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Walkfit America Complaints & Reviews

Walkfit America / Poor customer service


WALKFIT Customer Service is HORRIBLE. I was placing an order for online and before the order was complete I got an error message so I did not know if my order went through or what was on the order. I received an order confirmation in my SPAM file but no order # or items were listed, so I called Customer Service to inquire about both. The rep couldn't be bothered with providing me information and couldn't wait to get off the phone with me. After I got the information I needed, the customer service rep asked me, "alright" (not is everything alright, or is this alright, just 'alright'), so I hung up on her. Nice way to run a company, I really wish them all they have coming to them.

Walkfit America / Do not order from them


Do NOT order walkfit inserts/orthotics from WALKFIT, LLC (website)...located in Rancho Cusamonga, CA. they are the manufacturers of walkfit orthotics inserts (a great product by the way). I placed the order, entered my credit info, etc...expected to see the final invoice page for the grand total (shipping, tax, etc). Well, there wasn't one. There was no email with invoice. The next morning, I had a charge for $89.60 on my checking account (the inserts are only $20 each, I ordered 2) and no idea why until I got the package and found out they charged me $29.80 shipping for a...

Walkfit America / Scam


I received product from Walkfit even though I did not order anything and they have now charged by debit card. I will now have to make several long distance phones calls to try and get the funds returned to my checking account. I previously ordered some insoles to put in my shoes and this is how they managed to get my debit card number. I recommend to any customer, not to give out your credit or debit card number as you will probably be receiving items in the mail that you did not order. Am not happy with this company and will not order anything again.

Walkfit America / Unauthorized charges


My wife ordered Walkfit and a few days after receiving the shoe inserts, which suck by the way, a bunch of supplements showed up that we did not order and $200.00 of crap on her credit card. We disputed the charges. Today we received a letter from Walkfit complaining they could not charge another $27 to card and if we don't pay they will turn it over to a collection agency. What scammers. I plan to report them the the Georgia and California Attorny General's offices, you should do the same if you deal with these people.

Walkfit America / Service not good


I placed an order with this company...Walk Fit America. I ordered 2 pr. of orthotics. They "promptly" debited my bank account for over $59. The product was not as expected and I returned it within 2 weeks...I am still waiting on a refund. They keep telling me I will receive it within 3-3 business days each time I call. And the worst part is that you cannot understand a word! The customer service reps speak very broken English. I asked to talk to a manager and was told that I could not. Not exactly good customer service.