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Terminex Complaints & Reviews

Terminex / Tv commercial

Jul 18, 2012

So, I am eating dinner and watching Little House on the Prairie. It is just 8 o'clock pm. I see this nasty commercial where pests as Monsters displays a larva like creature then bugs on products we commonly use. It is not appropriate, and absolutely disgusting to show commercials like that. It made me throw up my dinner, and my grandson began crying. I am seriously considering filing a suit against that company

Terminex / Terrible experience


Terminex is screwing my family over and they aren't spraying for termites or honoring the waranty and they keep saying they don't see termites and won't spray anymore and they won't show up when suppose to or call back and they are threatening to close an old woman to have her house condemned to shut it down if she complains about them. Someone needs to do something about Terminex for threatening the elderly too. Terminex suck! Someone do something about Terminex! These people need help and Terminex is taking their money and not doing anything.