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Readers Digest - Georgia, Mount Vernon / Book

Linda Polston on May 16, 2017
You have sent me 2 collection letters about some readers digest books. I have subscribed to a readers digest magazine but not to books. I can no longer see to read small type or long books at my age of 73. For several years now. You refer to an acct. #RDB00256768185. Please remove my name from future collection notices and also any effort to harm my credit.

Readers Digest / condensed books-cust #00076597301

Beverly Jacobson on Dec 21, 2015
I received another letter, this one threatening to cut off my subscription to condensed books for non-payment. You need to do a better job of posting your payments. My bill-pay at bank shows 1 book pd on 11/17/15 and the other paid on 11/23/15. I would think you've had ample time to apply to my account. Please check your A/R. Thank you. Beverly Jacobson 2920 S Wright Ave Superior, WI 54880

Readers Digest - Ontario, Port Hope / Stolen money

Lenny S on Mar 10, 2014
We decided not renew our subscription to Readers Digest and told them so. Of course they ignored this request and charged our credit card $32.98. When we complained about this they returned $21.98 to the credit card keeping $10.99 we complained about this oversight they ignored us again. They haven't returned any emails or money.What right do these crooks have to steal from us? I know this isn't much money, but why should we give it away to a rich company for nothing? We sure don't owe them this money!

Readers Digest / Unwanted book club subscription

Topazmoon11 on Nov 15, 2012
The same complaint as everyone who accidentally entered the Sweepstakes without noticing that they entered me in the book club. Then kept billing me $30.52 after I had immediately cancelled and been notified that I could ignore any bill. Thanks for providing the customer service phone number, because once you locate the number and speak to someone they are very courteous and will cancel your subscription if you politely insist. The problem is, I had to call them three times to do this, and they keep that number hidden.

Readers Digest / Avoid this company at all costs

Lokoloe on Nov 6, 2012
They shipped a paperback crossword puzzle book to me that I did not order and are hassling me to pay for it. On the outside, it clearly read: FREE GIFT ENCLOSED. Nothing else. I had no reason to suspect that there was NO Free gift enclosed, just something they wanted to sell to me, something they expected me to buy. Once I opened it, I could not write "refused" on it and return it to the post office. I had to repackage it and pay to return it. I say it aside. I don't do puzzles and neither does my husband. We are 74 and 73 years old. This is the similar to something they tried to do to u...

Readers Digest - Ontario / false contest

lisa46 on May 8, 2012
I recieved a piece of paper telling me to go to there website and play the ssvault game and unlock the vault and win money well went to this so called site but no contest or anything for this i really think someone should really investigate this sweepstake company aka books cuz its all lies everything they send out is lies

Readers Digest / wwww.rd.ca/ssvault

bruno keller on Mar 31, 2012
Readers Digest should be investigated regarding cash give a ways to get orders for videos or books etc. Have received mail since may 2011 with promises Millions of $ will be paid out, however no one has received the promised winnings. Also the invoicing and statements are never correct. I feel the company has perfected the SCAM ARTIST business.

Readers Digest - Arizona, Prescott Arizona / they [ick sending me books I never ordered and the last book I returned it bck with out opening it and they are still billing me for it.

steven sanchez on Feb 8, 2012
I Steven Sanchez have received numerous books from readers digest, but I have never ordered these books. I returned the last book reader's digest sent me on December 2011 and I never opened the package. I returned the package back to the US Post Ofice, but they are still billing me $31.21 . The reader's digest corporation is wrong because I never ordered the book and I returned it back with out opening it. My name is Steven Sanchez and I live in 8045 NW 28th Pl Sunrise Florida 33322 my cell phone number is 754-14-6758. Sincerely, Steven Sanchez

Readers Digest - England, Merseyside / Received book I Didn't Order

tony10059 on May 18, 2011
I received the book 1001 Home Remedies, that i didn't order, i am also concerned about the opening or a credit account, that i didn't request. The book came with a bill for £18.98 - £14.99 for the book plus postage. This book is on Amazon for £5.00 new. What a rip-off No instruction on sending the book back and customer service permanently busy. emails sent to them, but not holding my breathe after reading other complaints

Readers Digest - Pennsylvania, Bensalem / Receiving a bill for something I never ordered

Kate J on Feb 12, 2011
I received a book in the mail from Readers Digest along with a bill for $30.71. I never ordered this book and now I am receiving a past due that I better pay this by 2/22/2011 or else. I have never been on a Readers Digest site so how could I have even ordered this. I see from the complaints that this happens quite often. I will be calling the 800 # that appears on this site on Monday to clear this up. I don't want to spend the money to send it back either. Waste of my time. Readers Digest used to be a reliable company but I wouldn't subscribe to that anymore. What a disappoitmen.

Readers Digest - Massachusetts, Boston / Sweepstakes Fraud

I received a letter allegedly from Readers Digest Ref: # RDT57-R988, addressed at 1125 16th Ave. Roosevelt, NY. 11575 Phone 1-559-838-0414. It had my correct name on this ‘official looking’ sweepstakes letter saying I won $265, 069.00. I also received a check in the amount of $3, 780.50 from Bristol West Insurance Company, the check appears to be real in every way that I can tell. I was instructed to call the above number when I spoke to a male Mark Covila & a female named Erika Cohn who stated I must activate my claim by depositing this check in my bank account. I am a retired...

Readers Digest - Texas, Mesquite / billed for unordered merchandise

I received a Reader's Digest book a couple of months ago. I did not order it. A month later I received another book. Also unordered. My "account" has been cancelled, but they have sent me a bill for $30.28. I have the book, but I am not going to return it by paying the postage myself.

Readers Digest - Missouri / 3 free gifts

See the readers digest complaint reports, of which there are many. We receive a post card from Readers Digest with the BOLD offer "3 FREE GIFTS are waiting for you!" . When I try to access this site I see a host of complaints but no direction. What a SCAM.

Readers Digest - New Jersey, Lakewood / billed and received item not ordered

my customer account #: 00233909258 I received a CDD which I did not order. World's Most Beautiful Melodies (GREAT ROMANTIC SONG MEN) I do not want this, I did not order it. I do not want too pay to send it back Will you please send me the proper packaging and a postage free label so I can return the CD to you. Thank you. RUTH MAYER 400 LOCUST ST. APT. B-275 LAKEWOOD, NJ 08701 phone: 732-987-9233

Readers Digest / Non-receipt of regular copy of reader digest

Sir, this is in reference to your letter dated 27.09.2009. My subscription No. is RD09000112876 and customer ID No. LMI606100. I have only received till date two issues i.e. for Sept, 2009 and Oct., 2009. Please check my subscription date and send the previous issues, if any and also ensure proper supply of further issues till the subscription ends. Dr S D Kashyap e.mail. phsafuhf@yahoo.com Mobile 09418751661

Readers Digest - Newfoundland and Labrador / wii sports contest

Yesterday I received an entry to a contest to win a wii sports from Readers Digest, when I entered the code the only thing that came up was a link to the complaints board.This kind of thing has happened several times before with R.D., the websites they give you are invalid this is a time waste and smacks of being a scam, someone should have the authority to investigate this ongoing practice of R.D., this kind of ploy just isn't acceptable.

Readers Digest / Readers Digest scam

I received a letter from readers digest, and the letter stated i won Rs 100, 000 in the lottery. They wanted me to pay for government tax and the amount was for Rs 10, 000. They want you to deposit the amount in their account and then they will send you a certified check for the Rs 1, 00, 000. I didnt fall into thier scam i did some surfing and contacted readers digest and they confirmed it was a scam. so if any one get a letter like this all the info you need to make sure its not a scam you can find online and both readers digest and publishers clearing house are happy to help any way they can.

Readers Digest - Ontario, Hamilton / web contest for ipod touch

i received a card in my last magazine to enter a contest to win a free ipod. when i tried to find the site it did not exist. i have been a subscriber for over 10 years and it upsets me to think that this is not a authentic contest. if the company is not going to honor this contest they should say so when you enter their site. they try to get you to subscribe to their magazine several time on the site, but no mention of the non existance of their contest site.

Readers Digest - British Columbia, Victoria / Contest to win ipod touch

I received a card in the latest Reader's Digest magazine. inviting me to enter to win an "ipod". I was told to go to "re.ca/ipodtouch" where I was to type in the access code to register for the draw for a chance to win one of five "ipod touches 32GB" and draw closes Sept 30, 2009. I could not fine any place to type my access code. Why not? Peter (I wasted a lot of time trying to find it)

Readers Digest - Washington, Olympia / notices

I received a card stating that I am a prefered customer ( been a customer serveral years) if that is so why it the surprize not just sent or I can just log on to the site I am very dissapoint and like others may think hard re my books /etc. Are their not enough people trying to scam us --- I had one with the readers digest letter head stating had won a lot of money but on referal to police and others was told a scam so Readers Digest help us to help your sales make it plain and simple if it is honest these as there are --are wasting paper postage and harming our planet judy
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