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HUUUGE - False/misleading information regarding promotional banners

Date of incident 10/25/2021 - player ID is [protected] For starters many times the promotional banners require a player to make a purchase in order to qualify, which to me seems unfair, when it supposed to be a game that they state "it's free to play". That being said I've had unresolved issues regarding the rewards for promotional banners, which has happened more than once. The most recent issue was regarding the banner gigantic wins, the day the banner appeared I actually sent a message to support on 10/22/21 to inquire about whether or not the personal progressive on double chilies was viewed as a "jackpot", because no where in the games information tab does it refer to the personal progressive as a jackpot and I wanted to be sure of that because the banner excluded jackpots. I would also like to add that I was sure to include screenshots in my initial message sent inquiring about this. The response that I received from Megan (support representative) was this:
"Hello Cindy,
nice to hear from you:)
Personal Jackpots are a different kind of wins than your regular Jackpots so they count towards those wins here:) Keep on spinning and win Huuuge for those rewards!
I am keeping my fingers crossed for you🍀"
I was betting 1b and end up winning 2, 384, 425, 000, 000 & im not sure whether this game does the animated huuuge win at anytime a person hits the personal progressive I do know that large wins such as the huge win I had do count towards the workout when huuuuge win is needed. Needless to say on 10/25/2021 when rewards were disbursed I was quite shocked when I received a reward of 39.4b when I was told that my win of 2, 384, 425, 000, 000 indeed qualified for the banner (the banner that I actually had to make a purchase to even qualify). At that point I each out to support inquiring about the missing portion of my reward and Mario stated the following
"Hey Cindy,
Thank you for reaching out to me!
In the case of this event, the jackpots were excluded from the rewards, so you can rest easy - the reward was calculated correctly.
I hope this helps!
BTW. If you like my service, leave me a 5-star rating below! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Stay Safe & Stay Huuuge! 🍀👋"
I show Mario that personal progressive is different than regular jackpots, and sent him a screenshot of the message Megan sent me, at which point I'm told is being investigated and that I would just have to wait, I asked for an estimated time this investigation would take and was told that they don't know as it requires a lot of data. So I wait. Zero resolution and I get Megan as support and she never replies and just closed conversation. I am a loyal player and feel as though I've been cheated and my concerns are ignored. At this point for all the inconvenience I feel I should get the reward I should have received 234B+ and was told qualified for the promotion, as well as compensation for the inconvenience and for the way i have been treated by support.

Desired outcome: At this point for all the inconvenience I feel I should get the reward I should have received 234B+ and was told qualified for the promotion, as well as compensation for the inconvenience and for the way i have been treated by support.

HUUUGE - Account balance

This morning my account balance was R8 billion rand. I then participated in a promotional game whereby you swop charms. I won R3 billion rand. I then noticed that my account balance was only R3billion plus a little more, so my R8billion disappeared???? The entire day I have been busy with their support centre. The issue has still not been resolved. We pay real money for their "fake money" I am tired of their dishonesty. They never admit to a mistake instead they will argue with u. This is not the first time. With so many complaints why are they still in business??? Why have organisations that is suppose to support the public allowing this!!!

HUUUGE - Awards from charms and lost chips without playing

Like a month ago I lost 31B chips without playing and I contacted Huuuge and did not refund my chips. I play with a max of 500M and was told for for a couple of time I played 1M.This was not acceptable and the answer was someone else plat for you. There is nobody else in my house unless a gost. Now I completed The Camping trip and Moving day and did not get the awards. I can nit contact Huuuge anymore and e-mails are no answered. Please help. Thanks My ID # is [protected]

Desired outcome: Yo refund chips owe to me.

HUUUGE - Events rewards

My team completed 2 events Classic Runner and The Charmed Prince I got my rewards on The Charmed Prince but not on Classic Runner I questioned them about it and they said I ave checked your account logs and all bonuses ad bin added properly wiv date and time I took a screenshot wen I come on th following mornin I told them I did not get it they returned wiv yes you did wiv th exact time and date wen u collected the bonuses you may disagree but the fact is u got it wen I looked at th time it was past midnite and I was asleep so his does that work wen I sent the screenshot tht replied wiv that screenshot does not prove anything we ave provided u wiv information regarding ur enquiry and we consider this matter closed any further messages regarding that matter wul remain unanswered

HUUUGE - contact apple or google for support!

Don't waste your time contacting them! It will only be denied. I purchased something I never got. I reopened and closed the app several times but still nothing. They will tell you their system finds nothing wrong. I asked if they could check the exact time of the purchase and compare the balances from before and after the purchase (not even 5mins before I contacted support). They ask for proof, I gladly send them a screenshot. They managed to blame it on a different time zone which made absolutely no sense, since I never even received anything at all. It's honestly disturbing the way a business can just be allowed to operate like that. *read the reply I received below to see the true nature of their company*

HUUUGE - Vip chips

I thought I bought 8 billion and some in chips from the huuuge casino in the vip chips for 24.99 plus tax. I got nothing no chips but you got my money... I will never play huuuge casino if this i...

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HUUUGE - Refund

My nine-year-old stepson made over $2, 000 in purchases on huuuge Casino I can't get a hold of huge casino because they have no phone number all they have is an email and a support email so I've...

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HUUUGE - A jackpot I won but did not receive chips and I have screenshot of the win.

I won a $731 billion jackpot in huuuge casino and I noticed I did not receive my winnings so I took a screenshot of my amazing win. When I never received my winnings I contacted huuuge casino and...

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HUUUGE - On line casino app

I have played this app for years. The more people who started playing the worse or got! In the beginning it was fun and exciting. You could play for hours and win! Then approximately 6 months ago it...

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HUUUGE - Unethical business practice & false advertisement

Let me start by saying that Anton Gauffin's (CEO & Founder) Huuuge Casino is the largest, modern-day, unmonitored scam of our time. These crooks called "Huuuge Global" mask their so called "Game of...

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HUUUGE - Scam rip off and thieves unethical

Enough is enough ive never in my entire life seen or experienced such greed. When you start at level 1 and buy the starter pack you get treasure chests and trouble starts around level 200 when huuuge...

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HUUUGE - Bought chips... Not received

Bought chip packages from huuuge casino...still not received. I have contacted them numerous times without any response from i had enough of this because im not begging anymore...this ha...

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HUUUGE - Missing chips from promotions

For starters on lottery promotion day 3 weeks ago I played and completed a gold puzzle. The advertised reward was for 7 billion chips, and I only received 1 billion chips which is the normal payout...

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HUUUGE - Gold tickets

In a 4 hour period on Saturday, July 28, I spent $185.00 to purchase gold tickets to get gold puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle to get coins to play. Out of that I got 1 of the "plentiful" gold...

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HUUUGE - Daily spin

Everyday you log in you get a daily spin which is suppose to be random. For over a year now my 2 accounts don't waiver on what the outcome is. It's one of two outcomes. It's either 560k or 810k...

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HUUUGE - Jackpots

I noticed the other night that when I hit the jackpots usually when I get 4 of the jackpots in one spin I did not get my points. Now just today I hit for the 5 jackpot symbols playing 100, 00 a spin...

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HUUUGE - huuuge casino gaming

Very disappointed today. I had 45 gold tickets and only received 4 main puzzles. 2 silver and two bronze. From that 2b I played without any success. Its like huuge has stopped giving chips on the slots, or set the machines to eat chips only with no wins. I've now spent the 2b and won nothing, back to zero again. I cannot receive chips from colleagues because you have taken that feature away as well. GAMES ARE SUPPOSE TO BE FUN AND ENJOYABLE. IT'S NOT REAL MONEY SO WHY AREN'T YOU ALLOWING US TO HAVE FUN AND BE HAPPY AT THE END OF PLAYING, NOT UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED.

HUUUGE - Special offer

About 15 minutes ago I paid $99.99 for special offer claiming u get $100, 000, 000, 000 daily! Was charged to my card. My name is joanne kazalski please help me😢 I am a daily player and love the...

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HUUUGE - I get automated responses from huuuge i. e, you are on a losing streak ect

How can any country allow that an online institution to rake in so much money, ive been one of the fools out there, im a pensioner and bored and got caught upninitially enjoying the games but 600 700 levels further I have to make 2 to 3 even more purchses to level up 1 level... Please let me know which governing body or gambling board I can contact so they can investigate as to how they can allow thisnits suppose to be fun and not an online real casino where you can cash out and here are thousands that are in the same situation as what I am

I don't know what I was charged $5.99 for

They never asked if I wanted this nor did they tell me I was being charged for something I didn't even want

HUUUGE - Online gaming

Addictions are a serious problem. It can consume people and destroy families. On-line game which are not created for any monetary return were originally created for entertainment and the sole source...

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