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RPM - Georgia / harrassing phone calls and hanging up in my face before i finish talking

FredaJ on Jul 23, 2012
I've received several harassing phone calls from this company constantly.These calls come in at all times of day and night.On the occasions that i've answered when i try to speak my peace to the CST, the person I'm speaking with hangs up in my face. This is the reason no payments have been made on my account. These people are rude and very threatening. I've asked them not to call me cause i don't owe them any money the money is owed to First Premier bank and until these calls stop coming i won't pay any monies owed. I plan on making payments on the account but...

RPM - Pennsylvania / Multiple call to our home

Denise Shesko on Mar 31, 2012
Our telephone rings 2 and 3 times per day with Unknown name Unknown caller on our phone ID. The first time I was called the caller asked to speak to our son. No information was provided to me about the nature of the telephone call because I was not my son. UNBELIEVABLE. Weeks go by and Unknown name Unknown caller shows on our phone. Today someone finally spoke to me. Evidently (and I'm saying this because I'm trying to put pieces together) RPM is a debt collection agency and the calls were being made because of a debt incurred by my son. I'm only imagining that it is a school...

RPM - Arizona / Constant calls

Jen24 on Mar 8, 2012
This company is calling a dedicated fax line number daily and interrupting our home. When I answer to find out who is calling in hopes of getting the calls to stop, there is just a recording telling me that all agents are busy and to please hold, as if I had contacted them! This phone number is a second line dedicated fax line that we have had for several years. It has never been a main number for our household, nor are we in arrears for any debt so I know they are not legitimately looking for us regarding a debt. When I finally spoke with someone and explained the situation she said it was too...

RPM - Washington, Seattle / Bad company

cinnajos on Nov 4, 2011
I used to work this company. They teach the staff how to be rude and disrespectful and inform the employees of the laws so the employees can get away with their bad behavior. As a consumer most people don'y know their rights and end up getting harassed over and over. This company will get a law suit and settle because they would lose more money if it went to court. I urge you to get informed so you can fight back against companies like this one. If you want to mess with them, next time they call you say something like, " I am recording this call." they will hang up right after. Better yet...

RPM - Nevada, LAS Vegas / Sprint

Daniel Holcomb on Sep 23, 2011
I was called by an rpm rep claiming to be collecting a debt by sprint. He told me that i owed sprint $292.00 for a past due cell phone bill and that if i paid $168.00 total that my service with sprint would be restored within 24 hours. I told the rep that i had planned to pay sprint direct after i moved because i just recently began working again after a 9 month lay-off. The rep then told me that i had to pay today to have my services restored at that discounted price so i payed with my debit card. I then called sprint and they told me that it was just one of their third party tactics to get...

RPM / Pursuing collection on paid bill

Savona Bailey-McClain on Mar 27, 2011
RPM is trying collect on a telephone debt that has been paid. There was confusion from Verizon on the bill and the amount. I contacted Verizon who admitted that their records were confusing and that they did authorize RPM to collect a debt. BUT I was told and they called RPM with me on the phone that they should stop contacting me because I agreed to pay Verizon directly. They also explained that wrong information was given. It has now been six weeks and RPM is trying to harass me to pay them on a two year old bill. That was the confusion in the first place. I didn't owe a two year old bill. And I cleared the matter with Verizon. These people should not be in business.



RPM - Washington, Lynwood / Calling for a Verizon bill we settled

We settled a debt with Verizon in 2007 and out of nowhere get a call this week from a company called RPM saying we did not pay $69 due. After probing a bit more to understand where and what account this company was asking to collect from and asking for additional documentation, the collector "Travis" became defensive and rude and said he was just a collection agency and we need to pay up. Good thing we had the history - and google search to check on what was up. Very frustrating...

RPM - Washington / Withdraw from my account w/my denial

About a month ago I verbally agreed to make 3 payments towards my credit card. I gave RPM my account information etc. After working out the figures, I realized I didn't have the funds to make the payments and have called RPM to tell them about the situation. I never received confirmation in the mail regarding this withdrawl and even after I told them I wouldn't have the funds available, they took the money out of my account anyway. So now I have this huge negative balance in my account and have to call my bank tomorrow to get this staightened out. RPM is the most slimey company I...

RPM / abusive phone call

I got a phone call from a Kyle Stevens from RPM collections. He asked for a person who I do not know and when I said that that person has never lived here, the man went off on me! He used foul language, raised his voice, and left me shaking when I hung up. How the man sleeps at night, I don't know. What he doesn't know is that his body doesn't know the difference between his fake anger and the real thing. A recipe for a coronary... This company should be put out of business, and made to pay damages to their victims.

RPM - Florida / Sold debt we settled to another debt collector

We settled a credit card debt with RPM in July of 2009. Now we are getting collection letters from Leading Edge Recovery Solutions saying the debt was never paid. We have repeatedly requested settlement letters from RPM, but to no avail. RPM says they will send a letter and they never do. This remains on our credit as an unpaid debt although it has been settled!! For two months after we paid the settlement, RPM continued to call requesting payment and were very rude about it. One "gentleman" even started to yell at me when I told him we already settled and argued with me saying we did not!!

RPM / Repeated phone calls

We keep receiving recorded calls from RPM asking that we call "Rhonda" for improtant information. Calls come at night and very early on weekend mornings waking us up! Today we pressed *69 and recalled the number. Man told us the name of company and that his company is not bound by the "Do Not Call List." (Is that even possible???) He asked for someone we had never heard of, and we told him she was unknown to us. He told us that it was a wrong number, and we would be removed. Like someone before has said... We'll see.

RPM - Kansas / Sprint cell phone bill

RPM contacted me at work exactly 20 day after cancelling my Sprint cell phone account and moving to another provider. This after I had numerous calls to Sprint regarding their removal of my online account where I paid my bills as soon as I called to disconnect; and having charged me the full amount of termination fee when they said in writing in a HELP email from their web forum that I would only be charged a prorated exit amount. RPM called to "verfiy" my home address and said they could not tell me what they were sending without verification. I said if you are sending me a bill you know where...

RPM / Rude Phone Rep - Bogus Claim!

RUDE woman called from RPM today asking if my unlisted home phone number was the number for an LLC my husband was involved with (which dissolved over a year ago). When I told her NO, so asked for him. I offered to take a message as he is at work, and instead of providing me with information and a message, she would only leave a number. I refused the number without further info. She assured me "Oh we WILL be calling back!" So I googled RPM to discover they are a debt collection agency. We don't have any debt associated with that LLC. I am not planning to talk to them again, and would like to block them from calling me! Anyone know how I can report these people to the BBB?

RPM - Massachusetts / phone harassment

Repeated phone messages to our unlisted home phone. They request return call for 'important information'. Each time we are asked if one of us is a 'Sarah Bradbury', whom we have no knowledge of. We have asked and been assured that our number will be removed from their data base- to no avail. Their address is (supposedly), PO Box 1548, Lynnwood, WA 98036. The number they called from today is 866-212-7408. Today, April 26th, 2009, another of their 'Supervisors', Janet Gardner, has assured us we will not be bothered again. We'll see... I have also filed a complaint with the 'Do Not Call' listing, where we are registered.

RPM - Alabama, Huntsville / Harrassing Calls

About 3 weeks ago, I began getting Multiple phone calls, as many as 4 times a day from what shows on the Caller ID as RECEIVABLESPERF 240 210 7111. They call at all hours, including after 9pm at night and on Sundays - which at one time were both illegal to do. The reprsentatives who call make threats and raise their voices. I have asked them several times to cease and desist with calling this number, but they refuse to do so. I want to know what action can be taken to stop this company from practicing business as they do.

RPM - Illinois / Harrasing phone calls

I recieved several calls from RPM today that I owed $226.33 from a 2005 Nicor Gas bill. I asked why I never recieved a bill and their answer was "I DON'T KNOW MAM" I then called Nicor Gas and they have NO RECORDS of a past due balance under my SS# and RPM said they just did not apply it to my SS# which is not true because Nicor gas reports to the credit bureaus and I do not have it on my credit. Then I called back to speak to a supervisor which I never talked to because I was on hold the whole time (10 minutes). Then I called back again and they said how did we find you mam? I said "I...

RPM - Florida / Fraudulent Debt & No Resolution

When applying for a mortgage, I was told of an outstanding Sprint bill in my name for $170. This bill was not mine, but my name was apparently given by my ex-girlfriend as the person owing the balance from 2 years before I even KNEW her. RPM would not send any backup information in writing, only stating when the balance was from and the service address. In order to clear this debt from my credit and raise my credit score, I paid the $170 balance plus a $10 convenience fee for paying over the phone. This payment was IMMEDIATELY taken from my checking account. I asked to have a "paid in full"...

RPM / Harrassing Phone Call

I Received a Phone call from a supposed women named Elizabeth Harerra, Who works for RPM, who asked for my name, when I gave it to her, she begin telling me of a past due bill I had with verizon. I said excuse me as I didn't know the name of the company calling, she in turn began screaming at me, I told her I that it sounds like she had a bit of a tone. She said that I needed to check my phone and low it down, I tried to explain that I had received unemployment and currently not working, she asked me if I was on unemployment in 2006 as well, and kept screaming, "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE...

RPM - West Virginia / Harrasing CALLS

I have gotten phone calls for weeks from RPM. First off it is my cell phone. This cell number i have had since 1998. I figure I was first to have this number. They keep on having the automated system call my cell and when i talked to their employer he said, "they got my number from the government." Well first off if the government gave them my number they government could see I was paying for this cell number through at&t/cingular since 1998. If they were trying to collect from someone owing from 1997 i would understand. This has to stop, they shouldnt harrase someone unless they know for certain they know who it is. the number that keeps on calling my cell is 434-533-9029.
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