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Londons Casino / Verbal abuse by Londons Casino employee


They are not in London... they're in Costa Rica. Nothing wrong with that, but they don't seem to have the stiff upper lip British stoicness that is needed to deal with irate players who have been promised payment. Two players - who were due payments - one for several months -...

Heroes Casino / Heroes Casino believes that I was using an automated system to take advantage of their software


On October 7, 2008, I registered at Heroes Casino through Online Blackjack Guide website. I made my first real cash deposit of $200 on October 18, 2008. On November 15th, I requested a withdrawal of my $34, 724.79 balance. As part of Heroes' requirements for approval for withdrawal...

JackpotsHeaven / Looks like we've spotted the worst casino - ever


Looks like we've spotted the worst casino - ever. This clipshot joint came to light when one of our forum members reported that the software did not seem to be fair. Additionally, other members pointed out that there were some odd discrepancies with the casino's terms and...

GoldVIPCasino / Casino that has abandoned its good sense and scruples and openly seeks to do business with Black Hat SEO


Black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the scourge of the Internet. Simply put, these are webmasters who will use deception and devious tricks in order to get choice web page rankings in the search engines. Any webmaster worth his or her salt will avoid these optimization technique...

Dollaropoker / Stole over €100,000


A swedish player was owed a balance of over €100848. He was able to withdraw in limited amounts - but not too often. The casino then went silent - no response to his emails. At this time the player contacted one of the poker room's affiliates who opened an account in order to...

Powerbet Casino / Avoid Powerbet Casino at all costs


I signed up for Powerbet casino at the recommendation of a few people here because of their good payment records in the past - this was on November 8th. I took the WINBIG1 bonus and lost it pretty quickly, but then had good luck with a larger bonus that they happened to be offering that...

Atlantic Vegas Casino / Extremely dodgy company


Obtaining a gaming license is a crucial part of running a legitimate casino operation. And some licenses have higher standards than others. Alderney is one of the more stringent, if not the most stringent jurisdiction available for casino operators. It is coveted amongst many who are in...

21nova / This casino (as 32Vegas) disregards a player's wishes and needs


Problem gambling is nothing to take lightly, and if a player wishes to have his or her account closed REGARDLESS OF THE REASON the casino should be obligated to close the account. A player posted in our forum his frustration on not being able to close his account. He made numerous requests and... / deception


Hello, I hope you can help me. I won 20 spins with a times 10 multiplier at 1.50(max) and as I won it they were canceled a message came up saying a mistake was made and for the last two weeks we have been arguing at them about it. Niw after puting $50.00 in my account and saying they...

10cents auction site / autobid scam, script bot program


I also had a situation where it showed me as the top bidder, the auction ended showing me as the winner and then the screen froze up for around 30 seconds and when it came unfrozen my name was gone and the auction was back on and being bid on. I feel no sites should allow the...

Miccosukee Casino Miami / Big Scan


This casino is a total scan, they are really good manipulating people there, how? I tell you in a bit.