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geese poop

How can you have a beautiful new hotel, and have geese poop all over the grounds where you have to drag your luggage to get into the cant tell me you cant fix this problem..this is not a way to welcome your guest...

no hotel parking

no hotel parking- have to carry luggage from parking lot through casino then turn left and walk down this long hallway to hotel lobby. -no seating for handicap or elderly down this long hallway. architect did poor designing. should have a people mover like Foxwoods Casino .I asked for a handicap room hoping to get a low bed and was told all the beds are the same height. I had to get a step stool to get into bed. Then all computers went down for about 3 hours or more. You couldn't get any money and the machines would not take your winning tickets. I came all the way from Ct. for this aggravation. never again nor will I recommend it to anyone. The Ladies bathroom in front of casino on the North side was filthy.
the afro american woman who works in the cashier window was very arrogant when the line of people was trying to collect from their tickets. Nov. 1st 2018

  • Updated by bigred45 · Nov 04, 2018

    try to cater to elderly and handicap much better

customer service

I camp to Twin River on 10/25 by an invite to the buffet dinner not expecting to much as it is a comp event. I have been a operations director in the food and beverage area for over 30 years and all I can say as to the way we were treated by your staff was to say the least appalling the person who seated us was very pleasant, helpful and professional. The reason we get invited to these events is because we spend a good amount of money and time at Twin River. We went over to the buffet on the back left hand wall and there were 4 of us one of our party couldn't find his little raffle ticket given to him. We were never told we needed to keep this ticket to give to the sever at the buffet in order to get the shrimp portion of the buffet I had my ticket and was given the last of what was in the pan scraps all broken up bits of shrimp served to me in a french fry paper boat really why not just place the shrimp on my plate? then My friends wife explained to the server he didn't have his raffle ticket as no one is telling customers they need the ticket the girl actually told her it was their problem and to go find a manager and then took the pan from the warmer and walked away talking out loud how she didn't need to deal with this s*&*(&t not today or any day and my friend was nothing but nice to her and looking for direction on what to do. We just let it go sat down and ate our meal. Food was what we expected not the quality but this is totally not the issue here. We then get up and leave as we were walking out we were having a conversation together and were not looking as to were we were leaving from and we walked out the exit I guess and the man at the door in the suit jacket actually had the nerve to say out loud to his co-worker 4 people 2 signs guess they cant read. Are you kidding me insulted not once but twice and to this level there are many new options now open to not have to come to Twin River with much better player comps and treatment. Plainridge treats there players as if they were the Kennedy's compared to the treatment we received there this evening which was to be a nice evening rewarding us for being loyal customers. By far the worst customer service, Food Service and training I have seen in a long time OLD Country Buffet was better and they are out of business.


I used a ATM machine at twin river casino to withdraw $1200.00 I didn't get the money but it charged me the...


The first thing you should notice when you walk through the door there is no security. People are allowed to...

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I agree with the several other writers on the complaint board. Twin River is the WORST casino. They do not...


What a joke of a casino. Filthy, disgusting, nasty smells. Bathrooms are

unsanitary, urine everywhere, blood on floors and walls, toilets not flushed, used paper all over the place. And as far as the slots, they are just as dirty and disgusting. WOW, what a sewer hole. Never Ever going back again. Your commercials say it is a world class casino? That's a joke. More like a world class cess pool. GROSS!!! World class casinos are Foxwoods, Mohegan and MGM, something twin river will never, ever, ever be. P.S. If you do decide to check out twin river, please, get a tetanus shot first.

Free Play

I am disgusted on howd you are using your free play. I have not received any in over six months. My girlfriend only went when I did and she spent the same and she receives $20 and I receive nothing but flyers. How disgusting!!

Low payouts

Of course every Casino has losers and we know that but I must say out of all the Casino's I've been to Twin River pays out next to nothing. The highest payout I've seen there is around $4000.

You might think that's a great payout but for a Casino that is very very weak if that's your highest.Your chances of hitting it big at this Casino are slim to none. If you want to have fun go to Borgota which is in Atlantic City. They have the loosest slot machines I've seen on the east coast. I hit 5 times in a row. Then of course Casino's in Las Vegas are more likely to hit. I've seen people I know come back with winnings as high as $40K.

I've been to Twin River quite a few times and have seen the house consistently rob people of money. There payouts are weak and chances are if you go there you will loose. However if you do win don't go back. Your likely to see the house take everything you won in a moments time.

I can give you the run down on what I know about the payouts. Check this out:

The majority of the time in the HIGH LIMITS section of Twin River you are bound to loose on:

Coyote Machines in the very back
The Monkey Machines right next to it
The $5 Machines on the left side of it
The Mermaid Machine on the end by the attendant NEVER PAYS EVER! HAHA

About every 2-3 months I've seen the Coyote and Monkey Machine pay out. But your talking $50-$80 bets

In the middle you will see 3 $25 machines and 2 $10 machines.

The one on the left can hit for: $800, $1600 or $3200 at the highest but chances are you will loose. This machine says it pays out over $50K but the highest I've seen is $3200. Don't be fooled by the LIES!

Now to the Jackpot Party Machines
The one in the middle is usually the hottest machine. The one on the right 2nd hot. The one on the far left not as hot. The highest payouts is between $1300-$2000 at a $18 BET. Chances are you will loose. The machine says you can win up to $10, 000 but again its lying. The highest I've witnessed is $2000.

Now to the corner you will see 3 GREEN machines that max bet at $5. Sometimes those machines can pay out. The highest payout is $500-$1000 NOTHING HIGHER. Now it says it can pay out alot higher but I'm telling you the machine is programed for around $1000. I've never seen higher.

Now for the nickle machines. You can expect to hit if you do hit on the Gold Fish Machine maximum of around $400 at $6-$8 a bet. Chances are you will loose. However I have noticed when heavy traffic is present you have a better chance of winning.

But mark my words if you do win DO NOT MAKE IT A HABIT to go to this CASINO. This Casino consistently robs people. The machines appear to promise that your highest potential is up to $10, 000 or even $150, 000 but mark my words if you win the highest you will see is 10 percent of what the machine says.

Also I did research that TWIN RIVER Filed for Bankruptcy recently.

Don't touch this CASINO. If you win NICE! But I'm telling you I've been to nearly every Casino on the east coast and this one is DEAD LAST in my book.

It's the cheapest and probably one of the cheapest in the NATION. Don't expect anything AMAZING from them.

  • Ja
    janete Apr 05, 2010

    I have been to Twin River many times over a number of years. In the past 3 years the hits have diminished to almost nothing. Couple of things account for that. They pay the state of R. I. so much they have no money and their expansion program put them into near bankruptcy. I moved from Massachusetts about 9 months ago to California and myself and my friend did some research when it became clear that we went from winning sometimes, to losing all the time. Service is poor, bathrooms are not clean any more, alcohol prices are rediculous. My advice, stay away and let them to.

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  • Us
    usaisone Mar 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I saw a Boston woman hit a $218, 884 jackpot at Twin Rivers on this past weekend and they refused to pay her. They claimed the machine malfunctioned and she was offered a steak dinner at Fred & Steves and a meager $1900. There were at leat 50 witnesses to this fraud . Needless to say I gave her a lawyers number and told her to take them to court. They commited a felony refusing to pay a jackpotto her, and denying the Feds and RI their portion of taxes on this win.

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  • Lo
    LORNACAR Jun 23, 2011

    No one wins at Twin Rivers- I have been going about a year- and everyone around you loses. My family of 7 (siblings) go often and play everything from roulette to slots- NO ONE WINS- we have spent on average about 3500.00 a week ($500.00) a piece every couple of weeks. NO WINNERS THERE, THEY SUCK YOU IN BECAUSE OF THE LOCATION AND YOU BASICALLY ARE THERE PAYING THEM FOR AN ENTERTAINING ARCADE ADVENTURE, which caused me to do some research. THIS IS SO CRAZY. On Roulette it sucks a couple of hundred dollars from you, then soon as you run out of money, it will land on your number. A BIG JOKE!!! I CAN HUNGRY BE ANGRY WITH MYSELF, AS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER... YOU JUST HATE TO LEAVE YOUR MONEY THERE EVERYTIME AND HOPE THAT YOU CAN GET A LITTLE BIT BACK. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! DON'T EVEN TRY TO GO THERE- YOU WON'T WIN.

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  • Mc
    MCN Sep 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do agree with the above. I have been to Twin River so many times, and I have lost lot of money. Since they set up the tables games downstairs, it's almost impossible to hit any machine. I have sat down for more hours that I can count on different machines, just to get more and more disappointed as I realized I was falling deeper and deeper without any sign that I would get at least some of my money back. Yes, I do agree, no one wins at Twin River!!..I have noticed, many times, that when the machines finally hit, the payout is so insignificant ! .. almost nothing!.. what a joke!! after playing for hours and hours, and more hours, I finally realized that people do not win. You should just sit and look around, great number of elderly people just showing their frustration on their faces.. it's sad, but true, not one really wins at Twin River. I can tell by my own experience.

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  • Cj
    CJ4 Mar 08, 2014

    Horrible payouts. drink service is non-existent and prices high. Mgmt says they cannot manipulate the slots, but it sure seems like they do. Some days you will have bonus after bonus, getting paid, albeit not much, but still exciting enough to stay. Other days they just take, take, take. It seems as though the machines will be "hot" for like a half hour or so, then stone cold again. USe to get an $800 hit on average .75 to $1 spins, went to 400, now 200 is a big hit. Plainville mass just won a slot license, TR will see alot less Mass license plates in their lot.

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  • Ph
    Phirrr Jan 23, 2015

    Are you guys serious? It is a casino, of course people lose, but people win as well! I personally saw a women hit a royal flush in video poker, 25k win right there. To the posters that claim roulette is rigged... how can the casino rig a game in which they have no control over what numbers people bet on? Maybe if it was VIDEO roulette, but live roulette is not rigged, its just an awful game to play because the odds are so terrible, I can't believe I responded to you idiots, I love how in your crazy mind it is rigged, yet you continue to play. LOL at you.

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  • Sp
    Speakingthetruth2u Jan 02, 2017

    Couldn't agree more! Twin River is s rip off!

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Resolved Amateur Night

Was just at Twin River...had (what I thought was) alot of points on my card since I've been there at least 25 times...turns out my points only accumulated to around $30.00...this place is pure amatuer night...2 of the 3 atm machines in a certain area were broken, every 15 minutes or so this very annoying announcer with probably the most annoying voice ever is yelling at you to sign up for a players card, you can't get a free drink (unless you want to drink soda), the waitresses walk around yelling "drinks"...very unclassy place, not sure what they are thinking and of course the machines are very obviously calibrated to not pay..this was my last time, bring abck the old Lincoln Park with the very cozy bar in the non-smoking area where you could get a sandwich, play keno and just enjoy...this place now really sucks...

  • Ji
    jime bob Nov 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Twin River is aweful. It is worth the extra ride to foxwoods. I have never won anything at the River. Biggest gambling joke on this planet. They can't even tell you what the payouts are on the machines like a normal casino would. All I know is that they give 60 percent of income to the state so that doesn't leave much to pay out to the people playing slots now does it. That means that 60 to state about 30 in their pockets so 10 percent goes back to the payouts. So their is your odds folks 10 percent. Which is why they won't tell people what the payout percentages are. Most machines at foxwoods are like 90-98 percent. The comps are also another big joke. I threw my card away because the 900 points I have earned playing there weekly for 1 year are worth nine bucks. I have made 500 points at foxwoods which is worth 500 dollars playing 1/4 the times and spending the same exact money. I am done with Twin Rivers and will always take the extra ride to foxwoods and I suggest you do the same unless you want to take that 10 percent chance.

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Resolved Can't win

There is absolutely no sense thinking you are going to get lucky at Twin Swamp. Just like they loosened up those machines when they opened the new room last year, they have tightened them down as much as they can to try to "stay open." The place will never close as it brings in a ton of cash. The state is far too greedy at 61% of the take and the real cause for "failure". I recommend everyone avoid this place until things gets financially straightened out. I feel bad for all the employees that have lost jobs and more that probably will.

  • Be
    bettye Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    where is twin river casino?

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  • St
    steven richards Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually, I do win money here, but it is usually $5 to $10 sometimes. I used to win $100 and get lots of coupons for $5 to $5, 000 every few months. I also used to get hats, T shirts and cups and mugs. Since Twin River came to be, all that disappeared. I was told you have to play and lose to get he perks now. The lines used to be backed out to the doors when I was getting my coupons cashed in. I asked other players and they all say they do not win there, but did not quit like me. So why should this place pay out? Their hold is actually 75% and the state gets 61% of the remaining 39%. Food is $10 and above, except for coffee at DD. They do have free smoke for your enjoyment.

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  • Tw
    twinriversucks9989 Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Twin Swam is asinine, they take give bak 60 cents on the dollar and your lucky to win more then 10 dollars. Every time I hit I would have to be playing max bet to hit anything substantial and at foxoods I could be playing a nickel and win 40 50 dollars like nothing. twin rivers is a joke and they show even much so as they charge people for drinks, it is a bs thing, how they charge people 1 dollar for a drink that cost the casino 2 dollars for a huge bottle water it down with loads of ice and make 400 to 500 dollars on drinks a night. Whats the point when some person puts that into a machine. Its a ridiculous charge just like there establishment. They better do something quick because I have seen a big decrease in people since going and it is not looking any better.

    Foxwoods is on the agenda next time I wana go gamble. Fuc Twin River

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  • Jb
    JBN2 Jun 22, 2011

    I am angry because I found out that the casino can set the win rate to never win or win a lot. I had no idea about this. It is not fair. I thought I was playing with a good chance to win. I am interested in a class action lawsuit against Rivers Casino. If no one want it, I'm filing a suit personally. It's a set up to take people's money.

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  • An
    Anna Quirini Sep 02, 2014

    If you are going to have bingo games hire people that know what they are doing. Was there when some one yelled bingo right near a worker the next person yelled, they both won. The first person should have won that bingo alone. So unfair. And also I was at your lobster dinner as a guest on Sept. 2nd. the lines were so long we were asked to get at the end of the line the person I was with was handicapped.
    So we decided you could keep your lobster dinner, it was not worth it. We will be going to Fox Woods where they know how to play bingo and where handicapped people are treated with respect.. Anna Quirini

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  • Mi
    Michael Goucher Jun 19, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although a commonly known fact, the idea that slots can be "set" to pay out according to any formula, and not some random algorithm, is deceptive to the customer and misleading at only the least. If you think slots are favoring the house more than you, you're right! But a 90% house / 10% customer split should be investigated by whatever governing agency looks after consumer interests. (I tried researching, they hide it well! That means a lot of people along the food chain - A LOT! - are siphoning off money, and that was probably how the casino earned political backing for its creation. Ask a lawyer) The only way to fix such unfairness is JUST DON'T GO! And, organize a boycott! At the very least, change your game. Play cards. Bet horses. Try roulette. Here's a footnote -- as a Vietnam-era GI I gambled in Vegas on several occasions. One Saturday afternoon I was playing a half-dollar slot (they weren't digital or electronic then) and this machine started to pay me like crazy. I went from a GI with a $79 stake to winning over $2, 000 and getting free drinks to boot! I had a buddy mind the machine so I could get that cash (the machine ran out of coins), and some fellow with a tool box comes along, slides the machine out on rails, and makes "an adjustment" and that was it for the day. I put $150 back into that machine and never won again. Fortunately for me, I was ahead of the game and saw the "writing on the wall" as the saying goes. I took the rest of my bonanza and enjoyed Sinatra at Caesar's! As the Kenny Rogers song goes, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em!"

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