Casinos Complaints | Page 3 / Football Picks / Picks are from Fake Experts & Fake Handicappers

on Jan 1, 2015

Don't waste your hard earned money buying sports picks, or football selections from or! My issue with the site is that their so-called "professional bettors, or "betting experts" are FAKE! While a few of the guys offering picks and information are real...

Bethard Casino / Online Casino

on Dec 15, 2014

Bethard CasinoBethard is a newly launched online casino. They aim to become the toughest online casino in Europe, mainly targeting players from Sweden, Norway, Finland and United Kingdom. This is a serious gaming site for gamblers who like to live hard, and play hard.

omni casino / not paying out jackpots won

on Oct 12, 2014

omni casinoI'm not very happy about what's going on at the moment. I have been playing at fly casino also and they never told me one can not play poker even though they can see I'm playing poker now and then. The bonus that was awarded was a second bonus on Omni casino, and wa... / They fooled me and started to charge me

on Sep 7, 2014

I played Dice on the website I got the email from the admin, who informed me that I won some sum, but he didn’t tell what sum exactly. I was really surprised, but the admin told me that I needed to purchase membership from them, and I paid money and created...

Tiger Gaming Poker Site / Theft

on Sep 4, 2014

This online site is all poker bots the steals from you I put 5000 on there the plays that happen can't be explained was playing 100 sit and go 10 players 8 of them were poker bots if I went all in 3 would call with a5 67 k9 76 there's no explaining playing 100 sit and go that...

Grand Reef Casino / They are liars and tried to get money from me

on Aug 23, 2014

I played casino in Grand Reef Casino, but recently I got email from these jerks and they started to threaten me. The rep told me that owed them money and had only 5 days to return it or they would call to the police. I was frightened, ‘coz it was serious, but I never lost such large...

Station Casinos / Illegal slot payouts!!!

on Jul 27, 2014

ATTENTION: Tourists and locals! Station Casino's is at it again not paying out the state legal minimum on the slots. They are simply paying the small fines making them millions. We must beware of this unethical business practice and avoid and boycott Station casino's propertie...

MGM Mirage / Dealer mixed cards

on Jul 27, 2014

I played poker in MGM Mirage and was really upset, ‘coz I lost money and couldn’t win, but it turned out that the dealer cheated and he wasn’t attentive at all. I didn’t notice it before, but he mixed cards and behaved really strange. As well as the company ignored...

Station Casinos / Casino

on Jul 5, 2014

Station Casino's are by the worst casino's to play in. They steal daily from players and continue to have horrible management. The service is lousy . Our server tried to wipe off burnt edges of toast right in front of us. The manager did nothing about it and we waited over an... / Stole from me!

on Apr 9, 2014

Satoshidice is very much a scammer and they will go out of their way to keep a hold of your Bitcoin as soon as it hits your account. I don’t usually like to read online reviews, because sometimes they turn out to be fake, but I should have read the negative reviews for Satoshidice and paid...

Grand Casino Luzern / Theft and mismangement

on Dec 4, 2013

Me and my husband had gone to Grand Casino Luzern on November 22, 2013. There at the jacket counter downstairs there is lot of mismanagement. Due to mismanaged counter somebody STOLE my phone right under the cctv camera. Staff with casino was not at all helpful. Mr Vin Chi, Mr Steve and Mr...

imperium private security / law breaking company

on Dec 1, 2013

I used for for this company at the M8trix casino in san jose they company does not know the laws at all they profiled against me cause I have ADD and also invaded my privacy do not work for this company they do not know how to train people they have no room for advancement unless u can do...

Gagachips / Fraud

on Oct 29, 2013

These guys ask you to pay and they say that they don't need documents, and once you have paid, they ask you for things which cannot be given and then your money is gone.How can i ban this website??

Rock You Poker / missing credits

on Oct 4, 2013

I contacted you a couple of days ago regarding missing credits..i had a couple of charges last month I was a result I went and bought a prepaid card to order chips.On sept 29 they took out 40 dollars off the card but never delivered the chips..i have not heard from anyone yet...

Jackpot Party Casino / purchased points

on Sep 23, 2013

Purchased points to play on facebook at jackpot party casino twice each time for 9.99 each, total of 19.98. The problem is that I was charged on the debit card but I was not given the points to play so I need to know what to do either for you to refund my account or credit me on jackpot... / kept giving me the runaround.

on Sep 17, 2013

I opened a real account with casino. For a week I was playing for fun. I had deposited $21.00 with my mastercard and they gave me bonus money of $84.00 total of $105.00. I played all day and still had a ball of $100.00. I went to live chat spoke to support and at first... / fraud

on Sep 17, 2013

I signed up to play online casino. After reading the terms and conditions they seemed legitimate. I won $5 700 after about 2 weeks of playing. I was asked to submit documents verifying my ID so I emailed a copy of my credit card and passport ID to them. They initially kept... / unauthorized charges.

on Sep 17, 2013

I purchased some two dollar chips from and additional sum of money was taken from my bank account. The sum is $1000! Could I please get help? I didn’t get the chips I paid for too. I came to conclusion that they got my credit card details and then started stealing from... / this casino has something to hide.

on Sep 17, 2013 casino refuses to release player account information to me, and has only offered for a representative to contact me via telephone to discuss any questions I may have. I have repeatedly requested all information concerning my account, including the actual payback... / I have never got the bonus spins.

on Sep 17, 2013

I was playing and three bonus signs appeared. I have never got the bonus spins. This is not the first time this has happened. I have played different slots ever since it can out and have spent at least $600.00 buying chips. All of a sudden, they stopped paying out as they had...

Global payments / Rude and predatory

on Jun 30, 2013

I have a gambling problem and ran up $2500 that I owed Global Payments. I've probably had over 100 transactions with them in the casinos, Each transaction was anywhere from 500 to 2500 dollars. They refuse to tell me how much money I've made them. When I ran up this small debt I...

Bellagio Casino Las Vegas / HORRIBLE treatment by employees

on Mar 12, 2013

Attending an event at Bellagio hotel/casino, I needed to use the Women's Restroom. In the middle of using the toilet, I saw a huge flood of DARK BROWN FECES flooding my stall from the one next to it. My brand new high heels and large cloth bag were immediately covered in the filth. I... darrell tan / took my payment/ and bailed on me and paypal

on Feb 22, 2013

Took. 130.00. I sent. By accident. And. Bailed. On me and paypal! He claims to sell pokeerist chips. Sent payment to him by accident. And. Just read múltiple reports of this pokeerist chips. Scammer robbing many others. Thank you PayPal for chasing him down and paypal says if he...

Netad management/win palace / scam fraud cheaters

on Dec 18, 2012

Netad management/win palacehi everyone, i want to share about my experienced in WINPALACE CASINO, i am really upset and disappointed. this is about time to stop crime like this one, i signed up at win palace but before doing that i asked first in the live chat room if they were accepting players in the philippine...

Winpalace Casino / Fraudulantly charging credit card

on Nov 16, 2012

I deposited 3 times at winpalace casino in early July. At the beginning of august my bank account is suddenly overdrawn. I immediately called and cancelled my debit card. My bank statement had 3 charges that went through on august 1, but were supposedly charged July 3, and 5. I tried to...

tule river indian tribe / discrimination employment

on Oct 22, 2012

I was terminated for ... I am still waiting to find out! I have been discriminated, mistreated and they treat thier employees like crap! These freaken tribes have a license to "mistreat, discriminate, and wrongfully terminate" with thier "sovereign immunity" rights. They should not be...

Tule River Tribal Council / Discrimination Wrongful termination

on Oct 22, 2012

I was terminated and was told that my termination was atwill. I never received any final warnings, write-ups. I have witnessed how bad this place treats employees. The employee handbook states that we can appeal a process but it's the actual ruling parting, council members who are...

Cash Center / refund

on Aug 29, 2012

I ms. Alicia owens visited harrahs on august 18th, 2012 and asked for a cash advance of 1042.95 and due to improper id no cash advance was given. They promise to return funds and all i'm getting is the run around not happy! I want them to place my funds back in td bank like today.

Lighthouse Point casino Riverboat / Riverboat Closing from Black Mold

on Aug 26, 2012

The Trop Casino Greenville anounces the closing of its casino Riverboat due an unhealthy air quality enviroment. The riverboat will close at the end of august. The riverboat has been diagnosed with being full of Black Mold and is unsafe for customers and employees. Reports have been that...

Real Vegas Online gambling / fraud

on Aug 16, 2012

I was offered $250.00 free bonus gambling money for a $50.00 deposit to Gift Card E. U. I played about $1, 600.00 of winning called playthrough. On the bonus page it only stated $1.00 plays. I wanted to withdraw $250.00 of winnings. I had a withdrawable amount of: $401.00. I requested the...

Lighthouse point riverboat/ Trop casino Greenville / Black Mold

on Jul 31, 2012

This casino riverboat has failed to do a proper cleanup on a/c chillers leaking onto the carpet, drink machine leaking onto the carpet and a wet bar that leaked for 13 years, a sink that overflowed for months and sewer water that onerflowed for months. I had to call OSHA on them due to...

Real Vegas Online / Winnings not paid

on Jan 2, 2012

I played at their casino Real Vegas Online and won $2400.00. Five weeks has passed and after many phone calls and E-mails I am constantly told that their accounting department is very busy. I checked a casino rating agency online ( Casinomeister ) and found out that they have a reputation for taking peoples money and not paying when they win.

Fake Identity / Fake Identity

on Dec 13, 2011

Fwd at notification+[protected] as there was no reply from [protected] I wish Facebook replies to my this below e-mail dated 17th Oct., 2011. Regards, Ravi Prakash, Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 07:36:17 +0530 Subject: Fwd: Thanks for your report From...

GURUPLAY.COM / not paying ( cheeting)

on Dec 11, 2011

Hi, I have been a player in casino since March-2011. As long as I was making deposits and loosing my money, I were a welcomed player in their casino and kept getting weekly bonus offers to come back and risk my money. After I received again their weekly bonus offer by... Leonardo De Caprio / Leonardo de Caprio

on Nov 17, 2011 Leonardo de Caprio is welcomed at www.windgSynopsis Acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Academy Award-winning director Clint Eastwood's richly detailed biopic exploring the life and career of controversial FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. For nearly 50 year...

Sun City Cabanas / Incompetent service

on Nov 13, 2011

We booked at Sun City Cabanas for the weekend and on the second night of our stay we saw a 4cm worm crawling out of the pillow. We called the front desk at 22h40 and were told that housekeeping will sort out. Had to call 3 times before security was sent. Had to call again for housekeeping...

Justbet Sportbook- / Scammed-fraudulent

on Oct 20, 2011

Justbet Sportbook- Scam. Fraudulent, Hidden Disclosures. Attenson Do not sign up or send them money. You can not get a withdraw. They will keep your money and winnings in Virtual loop holes. When I open up my account with a rep named Jim. I asked questions and read the rules with him online. What...

Parx Casino / worst place to work

on Sep 5, 2011

It is an absolute horrible place to work. They treat their staff very bad they discrimanate, And favor people. No raises they don't do anything for their employees. Don't ever work there!!!

Bingo Hollywood / Non-payment of winnings

on Jul 11, 2011

On 31 June I won the jackpot of a Bingo Hollywood bingo game, called 'Red Carpet', along with 3 others, which should have given me a quarter share of £1000. The prize clearly stated £1000 in the bingo lobby, and the ticket price was 50p each. I spent around £14...

Club World Casinos / Club World Casinos Scam

on Jun 28, 2011

Club World Casino is a scam and will warn anybody that is thinking of making a deposit at this place to think twice. I made a 50.00 deposit on Saturday night and two minutes into playing I got a message that said to call and verify my account. Just as I was going to call, I was locked out...