one said (sales people) it would be refurbished. In talking with supervisor, he said he has had few of the same type of complaints, which off-course, if he is one of the Manager who has had to deal with this type of issue, then there must be so many other similar types of complaint to managers like those. There seems to be something wrong with the phone and has defects. In addition, I was not given any names for me to escalate this issue to at AT&T.

    I am now filing a complaint with my Credit Card company and the BBB.

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  • Lo
    louise gould Aug 06, 2008

    I was charge 1.44 service charge. I called and changed my payment date and was authorized a new one, I paid the account in Full and expect
    the service chage to be creditedl.
    accont member Louise Gould
    No.5491 1392 5017 5834

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  • Valerie Aug 27, 2008

    On July 3, 2008 I discovered that a residential phone line had been fraudulently opened in my name with AT&T, and this was just the beginning of my extremely upsetting experience. I live in New Hampshire, and the phone line was opened in Miramar, Florida. I feel absolutely sick over how easy it was for these criminals to open an account with AT&T, but how extremely difficult it has been to be exonerated from this theft. AT&T opened this account in 5 minutes or less, and yet I have now spent the last 6 weeks making calls, sending faxes, e-mails, and certified mail trying to prove my innocence. Again, I requested that a supervisor call me back, and I was told that someone would call me back by the end of the week. "Mondays are very busy." Why????? What is wrong with AT&T's Customer Service? I keep being told they still need more information- even after I have sent them exactly what they have requested. AT&T has the worst Customer Service that I have ever dealt with. I truly hope that anyone reading this has not had the same awful experience. It is because AT&T (Bell South) opened up this phone line so freely for these thieves, that a dozen credit cards were also able to be fraudulently opened in my name. So, a word of advise - check your credit report to be sure you don't have an inquiry from Bell South (DBA) AT&T. The Identity Theft thieves open up phone lines in other states so the credit card companies can call and verify the new change of address, and then send out credit cards in your ... name. Good luck.

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  • Valerie Sep 11, 2008

    Hello. My complaint has to do with AT&T's lack of customer service/billing. When I call customer service to ask a question, I get put on hold, and half the time, I am either just left on hold, or the call gets disconnected. This is very frustrating, especially when I have past due amount to be paid, and need to make arrangements to pay it before they shut off my service for non-payment. I cannot afford to lose service, or am not able to switch to a company with real customer service.

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  • Jv
    J.VALLEY Sep 29, 2008


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  • Fr
    Francisco Oct 02, 2008

    The customer service is terrible. Do you know who to talk to and hopefully change that? My previous provider was sprint and i never had a problem.

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  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    I am an AT&T customer for the last 8 months, before which i had their wireless services for 5 years.

    I have had a really bad experience with AT&T for the last 2 weeks. My service was dis-connected due to non-payment of services, when in fact I have already paid the bill through direct deposit. Given that I work from home, I needed the service re-installed quickly. So I went ahead and paid my entire bill again, till they investigated the earlier payments. I also paid my next month's bill in advance. I was then transferred to Customer service, then to technical service, and back to Accounts Payable. Dis-connected, and finally after another 2 hours, I was told that it will take 5 days to re-start my service.

    This morning, an AT&T repair person called (out of the blue) asking us to be home in next 15 min as they needed to check my connection (no idea why all of a sudden my connection is 'broken'). When I returned the call after an hour (meetings at office), the person was EXTREMELY rude and told me to call the 800 number, as the next time he would be able to come would be after a week!

    We have spent over 4 hours on the phone with various departments with NO resolution. This has been a terrible experience and if AT&T does not resolve this, WITH CUSTOMER IN mind, I will be sending complaints to BBB and the AT&T board.

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  • Mi
    Mitch Oct 23, 2008

    Letter to ATT:
    To whom it may concern,
    I have experienced an excessive number of dropped calls while on the ATT network.
    In July 2008, i purchased a new iPhone 3G, and have had approximately 30% of my calls
    dropped at least once during the conversation. The only thing that has been consistent
    is the fact that i keep getting dropped calls every month.

    I have taken the phone in to an AT&T location on 2 occasions and they werent able to
    diagnose anything wrong with the device.
    I further took value time away from my schedule to take it into an Apple store location on 3

    separate occasions; and again to no avail.
    I have opened up 2 investigative tickets with your IT department as suggested by customer service

    I have already changed the SIM card once, and exchanged the phone twice.

    Through all this tribulation to find out why i am receiving such poor service, no one has been

    able to offer me a definitive reason as to why the network service is so horrible.

    I have been consistenly paying AT&T over $130 every month, but i am not receiving consistent

    service. This is just unfair to me as a paying customer, and not to mention embarassing while
    speaking with my clients.

    Since i feel like this is a unique situation, i believe that it requires unique attention. I am

    looking to you to help resolve this matter and make a bad situation;

    Very Unsatisfied Customer

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  • Do
    Donald Oct 25, 2008

    I called Att to tell them I will be moving shortly and gave them the date that I will be moving. ATT proceeded to turn to turn off the service immediately leaving me with no phone or internet service. Trying to resolve this has been a nightmare. Trying to speak to a person was impossible. I finally was able to have the phone service turned back on after 24 hours. I still do not have High Speed internet service. I was told that it would take a week to maybe get it back but gave me dial-up instead. So Att can turn off the service immediatly but are unable to correct their mistake as fast. Their phone communication is impossible . I am beside myself with frustration. So far I have spent 6 hours on the phone and internet trying to get through to someone at ATT that can resolve the situation

    Donald Rampsch

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  • Mi
    michael chance Nov 24, 2008

    I submitted my rebate information, waited for 6 weeks. and when i did not recieve my $50.00 rebate I called the company and they said that my rebate would be issued and I should recieve it within the next 4 weeks. About a week later I recieved a text on my phone from AT&T stating that my rebate check was approved and in the mail. To this day I have not recieved a rebate for the new phone that I purchased on fathers day weekend of 2008. I would imagine that if they were to treat all there rebate customers with such disregaurd that they are making a pretty penny on just the interest alone from all prolonged rebates.

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  • Na
    Nancy Coe Jan 14, 2009

    Purchased cell phones online from at&t and received 2 promo gas cards for $25 each from Sony Ericsson. I did receive the promo cards (I thank you) however, by the time they came in the mail and I got them activated (there was a delay throught the postal service) they were close to expiring and I did not get to use them.
    I am not complaining as you did fulfill your obligation, only respectfully requesting Sony to re-Issue 2 promo debit cards totalling $50.00 that I did not get benefit of.
    I thank you very much in advance for helping a consumer who purchases from your company.

    Nancy Coe

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  • Ta
    Tarek Jan 15, 2009

    ATT appears to be lazy and negligent about helping its international callers. It does not have a sensible or attentive policy regarding international calls within foreign countries. ATT may be so big that its owners and top managers don't want to answer to customer service issues. The charge for in-country foreign calls using an ATT card is roughtly $10.00 per minute. ATT creates a lengthy wall of answering machine messages as a response to its need for customer service. The people who work in customer service do not know how to offer an explanation for the high rate or seem to possess the ability to adjust such shockingly high charges. ATT's owners and top managers deserve to loose a lot of money and lot of business. Maybe, in the future, we will also see them going to jail.

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  • Da
    Dasher Jan 22, 2009

    Unfortunately, I have experienced the same problem with AT &T rebates. I spoke with a customer service rep who requested rebates for approx 4 different offers for services I currently have. This was 3 months ago. The total amoutn for the rebates should have been about $220.00. After continuously checking the rebate website, (which is never working) I called and spoke to another rep who informed me that nothing had been submitted. After telling her that one of their reps had requested the rebates, she stated that I had already received them a year ago. What am I some kind of idiot? I didn't have the services a year ago. This has really put a bad taste in my mouth with AT & T. Anyway, since bundling my services, it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Beware consumers!! Watch every bill and every offer! They are nothing but scam artists.

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  • Dq
    D Queen Mar 03, 2009

    I t took three weeks to get my internet service hooked up, due to errors on there part, how long does it take to fix an error, and how many people does it take to get a problem solved? When you ask to talk to a supervisor the supervisor sends you back through the mill. Then they also, try to charge you for services you haven't recieved yet.

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  • Rb
    rbien Mar 05, 2009

    I just purchase a phone online with ATT
    It was the WORST decision I have ever made in my life

    It was a good experience while choosing the phone and my plans and even paying for it
    Now that ATT got their money, here comes the endless wait over the phone
    As I started calling customer service about my online order after they fail to email me on the status of the product
    My wait were over 1 hr listen to a stupid guitar music before I can talk to a live person
    The live person in term would transfer me to another department because they don't know what is going on
    It's been the worst experience ever

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  • Da
    Dave Parnell Mar 09, 2009

    Charges for MEdia Net purchases of Mobile 365 continue to appear on my cell phone bill. No calls, subscription nor downloads have been made as indicated on the bills. Refunds have been made but this unethical, fraudulent practice needs to stop.

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  • Wx
    wxmom91 Apr 09, 2009

    Hi Everyone! I'm writing this "blog" to let you all know about the terrible customer service AT&T offers their faithful customers!

    First, we scheduled a disconnect (to be reconnected at the new house) for April 17, 2009, because we are moving that weekend. Guess what? The incompetent ###s at AT& T decided to disconnect us yesterday~ April 8th! NINE DAYS EARLY! So we have been trying for almost 30 hours to fix the problem. The best the company can do is maybe have us back online within 3 to 4 business days. Well tomorrow is Good Friday and that means no internet for about a week total.

    The consistent excuse we have been getting is "Well, it seems you had requested that your service be disconnected".
    Right~ for the 17th of April, not the 8th of April.
    It is not like we are only using the internet for goofing off. I use it for my college work, and my husband uses it for business.

    Please pass this on to everyone else because I am furious with AT&T's policy of screwing their customers over. Everyone we speak to at AT&T has no answer for the issue other than "I do not know why that happened. It's just policy" Apparently it is policy to massively inconvenience customers. Oh, and to disconnect services early and not accept responsibility for their mistakes.

    Becky Ramirez

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  • Pa
    Patti Garrett May 20, 2009

    I made a referral to a friend to get his services bundled. He did so in March. He has finally received one of his rewards for bundling but, I cannot seem to get mine for referring him. I have called several times and spoke to various agents with no result. It has been over 8 weeks which was the maximum time frame I should have seen something. I think they just want to play games and hope you get discouraged enough to just give up and not claim the rewards you have coming.
    I won't refer anyone again.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie N Aug 10, 2009

    Bought a phone for my niece in May, Propel.
    In /august, phone quit working. called and they said it had water damage although hasn't been dropped in water.
    I also took insurance, or at least I thought. Talked in detail to sales person and we agreed on it.
    Now that the phone is acting up they say I didn't get insurance.
    This moisture thing is a scam.
    I think the dot turns red if their is any moisture in a room and they use this to keep from replacing phones/

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  • Le
    LeMom Aug 17, 2009

    On 7/20 I placed an online upgrade order for a phone on my account. My friend uses the line & his phone has been malfunctioning for some time. We finally had the money for the upgrade. I requested it be shipped to his apt to save myself a trip. I checked the address several times. Received confirmation email immediately following placement of order.

    On 7/21, phone shipped via UPS. Received an email stating phone had shipped, with 2-day shipping. Notified my friend it would be arriving, money was deducted from my account, and I didn't hear anything else so I thought all had gone according to plan. On 7/28, my friend contacted me saying the phone had not arrived. I checked the UPS tracking & saw that the phone had been delivered to Ft. Worth, TX instead of the destination of Riverside, CA. Called UPS & they informed me that when the package went out for delivery in Riverside, address was missing the apartment number. They notified the shipper to attempt to get an apt number, and the shipper requested the package be returned to them. I immediately called AT&T, & customer service transferred me to the "e-store" center because it was an online order. The "e-store" had no record, and the rep realized that since I am a business customer I needed to be transferred to the Premier customer service center. I was transferred, and the message said there would be a 20-minute wait. Few seconds later, message came on saying "technical difficulties, please try your call again later, " and the connection was killed. Tried calling back several times over the next hour, with same outcome. Then called the regular customer service number back & the rep offered to call himself and connect me directly. He came back on the line and said the Premier store closed at 6pm Pacific and that was the reason I couldn't get through. I would need to call back in the morning.

    I called from work the next day, held for 20 minutes, the rep I spoke with said that the phone was returned because UPS does not allow the shipper to add an apt number while the package is in transit, and that once the phone had been received in their warehouse, I would receive a refund after 2 weeks and that my upgrade would also be reset at that time. He said that if I wanted the item shipped out again he would need to charge me for it (a second time). I told him to cancel the order and I'd go to the store in person.

    After almost a week of not hearing anything I called again on Monday, 8/3, held for 45mins. That rep also said it would be 2 weeks before a refund would be submitted, and that the upgrade would reset 72hrs after the phone was received by them. I informed him that they'd had the phone since 8/28. He checked the tracking # and confirmed. I pointed out that 72hrs would've been the previous Friday, and he said he'd submit a request and that it would be reset 24 hours from our conversation.

    I emailed customer service, hoping to get a better response. Was told the phone had not been received by their warehouse and that once it is received it will be 2 weeks til they submit the refund and 24hrs for the upgrade to reset. I was told that even though the phone was returned to Ft. Worth a week prior, it had not been received by the warehouse and I have to wait.

    AT&T made the mistake of not including the apt number when they shipped. I've had no apology, they are holding my $ and freezing my upgrade because they screwed up, and they did not even notify me of any problems, I had to contact them.

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  • Ju
    justin313 Aug 21, 2009

    I had at&t for a while & i even had them before they joinded with cingular & after they joined i had nothing but poblems. Within the past 2years i have seen a lot of charges for phones that i never ordered or recieved. let's start from 1/08

    i had a nokia 6085, i was told the software was updated & i wouldn't have the same issues i had before. that was lie. the software was never updated & i had ALL my calls dropped. people would call me & get a message saying my number was not valid. texts weren't going through. they changed my sim card over 40 times but i couldn't get a differet phone. then i bought the lg shine. i sent back the nokia 6085 via corporate store & recieved the shine. i was't happy with it & sent it back & they sent me a blackjack 2 for free. i was happy & loved the phone. one day i picked up my phone to see half a screen. i got it replaced after hours on the phone. later that year i switched from my family plan to a personal plan. i sent in my phone & they said they never recieved it even though i had the proof from the post office saying someone from at&t signed for it. after hours with a&t on the phone& email & fax 2 months passed & they showed they had it the whole time & shouldn't have charged my family $500. then my ex & her new boyfriend went to a store & got 2 new phones, extended my family account & sold the phones & no one asked for an i.d. it took a month but i got that solved.

    3/09 we get a bill saying we owe $600 for phones. people in warranty & c.s. saw we weren't to be billed cause even though they were on my number they weren't with my sim card. warranty credited me the charged just for fraud o put them on. fraud also put a note saying no one can deal with the situation but them but when i spoke with "tessy" she said she was the wrong person to speak to & sent me to warranty even though she put the notes on my account. they again saw i wasn't to be charged cause the phones had a "re sale date" & they got them back. here's the kicker. i was being charged for the nokia 6085 i sent in 1/08 but not charged till 3/09 that's over a year later. the other charges are for a blackjack 2 in 11/08 & a moto q in 11/08 both sent to address's i've never lived at & activated with a sim card i didn't own.

    warranty saw this but fraud didn't do their jobs. Tessy & her boss both lied & said they did the research but when i said what i knew about the resale dates they told me i wasn't supposed to have that info & that they had to do some "training" but when they were "working" on the matter they were both on vacation & left someone else in charge but he didn't know anything about what was happening.

    they shut off all my phones & will no longer speak with me so this is what i gather.

    at&t has a "fraud dept" so they can charge people for items they never order or recieve. they lie & cheat & steal. my phones are still off & no one will talk to me. i have spent well over 100 hours trying to fix his with no luck. if i was paid for the hours i spent working on this they'd owe me almost $1000.

    stay away from at&t they'll only ruin your credit!!!

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  • Dc
    D Collins Aug 23, 2009

    I was charged and unauthorized charge listed as MyBillingServices on my AT&T Telephone Bill. How can this happen? What can be done to stop these types of billing practices from happening?

    I do not want to pay for something I did not order!

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  • Gl
    GlenG Sep 25, 2009

    I called Friday morning September 25th, 2009 to ask what happened to my wife's iphone. We had ordered it over the phone with a real person on Sept. 7th and had to reply Sept. 9th with this email saying we accepted their terms. So we did all the jumping through hoops for them and still no phone. So I call Friday morning and was put on an initial hold, then another, then another. By the time I arrived at work. I had been transferred to four different departments and had no resolve. I told the last rep. "Arianna M. that she had my number and my order number and knew what the problem was so she could take it from here. I told her if she didn't take care of this by the end of the day, I was going to write reports like this one on every review board I could find to warn others not to do business with ATT wireless. She obviously didn't. They are not able to track their own business, the two initial people on the other end of the 1-800 number printed on the confirmation email couldn't even see my order. I think that's an obvious sign not to do business with a company. I have cancelled the order but still have a refund waiting because they have you buy everything up front.

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  • Mr
    mrs mick Sep 26, 2009

    They are in a battle with Comcast and neither one of them are worth the paper their products and services are printed on.

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  • Mr
    mrs mick Sep 26, 2009

    AT&T are pocketing people's money.

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  • Em
    email discounts suck Sep 30, 2009

    Received an email saying my account was activated to use Email Discounts although I have never heard of this company. I called the number in the email and was told that I had to have signed up for this service which charges $14.95 to my phone bill for their service. After disputing that I never signed up for it they said I had called within 72 hours so they could cancel it. I asked how they got my information and said I had to have given it to them when I registered. I tried to make the person on the line understand that I never did such thing and she just reassured me that I would not get charged. I asked her to make a not to never allow anyone to sign up with my email address or phone number. All she said was that she could block my number from being registered. Still don't know how this happened-just know its a big scam and glad I caught it before being charged like many others have experienced. It shouldn't be that easy for charges to be made by third parties to your phone bill. If my phone company (AT&T) can't protect me then I will just cancel my phone line.

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  • Ne
    Neoma Clymer Sep 30, 2009

    Rude Tech Support.. could not send email and did not seem to interested to talk to me, hung up on me.. RUDE..
    I even had a code to give them and they were going to give me 4 months free with a 25.00 coupon, which was before I changed to be 75.00 but, no one tells me the same thing twice. they blamed yahoo for my problems, so ask to be removed from yahoo.. not possible but not their problem either..
    well, you expect to be paid for the equipment I assume.. and so, I also expect the services I pay for..

    sorry so frustrated, but this is as honest as God allows me to be..

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  • Sa
    SandyC63 Oct 09, 2009

    It just happened to me. I called the third party that billed my AT&T account and they treated me like a criminal. I finally got the charge removed but I am VERY dissatisfied with AT&T for allowing the scam to occur.

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