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Value Plus Complaints & Reviews

Value Plus - Louisiana, Saint Martinville / savings program

Mike Vann on Jan 22, 2019

They promise a 50.00 Walmart gift card for trying out their product for 30 days, after 30 days they auto charge your credit card. When I got the packet I looked it over and was definitely not something I was interested in. I called and cancelled any kind of subscription they may of had on me. That was not a problem but when I called back to get the free Walmart card the had promised I got a big run around and did not see them giving that away even though they advertise this. FALSE ADVERTISING!!

Value Plus / Bad Trustworthy Business

Olanda on Jul 22, 2016

I bought the WonderCore Smart & was promised a $50 Walmart Card which after 6 antagonizing months of mailing this back & that back, I knew eventually they would say: "we already mailed it's & guess what??? That's exactly what happened & I NEVER RECEIVED IT. With all these complaints someone needs to investigate & should shut them down!!

Value Plus - Minnesota / Customer Service

Too Fed Up on Dec 10, 2012

I had trouble a few months back with their website. I had spoke with them about the use of credit cards. They stated they would begin accepting American. Express soon. This became an option on their website, but when I attempted to use an AMEX card it wouldn't accept it.. After numerous phone calls and emails it was determined that they would in fact not accept these cards even though the website claimed to. I went several weeks being unable to order. Finally I was able to order, using a different type of card. I logged in and a notice appeared stating I had not redeemed my welcome gift...

Value Plus - Washington, Everett / unauthorized charges on my credit card

Light Traveler on Jan 9, 2012

This company started unauthorized charging my credit card for a year and a half. Shame on me for not checking on this sooner. They sent me a form letter that said I didn't qualify for a refund. They offered no service, I've never received a call from them or any correspondence. I did NOT, at any time, authorize a charge on my credit card. I think they got my number when I ordered something off of my TV because after they took my order, they transferred me to this awful company that tried to sell me a trip. I told them to leave me alone because they kept calling. I think this i...

Value Plus - Minnesota, Hopkins / credit card scam

Adrian W on Aug 8, 2011

Was apparently offered 30-day free trial of Value Plus Service, sold as a discount program for products and services by Kaymaro, 4/20, a vender in CA. Was charged $24.95 on 5/20; 6/20 and 7/20, 2011 and received NO services, discounts or products from Value Plus. I consider all these charges fraudulent and part of a credit card scam. My wife accepted this offer but considered the so called Value Plus cancelled when she returned $79.70 worth of product from the original Kaymaro order for a mere $29.95 credit to our Fidelity American Express card.

Value Plus - Minnesota, Minnetonka / No $20 in cash or $50 in Gift cards

James Harr on Jun 17, 2011

I was charged for the service and when I finally got the packet, which arrived after the first 30 days, so they could charge my account I went on line to find nothing. The web address they gave me in the letter does not exist and nothing is even close to it. All the promises that the letter made for $20 in cash and $50 in gift cards was just a scam and now that it is past the 30 day free trial period they have charged my account on the 31st day right after the free trial ran out. It does not matter that they waited until 30 days to send you anything, I guess so that you would not find out that...

Value Plus - Minnesota, Minnetonka / Scary Info Found

Moda on Apr 29, 2011

I sent for a free Pharmacy Discount Card. Before using it, I called the 1-877-513-1935 number. I was told this card is good at any pharmacy EXCEPT Walmart. I called Walmart Pharmacist who had never heard of this 'provider'. oddly, ValuePlus told me since I'm in WA. they have a stimulus package & would like to send me a WALMART gift card for $ Then they wanted my personal info. Several times I declined until I heard what's involved. Finally I was told it would cost me $1.00 to receive a 2 week benefits in their saving club. I said no...

Value Plus - Pennsylvania / Scam

NEW on Mar 24, 2011

Doing my taxes and looking at my bank statement. I had noticed that Value Plus had been taking out $24.95 but had rationalized it was something else. Yesterday I phoned the company 1-800-475-1942 and talked with a woman who offered nothing. Finally after my becoming increasingly angry she offered that maybe I had purchased something in Oct. of 2009. I did look at my bank statement and that is when it all started. I have no information about purchasing anything. What to do...well I called the bank, changed my card, stopped payment on the company and filed a complaint with the Fraud dept. of the...

Value Plus - Virginia / no $40 walmart gift card

Sarah Pruitt on Jan 18, 2011

I was buying a product on the telephone. They told me that I would get a forty dollar gift card for Walmart. They said to go to This is where it got me. Not only did I get charged 24.95 for valueplus also 24.95 for something called funsource I called them right away and they said my account would be credited in 3 to 5 business days. This id truly a fraud. I will let you know if the credit my account

Value Plus - Texas, Baytown / 50$ gift card scam


There is no website as indicated on my trial membership letter. The specfic website given: does not exsist. I was suppose to recieve my 50$ gift card to walmart from their. This is the only reason I took the trial offer. My trial period is over in 16 days on 8/18/210. So I will cancel my membership as of right now. Hopefully they do not "accidently look over my cancelation" and illegally charge me for this "coupon" service. I should've just said no when i was ordering over the phone. It should be illegal to bribe people with false claims.

Value Plus / Free Walmart 50.00 gift card

I received a letter from Elizabeth Collins, Director of Marketing that stated to go on website to receive my FREE $50.00 Walmart gift card for signing up to try VALUE PLUS. I also was not able to get anywhere to request my gift card and no website comes up for your info. or where it asks you to enter your subscriber number that was on the letter. Is this a scam? It's false advertisement to get people to sign up and convience people to sign up and you will receive a $50.oo free gift card from Walmart. Where do we go from here, please advise this is not right.

Value Plus - Minnesota, Hopkins 553432285 / no website to get $25 gift card

Like the others who have complained, I signed up for a 30-day-trial with a promised reward of a $25 gift card. When I just tried to go to their website to claim mine, I found only a long list of complaint sites about this company. I had also signed up for a similar trial for another product called Fun Source owned by them, which gave the following website to claim their $25 gift card: and I was able to access that website and download the form to send for the gift card, but whether or not they will actually send one is the question. I will try to cancel both...

Value Plus - California / Company doesnt exist


This is a fraudulent company it is offered through the abclimber company as a entertainment card they will debit your account. You will never receive anything from them, when you call the 800 number it will direct you to this website, I had to close my checking account and open a new one just to stop a 24.95 charge. Abclimber will not assist you if you call them with this issue they will tell you they are just a third party and there is nothing they can do. I cant believe people how easy it is to get away with stuff like this and we the consumers are the ones that are treated like criminals when we call the companies and try to correct their wrong

Value Plus / crooks!!!!!

ok so i have been on the phone with these ###s all day and they're gonna tell me its gonna take almost a month to get my money back, i am livid about this!!! first, someone tells me they have me on a recording agreeing to these charges and then they hung up on me when i asked to hear this!!! when i told them that i was gona get a lawyer cause they are stealing my money, i also told them they were gonna pay for the lawyer!!! well i have a friend who looked up info and now i have the physical address and i told them i would come get my money, but that they would need cops there!!! ok so we all have to get together and stop this, if we all take a stand, they will be stopped!!!

Value Plus - Minnesota, Hopkins / Unauthorized Enrollment

I don't know how and when this company got my information and how they were able to take money from my account for 2 years. I only found out about now because I was having trouble paying for my son's college tuition. I called my bank, and they told me that all charges have been stopped due to a suspious charge on my account from Value Plus. I asked if it was a store (Longs had changed their name to CVS) and they said no. I asked my Bank to give me the telephone number so I can call them. When I called to ask what was it that I was paying for, they told me that it was for them giving...

Value Plus / unauthorized charges of 19.95 from debit account


Provell 11100 Wayzata Blvd Suite 680 Hopkins, MN 55305 Telephone: (952) 258-2000 Fax: (952) 258-2100 WC *VALUE PLUS 800-475-1942 MN. Original Business Start Date: March 1986 Principal: Mr. George S Richards, Pres/CEO Customer Contact: Mr. Michael Murphy - (952) 258-2000 Entity: Corporation TOB Classification: Mail Order & Catalog Shopping, Internet Services BBB Membership: This company is not a member. This is a scam... because folks order online and they don't read the fine print when they agree to the terms giving these people permission to sign them...

Value Plus - Minnesota, Hopkins / no values/ rip off

Nothing leads to this web site . Only complaints listed several times on this web site. They are charging my bank account $19.95 a month and I get nothing in return. No gift cards or promos like they promised. I think it's a scam like all the comments posted about it and I want them to stop charging me for services I don't get! I also would like to have all the money they've collected from me RETURNED to my bank account !!! They also say 30 day FREE TRIAL but by the time you get the letter or info in the mail, they've already charged you ! Julie Garrett

Value Plus - Arizona, Mesa / promised $50.00 gift card

I ordered a juicer from Jack Lalain and its great. But while I was ordering the girk ask me if I wanted to join Value Plus and I would get a $50.00 gift card just for joining in the free 30 day trial period and after 30 days I would be charged 19.95 per month membership fee and could cancel at any time, but still receive my gift card. I just needed to log on to their website and sign up and that was fine. Then in order to get your gift card you had to go to another site which doesn't seem to exist. Frustrated from Arizona

Value Plus / need to cancel within 30 days

While ordering a TimeLife set of cd's over the phone (talking to a live person), I was also offered a 25.00 Walmart giftcardt if I would look over Value Plus, a coupon savings etc, company. I had 30 days to look at their mailing and cancel if I choose to. Well, I haven't yet received any information from them and am unable to contact them with the phone number given to me, in order to cancel. I did not receive any gift certificates, and wish to cancel. One of my phone calls to them netted me a website to use if I wanted to cancel - " I am unable to access thi...

Value Plus - Minnesota / Vlaue Plus

two charges in my credit card, January and February, 2009 VALUE PLUS MONTHLY 800-475-1942 $19.95 02/28/2009 REWARDS GOLD CARD - 51004 TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION: VALUE PLUS MONTHLY 800-475-1942 DOING BUSINESS AS: VALUE PLUS MONTHLY MERCHANT TYPE: CATALOG MERCHANDISE Transaction Date: 02/28/2009 Charge: $19.95 Reference #:320090600163406583 MEMBERSHIP Merchant Number: 3220610406 Merchant Address: SUITE 680 11100 WAYZATA BLVD MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55305 USA