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United Benefit Advantage Complaints & Reviews

United Benefit Advantage - Texas / Unauthorized charges/membership

Feb 11, 2013

I signed up for a membership to UBA on accident because the membership terms were misleading. I have called and requested my membership to be cancelled twice. Each time they told me my membership was cancelled but it is not. I am still being charged $24.95/month for nothing. I have tried to log into my membership account but I do not know my 'Member Number' or 'Group Number' and there is no "forgot username/password" link as there usually is with any other site.

United Benefit Advantage - Colorado / Magazine and united benefit advantage

Apr 2, 2011

You know I just got this phone call one day that said I had to order these magazines and I did not have a choice because somehow I signed up for this . I told them they were crazy and I did not want them or I had not signed up for anything. I would have to pay 49.?? a month. I had never had any contact with this company before. I was told if I did not pay this amount that I would be sent to collections. Someone has called me everyday. I have told them not to send me anything. Then I got a Unitedbenitadvanage packet. I don't even know what this is either. I have canceled my credit card and...

United Benefit Advantage / Fraud through bogus Walmart offer

Jan 28, 2011

I clicked on a bogus Walmart card offer on Facebook. "Take a survey and win a card!". It lead me to Netflix, a product that I had been meaning to sign up for. I did so believing the card number was protected through Netflix. It was not. I had in fact signed up on a United Benefit Advantage site, unknown to me, who had captured the information to sign me up as a member of the "Identity Theft Protection Company", which does not seem to exist or have a valid web site. Before they were finished, they had raided the account of $80.00 as the initial costs, and were planning to continue to make monthly charges.

United Benefit Advantage - Virginia / Taking money

Jan 25, 2011

This is a total ripoff. I never authorized any transaction or even contacted this company yet, they were taking $49.95 out of my account for 4 months. I called and had it stoped but they couldn't explain how it happened. Called back and had to ask for supervisor to get all of my money refunded to my account. Suppose to take 4 to 10 business days. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE TO SHUT DONE THIS COMPANY!!! THIS IS TOTAL FRAUD!!!

United Benefit Advantage - Illinois, Naperville / Fraudulent Company took money from my account without authorization and no order placed

Jan 24, 2011

This company is a no good piece of *^$%^#^^$^& #$#@%&. Their sales person called. I told her 3 times that I was not interested in any of their services or promotions. She put me through to her supervisor. I told him that I was not going to order anything and was not interested in any free gas vouchers or magazines. He then hung up on me. Approximately one week later, I received a phone call from this same company. I was informed that my welcome package was being sent to my address. I told the man on the phone that I did not order anything and did not want any of their promotional gas cards or...

United Benefit Advantage - Idaho, Caldwell / $24.95

Jan 7, 2011

I'm checking my financial accounts, and come across a $24.95 charge from United Benefit Advantage in Kansas. So when I search for it, it leads me hear. Okay, yeah, I remember a couple of calls about magazines that I don't subscribe to. "I don't want them." was my reply. I'm unemployed without any unemployment checks, so why would I want these? Especially titles that I'm not interested. I write this complaint, but I don't really know what becomes of it.

United Benefit Advantage - Florida / fraudulent charges


I ordered the free trial of Colothin and Leanspa. I received a phone call to verify my address and to verify that I had purchased the free trial products. I said yes. The representative went on to offer me $100.00 in gas vouchers. I told the representative I did NOT want that. Several times I said "NO". Two days later I had a $39.99 hold from United Benefit advantage, seen on my bank statement as MDG. I never authorized this transaction. I still havent even received the Colothin or Leanspa. After going back and forth between MDG and my bank. I had to cancel out my credit card. I decided to go...

United Benefit Advantage / Charged for magazines I don't want & didn't order


I checked out a pop-up (1st mistake) that offered 1 yr subscriptions to choice of 2 magazines for $2 each in exchange for a free trial membership of a credit monitoring service. Received no such service, have received at least 6 magazines in past 3 weeks that I never ordered, and was charged $19.95 and $24.95 for what, I don't know. I'm going to contact my credit union and try to block any further theft of my money. It doesn't look like I'll get refunds, I just want out. Any ideas anyone???

United Benefit Advantage - Oregon / my money never heard of them until my money was taken


i never heard of this company until my account was charged 29 99 i have no idea what it was for i contacted them at 8668523462 they said they canceled it but say they wont refunded my money i never gave them my bank acc. info an supposedly they are sending me a 100 dollar gas card which i dont even drive or have a car but this number is no where else on website i got it from my bank any ideas who to contact about getting money back??????

United Benefit Advantage / Fraudulent withdrawal of funds from bank account


I received a call from someone claiming they were sending me a free 100 dollar gas card, and wanted me to confirm my address. I did and they said to expect it in the mail soon. The next day I found a charge on my bank account for $29.99 from CLUB 8669532937. I never gave them my credit card, and I never signed up for their product.

United Benefit Advantage / scamming hard working people


watch for these guys, they, ll take your money directly out of your account before you know it. you cant get ahold of anyone. and how they got my account number is still a mystery. but you can fight back. first you have to close your debit account so the scammers cannot access it anymore. bank of america was very helpful, they even refunded me.then you file a fraud complaint with your bank. this does take a little time and contact your local news investigators so they can broadcast the information to local news channels. and then file a complaint with your state attorney generals office. thi...

United Benefit Advantage - Michigan, Grand Rapids / Unauthorized charges


Got signed up for this service after getting a phone call about a free shopping spree. Don't recall agreeing to anything, the package of discount materials was never received. Tried to call and cancel and succeeded, but representatives would not refund the $4.95 or the $34.95 fees. They were also very rude and hung up when I called back with my financial institution on the line with me.

United Benefit Advantage - Illinois, Napierville / Ripoff


Talk about a scam!!! You get the promise (in my case) of $150 in free gas, but you have to sign up for their "program" to buy items online, which you cannot see the goods or prices until AFTER you are a member. You also get signed up for a magazine subscription service (for a monthly fee), and when I received the package for that, they had signed me up for 4 magazines THAT I HAD NOT ORDERED. As soon as I saw the magazine "deals", there was not a single magazine that I would want so I cancelled the service (I have yet to see if they still try to bill me). The shopping/lifestyle/car...

United Benefit Advantage / Harassment


I first received a phone call on October 30th, 2008 from United Benefit Advantage at my work. At first I was a little interested in what they had to offer but as the call continued I felt uncomfortable and hang up. They called back that evening and we requested that they don't call back. They called another 2 times that night alone. The next day Friday October 31st, 2008 we received atleast 5 more calls all of which were unwarranted. I told him we were not interested and not to call back here again, this is a business line. I'm uncertain how many times they called on Saturday as I...