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1XBET (1X Corp NV) site / caution! scammers from 1xbet!

on Aug 8, 2017

1XBET (1X Corp NV) site 1xbet.comHi! I have account in 1xbet, as a result of the winnings the amount on the account was … thousand rubles. In February, my account was blocked without explanation, the account is still blocked, I fulfill all the requirements of the security service of 1xbet, for all the proceedings in my account...

University Of Indianapolis / playtika slotomania

on Jun 5, 2017

You guys stated in your promotion 6/3-6/4 that if I made a purchase, you would match my highest Mega Win. Which would be awarded today 6/5. So I made a purchase and hit a couple of $10.000.000 + coin a few times during that period. Imagine my surprise when I was awarded only $600, 000...

Vegas World Casino / Game playing results slots and slot tournaments

on Apr 29, 2017

I have been a member for over a year now. I play a lot of the slot tournaments. I use the auto spin button because it is ALLOWED and easier for me. Out of 50 tournaments I have only won some coins in about 3 or 4. In one game another player and I were neck to neck and started out at the...

Station Casinos, Red Rock & Palms Casinos / employees lie and give out fraudulent price & info & nag non-stop about their jobs

on Apr 12, 2017

I spent hours and hours calling Palms Casino Concierge Sun night 4/9/17 at around 10:00 pm. Each time the phone rang about 10 times and then I was disconnected. I waited 1/2 hr and then repeatedly tried again. NO, there was NO voice mail stating the Concierge hours of operation. Then I called the...

Miccosukee tribe of indians / Not approved for necessary operation

on Mar 26, 2017

I work for a casino about 3 years now dealing with all smoke gave me a bad allergy and my eyes developed under eye bag my doctor put a plastic plug gave me med but said need operate and put a plug in order to remove the bag and keep canal open and why the claim was denied ? I have someone...

Flamingo casino / MVG points

on Mar 15, 2017

I have a query about my MVG points that is inaccurate. I have spoken to Flamingo casino where I frequent, to no avail, I have spoken to head office, to two dffirent people whom promised that someone will phone me back, to no avail, I have sent two e-mails, no reply. Can someone...

Matrixbet /

on Mar 7, 2017

Hello. I am I Sichkarenko Alexander, my date of Birth is 22.10.1979, my address is Ukraine, Kharkiv, Titarenkovsky lane 12, ap. 46. I registered at the bookmaker Matrixbet the 10th in Junuary 2017 after what I received from them confirming letter about... / Casino game

on Mar 6, 2017

Well, I dont know if anyone has noticed that this is a ripped off. They will decut credits on your account if you have big balance so it will look like you lost it even if you did not. Check and observe your balance while playing. I have 1.4BTC and sudeenly the .4 ha...

Chamba Casino / Quick to take your money then impossible to cash out

on Feb 2, 2017

I spent hundreds of dollars with them and they were quick to withdraw my money, but made it impossible to cash out once I had finally won Big I had won the jackpot, and I had 2000$ at one time and I requested a cash out and all it kept saying is they are Verifying my account at this time...

Parx Casino / Parx casino - by far, the worst of the worst in casinos

on Feb 2, 2017

PARX Casino continues to be number one alright. Number one in classless **** holes that is. Not only are the slot payouts atrocious, the comps are equally as disgusting and the customer service as always the worst I have ever seen anywhere. They always have issues with their HVAC system...

Sky Casino / Unethical behavior at jackpot aka super keno game

on Jan 8, 2017

This week, my family of 5 adults had to forfeit over $12, 000 usd in a progressive "jackpot" aka "super keno" game before we had won or lost, because after 2+ hours of play we suspected dishonesty by the dealer. The casino had the surveillance tape, but would not let us review it with them...

Grans West Alabama Sports Bar / Not enough chairs in sports bar

on Nov 28, 2016

I am complaining about Grand west Alabama Sports bar who removed the chairs at the Karaoke evenings, Leaving people to stand for more than 3hours with a drink in there hands and to stand and eat half leaning on someones side table. I contacted Grand West a while ago with the problem and...

Franks casino / Free spins not received

on Nov 9, 2016

Franks casinoSent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: From: Frank Date: 9 November 2016 at 3:07:36 AM AEDT To: [protected] Subject: Stop counting digits – get spins from Egypt! Pharaoh’s gold in Casino Frank! What is hidden in the tomb of Tutankhamun? Jewelry? Immortality? Not at all...

Casinos/Online / Payments

on Nov 3, 2016

I withdrew out of my gaming account with lucky247 $300 on the 11 day of October 2016 but haven't received any money in my Cheque Account. Receipt number 73921hj4 BSB 066137 ACCOUNT No [protected] I withdrew out of my gaming account with Jackpot City $120 on the 5th day of October 2016...

Harvey's South Lake Tahoe / Room theft

on Oct 30, 2016

Came back in the afternoon & saw the my portable cooler was missing. Room cleaning people were in the hallway & I asked where my cooler was. Saw that it was sitting on top of cleaning cart covered w a towel. I asked why they took it & both men started to speak Spanish & gave it back. Later...

Lucky247 / Online casino

on Oct 29, 2016

Lucky247Hi Sandy :here:🤔 28/10/2016 at 8.36 l recieved an Email from Lucky247 (Sophia Wyatt) sent it to me. I'm a winner $500 plus 50 free spins, log on to my account 27 cents only, sent a message on there chat line explained to Adam what l recieved from them, "a supervisor will ring me back"he...

LetItRide / $250,000,00 btc stolen

on Aug 13, 2016

LetItRideThis is to detail an elaborate scam concocted by the lead mastermind Eric William Hansen from Mountain View, Hawaii otherwise known as "Phoenix1969.” Other BitcoinTalk accounts associated with this scam may be “Shogdite”, “cryptodevil”, “suchmoon” and various other shills owned by these...

iStaunch / Glenn connelly convicted of repeat fraud is setting up a new company - mlm scam

on Aug 13, 2016

From the conman Connelly's website - As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Glenn Connelly analyzes established industries, discovers little-known niches, and develops them to reach their massive potential. Nowhere in his professional history is this more evident than in his endeavors in...

Starbucks Harveys South Lake Tahoe / Price Gouging

on Aug 7, 2016

I understand that Starbucks in the Casinos are normally approx. $1 more than local stores, but in the past 3 months both Harvey's and Harrah's have raised their prices 60% for a Frappuccino and Cappuccino. The cost at both these casinos was $5.40 and to my surprise this trip the prices for...

Sibaya Casino / Treated unfairly

on Jun 13, 2016

On the 1 May 2016 my daughter fell at sibiya inside the magic company and injured her ankle. My husband was given incorrect medical advice from the Netcsre paramedic staff at the magic company did not help footage was seen by sibiya manager who said he will submit to their insurance they...

Big fish casino slots / Big fish casino slots and the employees who are really arrogant and rude!

on Mar 11, 2016

Hi, My Name is Mr Andrew Bellusci. I'm from the United Kingdom? I Became a Customer in October last year 2015 till the present day witch is 11/March/2016. Me and my 9 year old son called Antonio. He love slots! So for Xmass and the new year and his 9th Birthday which was on the 7th...

Full Flush Poker / Poker site

on Jan 28, 2016

PLEASE don't sign up for the poker site... I do play there and I' am ahead... But listen to this... just one many of hands... 6 people table... akq flopped.. I wasn't in the pot but 3 people left. it was 180 pot one play had aa one had kk the other had j10 suited. the guy...

Full Flush Poker / Poker scam, Casino Scam, Equity Poker Network Scam

on Jan 17, 2016

Hello, I'm a 14 year poker pro, with 7 years of winning poker under my belt, I have played online everywere and I'm very detailed with my note taking and recording of every poker hand I play, I spend easily 40 hours a week playing poker and a additional 10 hours a week reviewing...

Grand Prive Casino / The agent said that the payment didn't go through

on Dec 10, 2015

I have made the transaction and it failed. I have deposited money Grand Prive Casino. I got the email that my transaction failed and I immediately contacted the customer services of this casino. The agent responded that I should speak with the bank, because they haven’t received any money... / An two leg parlay mlb bet texan - 240 with plb washington +110 with +17 to win

on Nov 3, 2015

Railcity.comI have made several attempts to collect on this ticket but they keep saying its football and i lost the ticket cost 500$ max min is 852.25 with max pay 1.359.25 ticket # 07018-R8D7- 8129. I have the ticket still an it still Ned's to be paid .. Please contact me at [protected] my name is Kerrinna Urrea

Gala Bingo / Bingo winnings

on Oct 23, 2015

Hi. My name is Celine Burke. I went to gala bingo east Lancashire road tonight on the 22nd October 2015, I got £10 change in pound coins and went outside to play board games while I have a smoke. Into the 3rd game on the link (each time I put £2 in for A & B game to activate) and I won on...

Gala Bingo / Winnings

on Oct 22, 2015

Hi. My name is Celine Burke. I went to gala bingo east Lancashire road tonight on the 22nd October 2015, I got £10 change in pound coins and went outside to play board games while I have a smoke. Into the 3rd game on the link (each time I put £2 in for A & B game to activate) and I won on...

Silver Oak Casino / I haven't got money, which I won in their casino

on Oct 18, 2015

I have deposited $100 to Silver Oak Casino. I have played couple of games and earned about $400, but lost the half afterwards. So, I decided to withdraw money and filled the necessary form. But it was 4 weeks ago and the company hasn’t replied or provided needed sum. I think that they fool...

Sunset Stations Casino / I couldn't win and this company controlled the machines

on Oct 11, 2015

Guys, stay away from Sunset Stations Casino. I have visited within a month and I had only bad luck. I have used different machines in various areas, but I didn’t win any sums. I think that all their cameras are placed in such places that they can see and remotely control the payouts and result...

Virgin Casino / Vip bonus offers fraud

on Sep 10, 2015

Virgin CasinoMy friend had a VIP account in virgin casino, they were offering him many VIP Bonust offers like invest 400- 800 and double the amount, getting paid on the following month... We invested from January - March and we will getting paid on time...Along the month of February and March they sent...

DouleDownCasino / Give me back idenity and what is already mine.

on Aug 24, 2015

Why have you made me invald. Why have you taken everything away from me that is rightfully mine? Don't care for your responses as your not taking care of the problem. For years i have been on your siteand for many times a day and now i just don't exist? Guess what i do exist and...

Spartan Slots / Misleading Ads and refusal to pay out

on Aug 18, 2015

Good Day, I don’t know who to complain to. So I am sending this to a few addresses and some places online. I received below email from Spartan Slots that I received R250 bonus. I played with the bonus and my balance is just over R600. When I tried to find out how to get the actual money...

Begado Casino - Netad management Casinos / Unpaid win of 700

on Jul 30, 2015

Begado Casino - Netad management CasinosThis is a complain about unpaid win of about 700 dollars from Begado Casino managed by Casino - Netad management Casinos from Curacao. The company is not available for contact. Their website is closed and the payment is overdue. The attached documents are proof that the casino is owning me money.

Betspin Casino / casino, gambling, online casino, gaming

on Apr 27, 2015

Betspin CasinoWelcome to Betspin Casino. It's one of the world's best mobile casinos packed with awesome features and casino games. All new players can claim a £200 casino bonus and 100 free spins. Join today and win big! Call Us: +[protected]

Virgin River Hotel/Casino/Bingo / Very bad service, wrong accommodation

on Apr 15, 2015

I booked a room on April 12, 2015, asked for a handi cap facililites, had a pet. ground floor. When we checked in they gave us a room on 3rd floor half way down the hall way. I had oxgen machine to carry which was difficult. I call the front desk & send that I had request a bottom floor...

Full Flush Poker / Scam, Fraud, Rigged

on Apr 6, 2015

Hey, If your looking at trying out Full Flush Poker out, here's my piece. I have 12 yrs of poker experience, I went to dealer school and I play about 20 hours a week currently. The reason why i love online poker is I can play several different Tournaments in one day, witch build...

Empire casino / they are making people broke

on Feb 13, 2015

This casino since they opened I been attending. The worst that they did is opening a place like this. Before my life was set up with goals and great achievement. Now my life have been the worst I don't have any more money. Because the slot machines don't pay I had playing it all...

Netad Management / Begado / Unethical Behaviour

on Jan 19, 2015

Having taken the opportunity to make use of Begados free 100 spins offer, i managed to win a fair amount of money . I met at the wagering requirements, the initial deposit requirements and fax back details including two forms of identification, two letters proving proof of residence, i... / Football Picks / Picks are from Fake Experts & Fake Handicappers

on Jan 1, 2015

Don't waste your hard earned money buying sports picks, or football selections from or! My issue with the site is that their so-called "professional bettors, or "betting experts" are FAKE! While a few of the guys offering picks and information are real...

Bethard Casino / Online Casino

on Dec 15, 2014

Bethard CasinoBethard is a newly launched online casino. They aim to become the toughest online casino in Europe, mainly targeting players from Sweden, Norway, Finland and United Kingdom. This is a serious gaming site for gamblers who like to live hard, and play hard.