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Latest Reviews of Landlords Category

Trailside RV Resort & Campground — Park Manager

I am writing to discuss the extremely unethical and discriminatory non-renewal of 4 families at thi...

JT Riley Properties — Robert "Bob" Mabeus is crazy, crooked, corrupt, sick and twisted

Robert "Bob'' Mabeus is crazy, crooked, corrupt, sick and twisted at JT Riley propertie...

Thomas Didymuz Toh Tong Nam — illegal workers dormitory at cck ave 1

In light of the recent Covid19 situation, there are actually illegal dormitory operating at 818B Choa Chu...

Richard A.Weller — Richard A.Weller is not a real property manager and Harvey the Maintenance Man is not a real landlord.

Richard A.Weller is not a real property manager and Harvey the Maintenance man is not a real landlord...

Lakeside Landing Mobile Home Park — unexplained charges

In December I set up an account at the new park portal, and had planned on paying online, but the system said...

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Elysia Zarn (Property Rental Owner) — landlord

Contradictory/Discriminatory rental history; was initially told she doesn't like to rent to friends and...

Highways — highways road occupied with 10 feet of pavement area.

Please note that, on this mentioned address "2/220 Phase 3, AGS Colony, Mugalivakkam, Chennai-600125". shope...

Forest Pointe Apartments — privacy

I have been visiting a friend and some nights I would spend the night, keep her company. But I'm not liking...

Placid MHC — won't fix damages in home that are dangerous and health issues to me and my children

Theres a water leak in the front bathroom thats been happening for a year now and it has affected the home...

Stone Creak Property Management — security deposit

Chris Ryan, owner of the company, has a reputation in the community for being unscrupulous. I received a zero...

Quail Hollow — air conditioning unit is broken

I am a Tenant at Quail Hollow 3rd Floor Apartment. I want to bring this issue to your attention because it i...

Bek's Club Inc. dba Bek's Club Hostels aka Beks Club aka Beks Club aka Nurbek Duishekeev aka Magneli Castillo Duran Duishekeev — bad landlords - bad hostels

To whom it may concern: I am former a tenant of the Boynton Beach locations of Bek's Club, Inc DBA Bek'...

Brookfield Management of Cedar Springs Mobile Estates — slam lord/ scam artist

I moved into cedar springs mobile estates park they make you sign a 30 day warranty clause. Stating that...

Joseph Moadeb — rental properties - moadeb’s four malibu properties

Joseph Moadeb is a rip off slumlord who has been screwing over people for decades and now he's after hi...

Ian Whalley Director of Sasun Ltd — discrimination

I am absolutely shocked at how Ian Whalley has discriminated my family and I. We viewed Ian's property (14...

Skyline Memorial Gardens — price of the land

Dear Mr. robert L. Waltrip; This complaint is regarding the dispute of land purchase with Shannan Speicher...

Marion Village Trailer Park — return of my deposit check

I recently moved out of my trailer that I was renting on November 1st 2018. I was told I was going to be...

Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe — unlawful eviction, unfair/inhumane treatment of tenants

Shirley Baker aka Shirley Ogelthorpe owns, and rents a residence, (located at 8916 Elm Ave, Orangevale, CA...

Pleasant Living Mobile Home Park — violent criminals living there

My Mom was looking for an over 55 park for a mobile home she was thinking of buying, and mentioned she wa...

AgentOwned Realty — security deposit illegitimately deducted

We had a terrible experience renting from AgentOwned Realty and we are doing something about it. Join u...

Armour Property Management — rentals

I wake up to mice each morning, i've told them multiple time that I have bugs and mice coming in to my...


The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Kenwood Landing Fayetteville GA — so now you just ignore me

A Month ago now you were given a deposit of 250 dollars on a home a new trailer you have sent me variou...

Mark center “Stoneridge Morgan Property management” — leasing office

Dear Morgan Property Top Management Team - I have to knock your door regarding the problem that I have with...

Oakwood Cove — buying the home I live in.

I purchased my home in 2015. It sounded like the best thing for my family. But after I signed the contract...

David Demarinis — room for rent granada hills ca

Room for rent posted on July 23 . Responded threw e mail. Mr David Demarinis email back... SEND PICTURE OF...