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May 27, 2011

I have emailed them the following: On 25th May you debited my Barclays Bank Account with £10. REF 142 1161085410 BCC. I have no idea why or what this is for. You also debited £10 on 28th April and I dimly remember visiting your site and understanding that I was paying £10 for a particular service. Please explain and if I have inadvertently signed up for some other service then I wish to cancel it forthwith. Please advise. Richard Jewson. - England, Greater Manchester, manchester / unlawfully takeing money from my bank account

May 1, 2011

toSARGENT <[email protected]> dateThu, Apr 28, 2011 at 9:54 AM subjectShopper Discounts & Rewards - Cancel Confirmation [T2011042700V0S010Z2645446] hide details Apr 28 (2 days ago) Dear Mr Sargent, Thank you for contacting our customer service team with your enquiry about Shopper Discounts & Rewards. We are very sorry that you no longer wish to be a member of our programme. We will, of course, be cancelling your membership as you have requested and you will receive a refund of £120. This refund will appear as 12 credits of £10... - Scotland, Highlands and Islands, Kyle of Lochalsh IV40 8AN / Illegal withdrawall from debit account

Jan 8, 2011

Payment of £10 taken, illegally, from my debit account with Royal Bank of Scotland on 20/12/2010. I had not given any of my bank details to this company, nor gave any permission for any withdrawals. It only came to light on receiving my bank statement today, 8/1/2011. I will go to my bank branch on Mon. 10th. Jan. to make arrangements to prevent any further withdrawals, although this will probably mean the issue, by the bank, of yet another bank card, and little or no chance of recovering the £10 already stolen. / unauthorised credit card payment


This company took two monthly amounts of £10 from my credit card account before I noticed. This was completely unauthorised and probably happened after I booked a hotel through e-bookers. I can only vaguely remember that after booking a pop up appeared offering £15 cash back for joining At no stage did they indicate that membership cost £10 per month. I logged into this so called account today and yes there is a £15 'cash back' voucher but it has to be used before 29/11/09 and only if I book another thing through ebookers. This is a... - England, Isle of Wight / unauthorized debit


I recently noted on my bank statement there was a Debit of £10 by I have never used this service and am requesting immediate refund. I have also changed my card details. Leigh / unauthorised credit card payments


I have had monthly payments taken from my credit card by Shoppers I have not signed up for this. I rang their telephone automated system and cancelled it today but explanations and how to get re-funds of unauthorised withdrawals is proving impossible. / deductions from my credit card


I booked flights with ebookers and paid by credit card, however since then i have been scammed by a company called They have deducted two payments of £10 each from my credit card. I did not authorise this and it is proving very difficult to cancel this monthly deductions. I am furious so beware everyone! I am very very careful when giving my details online but somehow someway this has happened to me so it can happen to anyone. The telephone number i have supplied for this company was given to me by my credit card company. I have used this number to cancel and i can only hope it works. / unauthorised deductions from my bank account


It seems that since I booked flights with Easyjet over the internet in Feb 2008 I have had £8 per month taken, by, and without my knowledge. It also appears to be a regular and similar complaint by other Easyjet customers. I have e-mailed Shoppersdiscount demanding cancellation of my so called 'membership' and a return of my money. So far without acknowledgement. This must be highly irregular and probably illegal.How can they do this on such a wide scale? Tony Theobald e-mail:[email protected]